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Writing Portfolio

  1. 1. westchase VoLuME 1.1 • z 0Wine & Dine Beauty & Wellness Lifestyle Community House & Home Family Life Fine Arts PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID DENVER, CO PERMIT NO. 5377
  2. 2. own, to make sure each outdoor kitchen is unique and one-of-a-kind. JUST GRILLIN "I like the fact that I become friends with the customers getting to know .Skpbanie Ford their own personal style," says Driscoll. After you meet with Driscoll, Just Grillin designers will come to your home Florida, the Sunshine State, has the perfect year-round weather for grilling. to take pictures and measurements in order to give you a layout of your out- Whether youre having family and friends over or hosting a party, having a grill door kitchen on paper, which you can add or subtract to. They can also take is a social necessity. Sure, you can go many places to get a basic grill, but paint colors from your house and incorporate it into your grill, personalizing what better way to get the family together than to have your very own, afford- it to fit your home. ki able custom built outdoor kitchen. "Its like having a kitchen outdoors," explains Driscoll. si Inspired by her family and love for the outdoors, Just Grillin owner and Just Grillin offers hundreds of different sample countertops and stones to is Tampa native Heather Driscoll created this business with her husband, Doug, choose from. Driscoll uses many top-of—the-line companies for each materi- in order to encourage families to stay at home more often and spend more al like Alfresco, OCI, Solaire, Fire Magic, and Thermador With so many things quality time with each other. to choose from, you can be sure that your own personal needs will be met. Driscoll, along with three generations of family, all live in Tampa. This hard- working mom built her Carrollwood business near her home in order to be able to spend as much time with her family as possible. "Being that my two children are in middle school, it becomes hard to find time to spend with them," says Driscoll. "I wanted to build a place, a safe environment, where they wanted to be. Having a grill gives me a reason to enjoy the outdoors and spend more time with my kids." Unlike franchises, Just Grillin builds only custom-designed kitchens that are created by professional exterior designers. Using only natural materials allows for a more sturdy, easy to maintain and easier to clean kitchen. Driscoll will help take you through the personal custom-making process. With all her clean, non-fade styles, she will work with your own individual taste. You also dont have to worry about seeing your kitchen anywhere else. Driscoll makes For more information, call Just Grillin at 813-933-7900. sure to give her own personal touch, treating each project as if it were her "ITS NOT YOUR GRANDADS GRILL - NE SH SAVE $500 ON S e WORK 0-.zillNITH THIS AD. •t.lt tagerieTZ - Nvv•ms, . "ow FROM GRILLS TO COMPLETE OUTDOOR KITCHENS. WE CREATE A CUSTOM OUTDOOR LIVING EXPERIENCE 111111mmV • OUTDOOR KITCHENS • FIREPLACES • GRILLS • FIREPITS • GRANITE COUNTERTOPS • FURNITURE 813.933.7900 9215 LAZY LANE. TAMPA. FL 33614 WWW.JUSTGRI LLI N FLORI CA .COM CUSTOM OUTDOOR KITCHENS40 WESTCHASE STYLE MAGAZINE VOLUME 3 IssuE 2
  3. 3. Fit forFeasting Coping with Seasonal Stress Movie-Inspired PRSRT STD Fashion U.S. POSTAGE PAID DENVER, CO PERMIT NO. 5377
  4. 4. AdvertorialWhere to Gofor Unique andAffordable Art By Stephanie Ford The Art Tarts is a creative gift shop and gallery filled with an assortment of eye catching artistic surprises. When you first step in, all of your senses are engaged. Fragrant diffusers, colorful silks (When youre looking for and dazzling gemstones will captivate your imagination and your sense of personal style. The charm of this old house converted art thats not too sweet!) into a shop is continued with artworks, gifts and accessories dis- played in wonderful vintage furniture and cases. Home to over sixty local artists from the Tampa Bay Area, The Art Tarts will make you feel like youve stepped into an on-going art show. Known for their remarkable jewelry, they also offer pot- tery, stained glass, paintings, fused and mouth blown glass, silks, fiber art and more. In addition to the varied art pieces, the store is also sprinkled with hats, handbags, scarves and funky fashion. The owner, Suzanne Wightman, a.k.a "the Queen of Tarts", a former fashion coordinator and a jewelry artist, has both the talent