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Prepositions and phrases with prepositions


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Prepositions and phrases with prepositions

  1. 1. PREPOSITIONS AND PHRASES WITH PREPOSITIONS The social facilities at METU are quite various. Some birds migrate from cold areas to hot areas. I am going to finish this lesson at 13:20. Due to his bad behaviours at school, he was punished by the principle. He spoke to me in a friendly way . Öznur sings folk music well as well as Seda.
  2. 2. Edatlar tek bir sözcük olsun isterse öbek olsun genellikle aşağıdakiler tarafından izlenir. Ving cümleciği Bir isim öbeği Bir isim Wh- questions Many teenagers of the 90s used to be crazy Tarkan. Being devoted his children, she copes up with the very huge troubles. Why are you so  angry   it? They were  furious me   not inviting them to my party. Linda is   married  an American. I'm a bit  short  money. about to about with for to of
  3. 3. A powerful economy rests the equality of the demand and the supply. The man in chief charged Abdullah the completion of the project. After she got the salary, she spent all her money new clothes. She voted the new proposal. The dragon emerged its lair (in) . Every grown-up is responsible his behavior. His addiction drugs brought his life to end. The belief many gods is the charesteristics of Greek mythology. The process painting such a large mural (duvar resmi) is more complicated than you might think. His talent learning languages was impressive. on with on against from for to in of for
  4. 5. Bazı fiiller “preposition ve adveb” ler ile birleşerek kendi anlamlarında dışarıya çıkar ve bambaşka anlamları ifade eder. Ve 4 tip “phrasal verb” vardır ve kullanımları ise aynıdır.
  5. 6. <ul><li>Verb + Noun + Adverb </li></ul><ul><li>Verb + Noun + Adverb </li></ul><ul><li>Verb + pronoun + Adverb </li></ul>After I had done a little research, I found out the truth. I couldn’t make out what happened over there due to the crowd. Before formatting your computer or mass storage devices, don’t forget to back up your files up.
  6. 7. <ul><li>Verb + Adverb + Preposition + (pro)noun </li></ul>I can’t put up with this problem anymore. Because of the economic crisis, employers are cutting down on the employees. Please, drive the nearest petrol station, we are running out of petrol. Verb + Adverb + Pronoun Last night, someone broke into our new house and stole the jewellery. A good friend is always supposed to stand by his friends. People say that I take after my father.
  7. 8. <ul><li>Verb + Adverb </li></ul>The WW2 broke out in 1945. While going home, I dropped in my friend. Could you speak slowly, I can’t catch on you. When all the members turned up , the manager started the conference.
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