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Investor Pitch Book for LA theater group Uranium Madhouse's 2012 production of "A MAn's a Man".

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Brecht dossier

  1. 1. this daring mission.
  2. 2. Galy Gay: Alright, Widow Begbick, if you really want to buy this elephant, I am the owner. A Soldier comes running in from the back: Psssst.... Pssst..The .Bloody Fiver is walking around the camp inspecting the train cars. Soldiers: The human typhoon! Begbick: Stay here, I’m not letting this elephant Begbick and the soldiers rush off.Uriah to Galy Gay: Keep an eye on the elephant fora moment. He hands him the elephant’s lead.Galy Gay: But what about me, Mr. Uriah, whereshould I go?Uriah: Just stay here.He runs off after the others. Galy Gay holds theelephant’s lead but stands as far from it as possible.Galy Gay alone: My mother always told me: no oneknows anything for sure. But you know nothing.and now you have a big elephant, and who knows whatwill happen next. But It doesn’t matter to you, as longyou can just get the check.Uriah looks in : Look at that, he won’t even look at it.He stands as far away from it as he can. Fairchild walksby in the back. The tiger of Kilkoa has left the area.Uriah, Widow Begbick and the others return.
  3. 3. Begbick: Is this elephant yours? # II Galy Gay: Like my foot is.Uriah calling out: And now, number 2: The elephant A Soldier: Billy must be pretty old, since he seemsauction. The man who doesn’t want to be named sellsan elephant. Begbick: You’ll have to come down on the price.Galy Gay picks up a bell, and Widow Begbick sets awooden bucket upside down in the center of the stage. Galy Gay: He was 200 rupees wholesale, and he’s worth that till the day he dies.A Soldier: Are you entertaining any doubts aboutthe elephant? Widow Begbick inspecting the elephant: A sagging belly like that and you want 200 rupees.Galy Gay: I have no doubt it will be sold. Galy Gay: I think nonetheless that he’s right forUriah: If it sells, it’s legit. a widow.Galy Gay: I can’t say no to that. An elephant’s an Begbick: Very well. And is the elephant in goodelephant, especially when it’s up for sale. see the elephant is healthy. Five hundred rupees.He stands on the bucket and auctions of the elephant,which stands next to him in the middle of the group. Galy Gay: Five hundred rupees going once, going twice, going three times. Widow Begbick, the elephant formerly belonging to me is now yours.Billy Humph, Bengal champion, up for auction. He was The check, please.born in the southern Punjab, just as sure as you see himhere now. Seven rajahs attended his manger. His mother Widow Begbick: Your name?was white. He’s 65 years old. That’s not old for anelephant. Thirteen hundredweight he weighs, and Galy Gay: Must not be mentioned.for him clearing a forest is like rolling out of bed. BillyHumph represents a small fortune for the one that Begbick: Please, Mr. Uriah, hand me a pencilclaims him as her own. so I can write a check to this man who must not be named.Uriah: And here’s Widow Begbick with the check.
  4. 4. Uriah aside, to the soldiers: When he takes the check,arrest him. Uriah: Halt! Train your guns on this criminal,Begbick: Here’s your check, Mr. Man-Who-Must-Not- gentlemen, since that is what he is.Be-Named. Polly, inside of Billy, laughs out loud.Galy Gay: And here, Widow Begbick, is your elephant. Uriah punches him.A Soldier putting his hand on Galy Gay’s shoulder: Uriah: Shut the fuck up, Polly!In the name of the British army, what is the meaningof this? One of the tarps on top slips, revealing Polly.Galy Gay: This? No idea. He laughs nervously. Polly: Shit!The Soldier: What’s this elephant doing here? Galy Gay, now completely befuddled, looks at Polly, then sees the others. The elephant runs away.Galy Gay: Which one are you referring to? Begbick: What is going on here? That’s not an elephantSoldier: The one right behind you. And don’t try at all, that’s just some tarps and men. It’s all fake. Allto wiggle out of it. my money for a fake elephant.Galy Gay: I’ve never seen this elephant! Uriah: Widow Begbick, the perpetrator will be immediately handcuffed and thrown in the latrine.Soldier: Oh really! The soldiers handcuff Galy Gay and put him in a pit, soAnother Soldier: We can attest that this man said that only his face is visible. The artillery is heard rollinghe was the owner of this elephant. by.Begbick: He said it belonged to him like his own foot. Begbick: The artillery is loading up, when are you all go- ing to pack up my canteen? Since it’s not just your manGaly Gay wanting to leave: Unfortunately, I have to go. that has to be taken apart, but my canteen as well.My wife is anxiously awaiting my return. He pushes hisway free from the group. I’ll be back to talk this over withyou later. Good evening! To Billy, who is attempting tofollow him: Stay, Billy, don’t be so needy. There’s sugarcane growing over there.
