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#togetherstrong Audience Address by Sherri Henley on Bringing Everyone Together Day, Memphis, TN


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Bringing Everyone Together Day 2013 as proclaimed by Mayor AC Wharton for Business Over Coffee International and the city of Memphis. Sherri Henley, Founder and CEO speaks to the audience and the world via live streaming BOCI TV from Cathedral of Praise, Memphis. #togetherstrong

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#togetherstrong Audience Address by Sherri Henley on Bringing Everyone Together Day, Memphis, TN

  1. 1. Audience Address Sherri Henley Bringing Everyone Together Day 2013 – December 5th; 2013 Mayoral Proclamation: Mayor A. C. Wharton As WE stand together at this moment in time I witness a dream turned reality A seed come to fruition A vision brought to light A simple act of many…becoming ONE action of collaborative purpose… To unify professional, Spiritual, social, economic, environmental And racial communities…starting in our own back yard of Memphis Tennessee With global reach and sustainability With individual voices joined in unison A corporate choir composed of many parts Rehearsing harmony of purpose until perfected TOGETHER STRONG Casting off ALL pride and prejudice With opened minds and accepting hearts Appreciation of opposing views Acceptance of what we cannot change Letting our voices be heard from a platform built for more than one Successfully climbing high peaks and low valleys yet unknown With outstretched hands to one another regardless of color or creed
  2. 2. We all breathe the same air and bleed red… Tearing down obstacles and rebuilding opportunities TOGETHER STRONG When we stand together we are never alone Deep inside our hearts we are the same Though difference remain Casting all our fear aside we stand unified TOGETHER STRONG Trailblazers, Peacemakers That’s what we are Seed Sowers, Go Givers Stand up with pride TOGETHER STRONG Greatness is apprehended by creative ideas Developed through evolution of one’s self Forward thinking in motion Will keep us from tripping over our past Ideas without action are stagnant thoughts that repel GREATNESS Imagination turned reality only comes to those who plant, water and nourish SEEDS of GREATNESS A seed without water will die An idea without development will remain dormant Every second is a new opportunity to blaze a trail of greatness for others to lead TOGETHER STRONG On this Thursday, December 5th, 2013 – PROCLAIMED Bringing Everyone Together Day
  3. 3. We stand with GREATNESS TOGETHER STRONG May we continue to grow as a large oak tree With roots that travel far To stand as a monument of people Who took action in the fundamental truth of the POWER of Collaboration TOGETHER STRONG _____________________ 50 Seeds of Greatness