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  1. 1.
  2. 2. a girl from scranton
  3. 3. they say i am...
  4. 4.
  5. 5. we are experiencing a crisis
  6. 6. technology amplifies the problemone to few is now one to millions
  7. 7. 5% are victims  6% are bullies 15% identified as victims and bullies – time magazine
  8. 8. 26% of us are on the inside
  9. 9. 74% of us are watching from the sidelines...or are completely unaware
  10. 10. 74% of us are part of the problem
  11. 11. 74% can bethe solution
  12. 12. victim/ victimizer onlookers the unaware crowdwiden the spotlight
  13. 13. help the 74% engage
  14. 14. add your story, or send a message support
  15. 15. take a pledge: not on my watch
  16. 16. allow bullies to make amends
  17. 17. • establish a permanent Tribeca Film Institute effort to tackle the issue • start a branded foundation • create awards/scholarship program • build a toolkit for multiple stakeholders (students, teachers, corporations, legislators activists, charities, etc.)
  18. 18. the StoryHub @ Tribeca Film Festival• a single large touchscreen interface allows participants to input theirown responses to "they say _____", "I am ____" via ‘gaming’ interface.• multiple screens on walls allow more reserved/shy to post (via txt/nfc/twitter) in realtime to share/see reactions. if these are also touchscreen,others at the StoryHub can select/play with these shared stories.• "StoryPods” (soundproof booths) gather video/audio/text input ofpersonal stories of bullied, bullies and watchers. Sends to website,screens in StoryHub, blog, facebook, twitter, etc.
  19. 19. StoryHub recording booth
  20. 20. launch celebrity PSAs “they said i was...”
  21. 21. enable digital expression • a facebook application invite friends to anonymously make confessions and express regret for the times they engaged in bullying or stood by silently. • #theysayiam hashtag allow people to share their stories or support others through retweets and twitpics of locations
  22. 22. interactive posters drive to events
  23. 23. “i am... electric” an evening at the bowery electric, hosted by jesse malin. songwriters share stories and perform original are distributed through the website, foursquare, etc and are given to influential bloggers & celebrities. the event is filmed for streaming and songs are shared through the website,, spotify or itunes.
  24. 24. “i am... here tonight”• partnership event with the moth in which five storytellersshare their own stories. two “slots” are open for unscripted in-the-moment audience participation • kicks off the mentorship program• storytellers (celebs/artists/performers) also visit schools and perform as part of an ambassadors project
  25. 25. mentorship program an initiative to unite middle-and-high-school kidswith students studying for film and motion-graphics degrees to create projects that document and find expression for the stories and challenges faced by today’s youth.
  26. 26.