  5. 5. Andrew Utter - Artistic Director ———————————————————— Andrew Utter is the founding artistic director of Uranium Madhouse. He has an MFA in directing from the Yale School of Drama and a Ph.D. in German Studies from Stanford University. Known Associates He founded the Mother of Invention Acting School in 2004. He has appeared onstage at San Francisco’s Magic Theater, and di- rected for Syracuse Stage and Fordham University in New York. Erik Flatmo – Resident Designer ———————————————————— Erik Flatmo is a West Coast-based set designer who works in theater, opera and dance. His designs have been seen on the stages of American Conservatory Theater, Asolo Repertory Theatre, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, San Jose Repertory Theatre, South Coast Repertory, Yale Repertory Theatre, Opera Santa Barbara, and San Francisco Opera among others. He designed scenery for Uranium Madhouse’s productions of Conversation Storm and The House of Cards.Shadow Advisory Committee Erik is a graduate of Columbia University and The Yale School of Drama. He teaches set design at Stanford University. Yolanda Seabourne - Actor/Producer ——————————————————————— As Director of Licensing for FishBowl Worldwide Media, Yolanda is responsible for licensing and strategic repurposing of television’s largest library of user-generated content. A founding member of Uranium Madhouse, Yolanda appeared in the company’s inaugural production in Charles Mee’s one-person show The House of Cards. Madhouse audiences will next see Yolanda as the lusty, entrepreneurial widow, Leucadia Begbick, in Uranium Madhouse’s sophomore presentation, A Man’s a Man.
  6. 6. Edward Tournier - Actor Ian Forester - Actor——————————————— ————————————Edward Tournier has acted in, directed, and produced multiple Ian Forester is the co-Artistic Director of the Los Angeles theateraward winning productions in the Los Angeles area. Most recently company, needtheater. Ian’s acting credits include:he acted in and produced the world premiere of Monkey Adoredfor Rogue Machine Theatre Company. For Rogue Machine he also Glintproduced the critically acclaimed Blackbird, directed plays for the (needtheater)Rogue’s Gallery, Round the Clock, and Shorts and Sweets play series The Weband assistant directed a long-running production of Cormac (needtheater)McCarthy’s Sunset Limited which received multiple LA Weekly The Country ClubAward nominations. He is a graduate of the Boston University (HFC)School of Theater and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Katzelmacher (needtheater)Futura Film Crew(world premiere, Theater @ Boston Court, LA Drama Critic’s Circle (Goodman Theater: Mamet Festival)Award nomination) CadillacSupernova (Chicago Dramatists)(world premiere, Elephant Theater Company, multiple L.A. Weekly Men of SteelAward nominations) (Theater Wit)Mercury Fur The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow and Guinea Pig Solo(needtheater, Ovation Award nomination) (Collaboraction)Razorback The Last Days of Judas Iscariot(world premiere, Rogue Machine); (Steep)Secrets of the Trade General Desdemona(world premiere, Black Dahlia Theatre, multiple Ovation, Backstage, (Edinburgh Fringe)LA Drama Critic’s Circle, and GLAAD Award nominations) Richard II (A.R.T.). New York: Richard and Anne (Mirror Rep)The History Boys (Ahmanson Theatre)Film and Television:Without a TraceThe Cleaner
  7. 7. Thomas Sherman - Marketing Consultant——————————————————————————Thomas Sherman is a creative director, photographer, graphicdesigner, and writer. For over 15 years he has been creatingmarketing and communications for Fortune 100 companies,His primary areas of expertise are in digital innovation, social Dylan Southard - Dramaturgmedia and transmedia marketing. He has developed everything —————————————————— Dylan Southard is the co-Artistic Director of needtheater andapplications to food trucks with celebrity chef Tom Colicchio. previously served as their resident dramaturg and literary manager. Production dramaturgy credits for needtheater include:Thomas was the art director and still photographer on the Fatboy Mercury FurDavid Strathairn). Scarcity tempOdyssey The WebCris D’Annunzio - Actor——————————————— He also directed needtheater’s world premiere production ofAs a renowned character actor, Cris D’Annunzio has led a Guided Consideration of a Lamentable Deed.popular shows, including: He is the resident dramaturg for The Robey Theatre Company at the Los Angeles Theater Center. He is also an associate artist withLaw & Order the international, new script development group LoNyLa, andSeinfeld works as a script consultant for theaters, including The Center Theatre Group, The Geffen Playhouse, The Theatre @ Boston Court,Without A TraceThe DistrictMad About You He trained for two years under a dramaturgy fellowship at Center-Lois & Clark: The New Adventures stage in Baltimore and is a graduate of Wesleyan University.On the big screen, Cris appeared in:American GangsterAcross the UniverseAlien: Resurrectionat the 2010 Sundance Festival and won several awards from other