and eye for detail. Her shop, full of intricate designs, engages the imagination and touches the artist in your soul. You can trust that everything in The Arts Tarts is both unique Featuring local artisans, The Art Tarts and affordable. Whether you are looking for a gift for that spe- offers hand-crafted art, jewelry and cial someone or looking to decorate your home with that new -talked-about - piece, you are certain to find something out of unique gifts in a charming setting. the ordinary. Amazingly talented Tampa Bay artists handcraft many of the pieces in The Art Tarts, when you are looking for a Creativityabounds. one-of-a-kind piece. Additionally, the shop also carries other items to tempt you such as The Art Tarts Blend of organic coffee beans or exotic Beauty reigns supreme. loose teas. Even your sense of humor will be engaged when you Set your inner shopper free! peruse the outlandishly funny all-occasion cards. Pet lovers will enjoy the abundant dog and cat lovers accessories or commis- sion a portrait of their own dog or cat. Go ahead, take a walk on the tart side. The Art `arts 4109 S. MacDill Ave The Art Tarts is located at 4109 South Gust south of Euclid next to Mad Dogs & Englishmen) MacDill Avenue in South Tampa (next to Mad Dogs & Englishmen). 813-832-5665 For directions or store hours (including Store Hours: The-Fri 11-5:30, Sat- 11-4 extended holiday hours) call 813-832-5665. (Call for extended holiday hours)ALL 813.264.9709 FOR AD INFORMATION SOUTH TAMPA STYLE MAGAZINE 29
  5. 5. Ic AI I ss L1 STYLE Z_ 2 Wine & Dine Beauty & Wellness Lifestyle Community House & Home Family Life Fine Arts Annual Wedding -- 444- Guide All About Spring Fashio Plannin Spring PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID DENVER, CO PERMIT NO. 5377 Breakp,
  6. 6. ferently about home decor," says Allyson. KARMA FURNITURE Allyson and Derrick want to show you what shopping at Karr-f. = By Stephanie Ford all about. Not only will their furniture change any preconceives - have on high prices, but also will give you a better view of conter If you love contemporary furniture but dont want to pay outrageous prices niture in general. Not all contemporary furniture is funky and hip - •f• -. • to have it, you must see the amazing high-quality offerings at Karma Furniture. Furniture you will find many pieces that have a more clean and geometric The name itself says it all. When you walk into the store you are welcomed by side to give your room a fresh modern look. an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories that are sure to liven up any room Allyson and Derrick encourage local artists and furniture designers to in your home. . showcase their furniture. They carry furniture and home accessories from var- Owners Allyson and Derrick Dorsey opened Karma Furniture in ious well known suppliers. September 2006. Almost five years ago, Allyson found her niche for finding "Were not sales people," says Allyson. "We do our best to make sure our great deals in contemporary furniture. She started to design her own home customers are happy and confident about their purchase." and soon found close friends and family wanting her assistance in the dec- If you want a new look for your home, stop by Karma Furniture to help orating of their homes. Derrick supported Allyson and her dream to one day make the space you live, the space you love. open up a store that would utilize her natural talent and creativity. Wanting to take her skill to the next level, Allyson soon left the insurance business to pursue her dreams. Allyson and Derrick began researching online for great finds in contempo- rary furniture. Throughout their research they found the furniture itself was not accessible - in order to enjoy that style of living you would have to "pull out the big bucks". They decided to open their own store so they could offer a new market of affordable, yet high-quality contemporary furniture. "We named the store Karma because that is the feeling and vibe we want to evoke," says Allyson. Allyson can help you mix and match different types of furniture to com- plement your own individual style. For more information, call Karma Furniture at 813.333.1461. "I want to open peoples minds to the endless possibilities and think dif- • clocks • vases • lighting • candles • mirrors • art • unique gifts • rugs • clocks • vases • lighting • candles • mirrors • art • unique gifts • rugs • clocks C-73•s U •47, lommis .41A ac • • gab.- n ta, rD Make the space you live, the space you love • 2 a I karma • furniture karma furniture 6277 W. Waters Ave . s2ru . smg an b! un . in Target/Lowes Plaza next to Veterans Expwy 813-333-1461 Mon. - Sat. Ica - 6p42 WESTCHASE STYLE MAGAZINE
