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2020 HR Predictions

Sherrie Suski gives her 2020 predictions for HR.

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2020 HR Predictions

  1. 1. 2020 Predictions How the world of HR will change… and for the better
  2. 2. 2020 – The future is upon us Many strategists over the last decade believed they saw change afoot, a change that would wipe out HR teams as we know them today. But the HR contingency is are a little more robust and a lot more resilient than to let that happen. Although it is true that HR teams need to automate, understand what their data is telling them, partner with business and become more strategic, this is not the end of HR but a bright new beginning!
  3. 3. Analytics and big data Outsourcing Specialization Personalization 4 3 2 1
  4. 4. No longer should HR say “I think”; it should be replaced by “I know” Mundane repetitive task should be outsourced, freeing HR to work on more impactful initiatives Jack of all trades, master of none is especially true in the ever increasingly complex world of HR Employees experience personalization everywhere outside of work, why not at work? In-house Mass Communication Emotionally based decisions Generalist Personalization and self serve Outsourcing SpecialistData based decisions
  5. 5. Data Based Decisions Nearly every HRIS provider offers options around packages for Analytics and Benchmarking. The analytics portion will allow you to produce the data that your customers need to run their functions or business units. You will be able to produce data on turnover, retention, cost per hire, time to fill and a plentitude of additional metrics that your users will appreciate. On the benchmarking side, most large providers allow you to benchmark, for instance, turnover, against others in your same industry or of your same size. Most will even allow you to use this consolidated data to try and predict who in your organization is flight risk. (I am not convinced yet that this has value as the data is aggregated)
  6. 6. Everything old is new again For those of us who have been in HR for nearly three decades now, we know that the cycle is, once again repeating itself. Where back in the 90’s the trend was more toward in-sourcing to gain expertise, the trend has indeed swung back to outsourcing, but with a more thoughtful approach. The outsourcing today is toward outsourcing mundane tasks to give HR specialists the time needed to work on more strategic and greater impact initiatives. Consider outsourcing candidate sourcing so your team can perfect the acquisition process, compensation and benefit statements, so your team can drive the strategy.
  7. 7. Jack of all trades, maser of none In the world of HR today, not being an expert in your field can have dire consequences. There is too much legislation for anyone to stay on top of it all. While HR generalists can have their place either as field HR business partners who are responsible for disseminating information and acting as a go to resource, or at the head of an HR organization driving strategy across multiple disciplines, it is imperative that you have a corporate team of experts in the fields of Compensation, Benefits, Employee Relations, Talen Acquisition and Learning & Development.
  8. 8. Just for me?? It never ceases to amaze me how personalized our world has become…. outside of work. But inside of work, we tend to still want to apply the one size fits all mentality and create cumbersome processes for our employees. Use your bots and your machine learning to customize experiences for your workforce. A perfect example is JellyVisions’ ALEX. A delightful bot that walks you step by step through a process to choose the health insurance and retirement plan options that are best for you and your family. Another example is allowing you employees self serve capability through payroll to be able to change their number of dependents, address, withholdings, etc, without having to fill out forms and send the to someone in payroll.