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DCU: How to Boost Media Through a Digital Press Release with Carolyn Bendall


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Topic Includes:
What warrants a press release
Developing Your Presence via Online Publishing
Developing Your Presence via Print Media
Radio and Television will follow, How?

Digital Citizen University offers certification course-work through Digital Citizen 101. Register for DCU to gain a wealth of knowledge regarding social media intelligence, online communication and applications both practically and digitally. This is a great opportunity to build your business and enhance your online identity as a #DigitalCitizen through this course-work.

For more information, view our press release here or a video clip from news coverage of the University here.

Get certified at Digital Citizen University! View a sample certification here.

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DCU: How to Boost Media Through a Digital Press Release with Carolyn Bendall

  1. 1. #DigitalCitizen DCU CONTINUING EDUCATION How to Boost Media Through a Digital Press Release DCU Instructors: Carolyn Bendall and Sherri Henley
  2. 2. DCU Global Class Agenda 9.3.15 • Welcome (1 Min) • About DCU (2 Min) • Introduction of Speaker/Topic (2 Min) • DCU Topic: Carolyn Bendall (30 Min) • DCU Q & A with Speaker (10 Min) • DCU Topic: Sherri Henley (5 Min) • DCU Learning Opportunities (5 Min) • DCU Overview and Close (5 Min) 9.3.15
  3. 3. DCU Developed by Sherri Henley Book Now DCU DCU Speakers Instructors Speaker DCU 101 Program 3 Sessions Workbook DCU Certification Register Now 9.3.15 Intelligence
  4. 4. DCU Tips for Effectiveness Online Tips for Effective Social Media Intelligence Do  Post Daily  Develop and SHARE Content  Engage to Empower Don’t  Allow Random Postings to Your Profile  Produce or SHARE negative content