  7. 7. Wine & Dine Beauty & Wellness Lifestyle Community House & Home Family Life Fine AAnnualWeddingGuide Tax Season Preparation PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID Planning DENVER. GO PERMIT NO. 5377 ng Break
  8. 8. in-house invitation THE PINK CABANA printing with a great By Stephanie Ford selection of invita- tions for weddings, If you are looking for that great little boutique, then you will love The Pink showers, and parties. Cabana. From wedding invitations to Vera Bradley purses, The Pink Cabana With complimen- has it all when it comes to providing the feminine touch in Carrollwood. tary gift wrapping, Owner Anni MacClellan, a former teacher, decided to open up her make sure to check own boutique in order to have the flexibility necessary for a working out Pink Cabanas gift mom. Starting out in West Park Village, MacClellan moved to the section. If you are Carrollwood area to expand her business and open up a new market of looking for the per- womens upscale boutiques. fect gift for any baby When you first walk into The Pink Cabana you immediately feel pampered shower, The Pink by the beautiful shoes, clothes, purses, jewelry and more. It is like walking Cabana has a unique into a candy store with the amazing eye catching and sparkling colors. You and wonderful baby could spend hours just looking at everything they have to offer. section that ranges The Pink Cabanas clothes are chic and preppy, with many varieties. They from designer baby offer cute mother-daughter outfits and special occasion dresses, in addition to bags to personalized an array of great everyday wear. Youll love the assortment of rhinestone tank rattles. They also have tops, Lady Lanells sandals (which are encrusted with 400 Swarovski crystals), great gifts for that and the beautiful selection of clothes, belts, and hairpieces for young girls. woman who has The Pink Cabana carries well-known designers like Lilly Pulitzer, Juicy Couture, everything — from Nanette Lepore, Nilla Shields, Brighton, Molly B., Lacoste, Emily Ray jewelry bath and body products to great housewarming gifts. and more. The Pink Cabana will soon have online shopping so you can shop in the The Pink Cabana isnt just about clothes, shoes, and accessories. They also comfort of your own home at www.thepinkcabana.com . offer monogram services if you want to add a personal touch to a piece of For more information, call The Pink Cabana at 813.960.1940 jewelry or keychain. If you are looking for invitations, The Pink Cabana offers Ottf Now Open! Mon-Set 10-6 Sem 12-5 • •• I • Annis Pliperchase & (hie Boutique! 14361 North Dale s Iabn • Tampa • Grand Plata • • •CALL 813.264.9709 FOR AD INFORMATION SOUTH TAMPA STYLE MAGAZINE 29
  9. 9. nevvtamoa VOLUME 6 ISSUE 3Wine & Dine Beauty & Wellness Lifestyle Commu AnnualWeddingGuide ax Season Preparation Planning PRSRT STD Spring B k U.S. POSTAGE PAID DENVER, CO PERMIT NO. 5377
  10. 10. Advertorial Lord of the Rings and Necklaces and Bracelets and... Jewelry is more than just body art - it a statement of individuality that you show off to the world. Whether its a family heirloom pendant or an engage- ment ring, jewelry tells a story about who you are. And it is important to keep that individuality of your piece looking young and unique for a lifetime. Jewelry Studio owner Tim Carver knows what it takes to revive and restore your precious pieces. With the support of his wife and co-owner, gold and jewels you already have to create a new piece. Tiffany, and their two daughters, Tim has been able to design and create Tims designs are based on what is important to you, the story behind jewelry for twenty years. your jewelry, your wardrobe, and your jewelry wardrobe. This is done so he Growing up, Tims parents left a lasting impression that has helped him in can create something you will wear over and over. Tim will draw out your his success in life. Tims father was an architect who taught him form, func- dream piece or help you look through thousands of pictures to help create tionality and the importance of listening to the customers needs and wants. the exact new look you want. His mother, a Home Economics teacher, taught him how to take something Jewelry ranging from $20 to $20,000, Jewelry Studio has something for old and make it new again. These lessons came