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Conflict Trap

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Conflict Trap

  1. 1. Olivia Devoti, Ava Di Leo, Francesca Druback, Kim Geissler, Vanessa Gutzeit, Danica Pagulayan, Kelly Zdanowicz
  2. 2. PROVEN CAUSES: 1) Low income 2) Slow growth 3) Dependence on primary commodity exports Others:  Donations from despotic communities  Geography  Those who have recently had conflict (Within 10 years) DISPROVEN CAUSES:  Political repression  Particular racial/ethnic groups are repressed  Intergroup hatreds  Income inequality  Colonial history  Ethnic diversity
  3. 3. Other Problems Caused by Increased Conflict •Longer conflict causes: •Lower income •Exports to become more valuable •Wartime economy traps country in a spending cycle •Military spending has to remain increased after conflict has ended
  4. 4. REASONS FOR JOINING CONFLICT:  Hopes of attaining wealth  Lives or families lives are threatened  Kidnapped  Young/Uneducated  Ex: Lord’s Resistence Army EFFECTS:  Original rebellion cause is harder to follow because of young and uneducated group  Children loose education and therefore hinder the countries future of rising out of conflict trap
  5. 5.  Bottom billion at 1/6 risk of falling into trap  Two Scenarios:  Conflict right after independence or previous conflict  Long peace and then conflict  Both cause:  All growth made in peace time to be lost  Increases risk of further war  Legacy of organized killing  Armies are not longer trusted ▪ ex: Republic of Congo  Trap:  Growth decrease from war and cost of war move countries right back into conflict because this keeps them with the 3 causes  After conflict countries have 50% chance of re-entering into conflict and need approximately half a decade to make up growth lost, making it almost impossible to ever make up lost growth because they continue to fall into conflict
  6. 6. Countries in the ConflictTrap •Uganda •Rwanda •Angola •Sierra Leone •Zimbabwe •Sudan •Algeria •Cambodia •Liberia •Somalia •Republic of Congo
  7. 7.  Caused by:  Low income  Low growth  Once a country has a coup they are more likely to have more coups  Cause the country to be more afraid of their own military coup d'etat - the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group
  8. 8. Allow foreign countries to come and take command of the country that is in jeopardy Because Foreign intervention ends a conflict by: •helping one side defeat the other •acting as a mediator •creating a peaceful settlement between the warring parties
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