The Passive (Present and Past Simple)


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The Passive (Present and Past Simple)

  1. 1. THE PASSIVE VOICE<br />PRESENT SIMPLE PASSIVE (AM/IS/ARE + V3)<br />I wash my car every day.My car is washed every day (by myself,me)They don’t recognize this brand.This brand isn’t recognized (by them)Why do you repair these cars?Why are these cars repaired (by you)?Do you read book?Is book read (by you)?<br />Complete the gaps using the correct form of the verb in the present simple passive.e.g. Spanish ___is spoken_______ in Argentina.1 All our paper ___________________ from renewable forests. (make)2 Suits ___________________ for all business meetings.(wear)3 The airport ___________________ at night. (not / use)4 New York ___________________ after the British city of York. (name)5 Jethro Tull __________________ for his guitar playing. (remember)6 Children ___________________ English until they are twelve. (not / teach) 7 Swatch watches ___________________ every year. (change)8 The Japanese newspaper, Yomiuri Shimbun ___________________ by over fourteen million people very day.(read)9 Often cognac ___________________ after dinner in France. (drink)10 The top of Mount Everest ___________________ with snow. (cover)Complete the gaps using the correct form of the verb in the present simple passive.e.g. New York ___is named______after the British city of York.1 Portuguese ___________________ in Brazil. (speak)2 Tea ____________________ with milk in most countries. (not / drink)3 Our tee-shirts ____________________ in Turkey. (manufacture)4 More than ten million bottles of Chanel 5 perfume ____________________ every year. (sell)5 Ray Ban sunglasses ____________________ by a lot of famous actors and singers. (wear)6 Elephants ____________________ in this area. (not / found)7 Kathleen Ferrier ____________________ for her beautiful voice. (remember)8 ‘Friends’ star, Jennifer Aniston ____________________ all round the world. (recognise)9 Sushi was originally from Japan but now it ____________________ all over the world. (eat)10 ‘Cough’ ____________________ the same as ‘enough.’ (not / pronounce)<br />PAST SIMPLE PASSIVE (WAS/WERE + V3)<br />I washed my car every day.My car was washed every day (by myself,me)They didn’t recognize this brand.This brand wasn’t recognized (by them)Why did you repair these cars?Why were these cars repaired (by you)?Did you read book?Was book read (by you)?<br />Complete the gaps using the correct form of the verb in the past simple active or passive.The Statue of Liberty in New York is one of the most famous monuments in the world. It (1) ___________________ (give) to the USA by France more than a hundred years ago. The statue (2) ___________________ (design) by French artist, Frederic Bartholdi and by Alexandre Eiffel, who (3) ___________________ (design) the Eiffel Tower. It (4) ___________________ (start) in Paris in 1874 and (5) ___________________ (finish) in 1884. It (6) ___________________ (pay for) by a lottery. It (7) ___________________ (take) by ship to the USA.The Statue of Liberty (8 ) ___________________ (open) by President Cleveland of America on 28th October, 1886. In 1984 it (9) ___________________ (become) a World Heritage Site and in 1986 it (10) ___________________ (celebrate) its 100th birthday.From the beginning, the statue (11) ___________________ (visit) by thousands of people every year and last year it (12) ___________________ (choose) as the favourite tourist site in the USA by readers of the New York Times.Complete the gaps using the correct form of the verb in the past simple active or passive.e.g. ‘Sunflowers’ __was painted_____ (paint) by Vincent Van Gogh.Ridley Scott __directed_____ (direct) the film ‘Gladiator.’In 1957 the city of Sydney, Australia (1) ____________________ (ask) architects if they could design an opera house in Sydney Harbour. Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect, (2) ____________________ (design) a building that (3) ____________________(look) like the white sails* of a boat. His design (4) ____________________ (choose) as the best by the judges.The Sydney Opera House (5) ____________________ (begin) after more than sixteen years of planning. It (6) ____________________ (finish) fourteen years later. The building (7) ____________________ (make) of ten white ‘sails.’ Each ‘sail’ (8) ____________________ (cover) with white tiles.** Eventually more than 1,056,000 Swedish tiles (9) ____________________ (use).The building (10) ____________________ (pay for) by a special Australian lottery and it (11) ____________________ (open) in 1973 by Queen Elizabeth II. Last year more than one million people (12) ____________________ (visit) it.*sail – a large piece of cloth on a boat. The wind uses the sail to push the boat.** tile – a small flat square piece of material. Tiles are used to cover bathroom walls or the roof of a house.<br />