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Understanding Data Mining in the Social Media Marketing Age


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Our preferences, comments, sharing, and online community involvement is being analyzed. The analysis is so subtle that most participants don't even notice. We learn in this session how marketers are gathering, extracting, analyzing and then building advertising campaigns around social media participation.

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Understanding Data Mining in the Social Media Marketing Age

  1. 1. Data Mining In the Social Media Age Sherman Mohr, CEO Shared Spirits, Inc
  2. 2. This is when I knew….
  3. 3. Where data mining fits into my work
  4. 4. Let’s do a focus group!
  5. 5. So for our purposes today..
  6. 6. Why are people giving up data? Community Conversation Education
  7. 7. Data from Community Builders
  8. 8. Data from Conversations
  9. 9. Data from Conversations
  10. 10. Data from Exploration and Education
  11. 11. Data from Exploration and Education
  12. 12. Your takeaways What Privacy? The Trade Off Trust Me
  13. 13. What Privacy?
  14. 14. What Privacy?
  15. 15. The Trade Off
  16. 16. Enhancement Data is Important From
  17. 17. What we’re willing to trade?
  18. 18. Willingness continued
  19. 19. One more tradeoff example
  20. 20. Trust Me…. ; )
  21. 21. What trust means
  22. 22. Friendship Trumps Research
  23. 23. What does this mean to you?
  24. 24. Who benefits? Those qualifying for 1.9 million IT jobs in the United States through 2015/2016
  25. 25. Summary 1. Data aggregation is ubiquitous and pervasive. 2. We utilize social media for community, conversation, and education. 3. There is little privacy – we don’t care..much. 4. We’ll trade a lot for a little. 5. We trust friends more than anything or anybody. 6. There is great opportunity for leadership. 7. There are great opportunities for future positions
  26. 26. Thank You! Sherman Mohr, CEO