Simple Past or Simple Present -2


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Simple Past or Simple Present -2

  1. 1. REVISION OF THE MODULE<br />Complete the sentences using the correct form of the present simple or past simple.<br />e.g. I usually ____watch____ (watch) TV but last night I ____went___ to bed early.<br />LIFESTYLES<br />Four years ago 45-year-old Jake Orby (1) ______________________ (be) the manager <br />of an international computer company in the USA. He (2) ______________________ (work) in the centre of New York City. Today he (3) ______________________ (work) in the garden of a big hotel in Ireland. Why (4) ______________________ (he / change ) his job?<br />'Well, for twenty years, every day I (5) ______________________ (get up) at 5.30 in the morning and (6) ______________________ (arrive) at the office at 7.00. Then I usually (7) ______________________ (stay) there until 10.00 in the evening! I (8) ______________________ (make) a lot of money and at the age of thirty-five I (9) ______________________ (become) manager of one of the biggest computer companies in the world. But I never (10) ______________________ (spend) any time with my wife and children - I (11) ______________________ (tell) myself it was more important to earn lots of money. Then five years ago my wife (12) ______________________ (leave) me.<br />Now I'm very happy in a new country with a new wife and a new job. Stella, my wife, (13) ______________________ (work) with me in the hotel. I work long hours but I (14) ______________________ (enjoy) every minute of it!<br />2<br />Write the adjectives to describe feelings<br />e.g. Why are you looking so r__elaxed___ ? <br />Because I was on holiday last week.<br />1 Why are you b___________________?<br />Because I haven't got anything to do.<br />2 You look very n__________________. Why's that?<br />Because I've got an exam in ten minutes.<br />3 Why are you so im_________________?<br />Because I've waited here for two hours!<br />4 Why are you in a b________________ m________________?<br />Because my girlfriend left me last week.<br />5 Why are you so s________________?<br />Because I don't like big dogs!<br />6 You look very w________________. What's the problem?<br />I can't find my car keys.<br />7 Were you d________________ by the film?<br />Yes. I didn't like it and everyone else said it was great.<br />8 Steve was very e_________________ because he went into the women's toilet by mistake!<br />3<br />Complete the gaps with one word.<br />e.g. We go to bed __at_____ half past eleven.<br />We saw a great film _______________ night.<br />2 It gets very hot here _______________ summer.<br />3 No thank you. I had lunch an hour _______________.<br />4 I spoke to her _______________.<br />5 I was born _______________ 1999.<br />6 I start college _______________ September.<br />7 When was the last _______________ you bought a car?<br />8 Yoga starts again _______________ January 17th.<br />9 Lights go out _______________ midnight.<br />4Choose the correct answer.1 I don't feel like _____ tonight.a) go outb) to go outc) going out2 Thank you for asking about John. He _____ better.a)'s feelingb) feelingc) feel3 I feel _____ at the moment.a) unhappilyb)upsetc)sadly4 I don't know how I feel _____ Gregor's new girlfriend.a) likeb) forc) about5 They _____ very angry when they heard the news.a) feltb) feelingc) fell6 I feel like _____.a) a tea.b) coldc) walk10 I first knew Maisie a long time _______________.<br />5 Join the sentences using so, because, and, but or then.e.g. I don't speak Spanish. I speak Portuguese.I don't speak Spanish but I speak Portuguese.1 I'd like that cake. That one too.2 I finished school. I went to university.3 I felt scared. It was my first time at school.4 There's a problem with my car. I walked.5 I like coffee. I don't like tea.6Write the past simple of these verbse.g. hearheard1 stop________________2 try________________3 buy________________4 appear________________5 stay________________6 laugh________________7 put________________<br />