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Sherrie Suski Presents: What Do You Do When You're Stumped In An Interview?


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The unfortunate reality is that sometimes you'll get stuck on a question or problem during an interview. These are tips to work through those tough situations.

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Sherrie Suski Presents: What Do You Do When You're Stumped In An Interview?

  1. 1. Getting stumped in an interview is never fun. ! But, take solace in the fact that you are not the first or the last person to get stuck. ! Here are some tips to make get through those rough patches when an interviewer’s question leaves you reeling:
  2. 2. S TAY C A L M & B R E AT H E . • Try not to let yourself get worked up into a panic. (Once panic sets in, it’s hard to think clearly) • Don’t immediately blurt out “I don’t know.” • Take a few deep breaths and give yourself a moment to think. • Remind yourself it’s okay to not know the full answer, & come up with a response that is at least viable
  3. 3. A S K Q U E S T I O N S • You are absolutely allowed to ask for clarification if a question is unclear. • Tech/Developer interviews usually have a whiteboarding or pairing session where questions are expected/encouraged • Did You Know? - Talking through a problem out loud actually helps with your thought process
  4. 4. K N O W W H E N T O L E T I T G O • If you’ve exhausted all options and you really cannot come up with a viable answer, then be okay with saying so • You’ll be able to feel out when the interviewer feels as though enough time has past. • In this event, promise that you’ll find the answer and reach out via a follow up
  5. 5. F O L L O W U P ! • No matter what, a follow up email should be sent after any interview • But they are especially important if you promised an answer. • Show that you did your research and actively worked to understand the concept/ question that stumped you. • Always thank your interviewer for their time
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