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The Workforce of Tomorrow


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Sherrie Suski takes a closer look at tomorrow's workforce

Published in: Business
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The Workforce of Tomorrow

  1. 1. Hiring the Workforce of Tomorrow The skills we need today
  2. 2. Critical Skills The future of and the workforce is facing dramatic change driven by technology, globalization, demographics, social values and the changing personal expectations of workforce participants, especially the millennials. The intersection of these forces has already had an impact on the talent landscape, disrupting business models and radically changing the workplace. It is also changing the businesses that support these workforces. The skills needed to succeed 10 years ago are not the skills needed to succeed in the workplace today nor those that will be needed to succeed in 10 years.
  3. 3. 43% of workers believe they must leave to advance their career The % of women in the workforce will drop from 60% to 48% 40% of the workforce will be freelancers 4 3 2 1 The changing landscape By 2050 there will be no racial or ethnic majority
  4. 4. Dependable, organized, proactive and responsible. This trait is strongly linked with success The strong desire to know or learn more outside of your current role. It is continuously asking why and challenging the status quo The ability to generate new ideas, communicate those ideas and turn them into solutions. The ability to connect the dots differently Innovation Intellectual Curiosity Conscientious ness Critical Skills
  5. 5. Nothing is constant except change, so the ability to move quickly form one direction to another will be paramount The ability to connect to others, to truly listen to their ideas, to share yours and to come to a compromise solution that is better than any one individuals The ability to analyze disparate pieces of information, evaluate the outcome and formulate an action plan Critical Thinking Collaboration Agility Critical Skills
  6. 6. Summary Change is happening at a more rapid pace than any time in our history. Our ability to acquire, and ensure that our workforces acquire, the skills necessary for tomorrow’s successful organizations, today, will set the stage for workforces that are ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges. No longer is a college degree and a skill set enough. Tomorrow’s workers will be asked to bring something to the party, not just show up and they will be expected to make significant contributions to the success of he business every day and at all levels.