in handy once Tim found his everyone. Bring in your old pieces of gold that you never wear - the price niche as a jewelry craftsman and entrepreneur. has increased making your gold more valuable, so why not create a piece Jewelry Studio is not your average jewelry store. When you first walk in, that you would want to show off? Jewelry Studio carries a variety of unique you can not help but notice the glass cases that circle around the store with and eye-catching pendants, earrings, toe rings, necklaces, rings and so much spectacular gold and platinum, gems and diamonds. In the center is an more. You can also accent your precious jewelry with gems of all shapes and open workshop where you can see your jewelry being worked on. Tim and sizes from around the world. Justin will help you restyle your old pieces of jewelry and turn it into some- "Color gems define a mood," says Tm. "It doesnt hurt to have one for each!" thing new. All of the Studios jewelry is custom tailored to fit your own per- One gem, which in Tampa can only be found at the Studio, is the breath- sonal wants and needs. If you have something in mind for your old piece of taking Eternity Natural Emerald. There are no words to describe this vivid jewelry, Tim will help you design it to your liking. He will also mix and match green all-natural gem. You have to stop by and see for yourself. Located at The Pointe at Tampa Palms, 17020 Palm Pointe Dr. in New Tampa, Jewelry Studio is open Monday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm and Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm. [ITDLIOR T ake our C°M l 1-UV400 AiaiUft atura -1mera Jew gal@ on Staff0 Repair @ustom Work Wateh atte es repair Palm Pointe Plaza Natural Emeralds Next to Stonewood Grill Phone: 813.979.1740 Email: jewelrystudio@verizon.net see store for details42 NEW TAMPA STYLE MAGAZINE VOLUME 6 ISSUE 3
  11. 11. southtampa We have over 125,000 people wed like you to meet. STYLE STYLE Publishers John and Teresa Morgado publisher@stylepublications.Com What Millicn Want In tmorgado@stylepublications.com Relatiod,in Business Manager Christina Jackman, cjackman@stylepublications.com Balancing and Art Director FPness Jimmy Barringer, graphics@stylepublications.com Retinue!. Can Sultan a Room Administrative Assistant Cathy McCranie, cmccranie@stylepublications.com Account Executives Stephani Heirshberg, sheirshberg@stylepublications.co- Jennifer Beste, jbeste@stylepublications.com Michele Diaz, mdiaz@stylepublications.com Christine Hiatt, chiatt@stylepublications.com Contributing Writers CarolAnn Tampa Getaway Joezette Clausen Popular Vacdter Nikki Hervey Home Featur ti Baby Fla Danielle Nagel Momm vl Laura Riley Sheryl Young With the launch of South Pasco Style. Style Publications is reaching out to a Photographers whole new audience. Combined with our other successful publications, New Keith Lindquist Tampa Style, Westchase Style, North Pinellas Style and South Tampa Style„ we cover some of the most affluent and savvy residents in Hillsborough, Contributing Graphic Artists Jose Rodriguez Pasco and Pinellas. Caren Ventrone We offer a readership of all ages joined by common interests in fine dining, Interns Stephanie Ford beauty & fitness, home decor, family life, and good health. Jamie Ventura So put your business in our pages and youll find yourself in front of some of the most discerning residents in the Bay Area. STYLE CALL TODAY FOR AD RATES: STYLE Pti/Vir xilier xer 813-264-9709 13907 North Dale Mabry Blvd. Suite 206 .,410400saiesolai"" Tampa, FL 33618 813.264.9709 Copyright 2006 Style Publications, LLC. All rights reserved. Reproduction. or use without written permission of the Publisher. of editorial, pictorial, illustration or design content in any manner is prohibited in the United States. South Tampa Style is a trademark of Style Publications. LLC. Prices mentioned in the advertising and editorial of South Tampa Style Magazine can be subject to change due to the time element between the date the material is submitted to South Tampa Style Magazine and the date of publication. This is not a usua: practice. but it can occur. All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal fair Housing Act. Style Publications, LLC. will not knowingly accept any advertisement for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available to everyone without regard to race, color, religion sex, national origin, familial status, or handicap.8 SOUTH TAMPA STYLE MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2006