  8. 8. Elisa Carlson was on the Artistic Staff of the Guthrie Theater David Chambers, a South Coast Rep Associate Artist, is a director,for eight years where she coached voice, speech and text for teacher, writer and producer whose work has been seen On and31 productions. Other coaching credits include multipleproductions Off-Broadway and at the Oregon Shakespeare He directed Broadway premieres of Christopher Durang’s AFestival, The Children’s Theater, Alliance Theatre and Georgia History of the American Film and Howard Korder’s Search andShakespeare. Elisa has a special interest in new plays, having Destroy, a play which originated at South Coast Rep and for whichcoached world premieres of plays by Tony Kushner, Kia Corthron Mr. Chambers received a New York Drama Desk nomination forand Ellen McLaughlin, among many others, and the premiere of best director. Mr. Chambers has served as director at suchthe Michael Korie/Ricky Ian Gordon opera The Grapes of Wrath. theatres as The New York Shakespeare Festival, Washington’sHer acting credits include the Guthrie, The Shakespeare Theater Arena Stage (Producer 1979-81 seasons), the Yale Repertoryand the Alliance. She has performed internationally with Theatre and the Guthrie, among others. He is currently a professorcompanies in Finland, Germany, Greece and The National of acting and directing at the Yale School of Drama where amongTheatre of Cyprus. Film credits include acting in and coaching with the Saint Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts in RussiaShe was dialect and foreign language coach for the feature which has performed in Europe and the U.S. He also directed South Coast Rep’s Bosoms and Neglect, The Hollow Lands, Tartuffe,Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature, and created Private Lives, Old Times, A Mess of Plays by Chris Durang,language for the multiple award-winning short Ana’s Playground. The Misanthrope, Hedda Gabler, The Miser, Going for Gold, KissElisa has B.F.A. in acting from Florida State and an M.F.A in of the Spider Woman and Twelfth Night, productions whichacting from the University of Delaware’s Professional Theatre have won numerous Drama-Logue and L.A. Drama Critics CircleTraining Program. She recently moved home to Atlanta andis a Resident Director and Associate Professor at the GainesvilleTheatre Alliance. works in the Bay Area.
  9. 9. Amir Eshel is Charles Michael Chair in Jewish History andCulture, a Professor of German Studies and Comparative Theatre Technology. His extensive career in live performanceLiterature, and Director of The Europe Center at the Freeman includes work in Direction, Design, Technical Direction, StageSpogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University. Management and Production Management. From 2005 to 2010,His research focuses on German culture, comparative literature, Kerry was Production Manager and Technical Director forand German-Jewish history and culture from the Enlightenmentto the present. He is currently working on a book about the poetic theater ensemble located in Los Angeles. At Cornerstone, Kerry supervised technical elements for productions in 25 differenthe has taught courses on German Jewish literature, literature at the Walt Disney Concert Hall to the Blue Ox Mill sawmill inof the Holocaust, modern German poetry and the contemporary Eureka, Ca. Previous experience in Production and CompanyGerman novel. Management includes the national tour of Broadway On Ice starring Dorothy Hamill and Davis Gaines, Festival On Ice inprofessor of German studies, he taught at the Universität Hamburg US/Canada tour of Camelot for Encore Attractions, and UFO(Germany). He is a member of the American Comparative Encounters, an interactive walk-through attraction forLiterature Association, the Association of Jewish studies, Renaissance Entertainment. Kerry’s experience in Stagethe German Studies Association and the Modern Language Management includes Disney Cruise Lines, the US/Mexico tourAssociation. In 2002 he received the Award for Distinguished of Cirque Ingenieux for NETworks Productions, and over 200Teaching from Stanford University’s dean of the School of productions at the Japan America Theater in downtown LosHumanities and Sciences. He received an MA and PhD in German Angeles. Kerry spent two years in Bochum, Germany as Residentliterature, both from the Universität Hamburg. He speaks Hebrew, Artistic Director for the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical StarlightGerman and English, and has a good knowledge of Yiddish and Express. His design experience includes productions for HeidiFrench. Duckler Dance Theater, Cornerstone, the Santa Paula Theater Center, Cal Arts and numerous community and educational organizations. Kerry received a degree in Directing from Brigham Young University.
  10. 10. Karim Javeri is based in Toronto, Canada and is an Economist with the Ontario Financing Authority. His work focuses onElena Faro is a native New Yorker and has been a tax accountant Consulting Limited, where he provided consultancy and advisoryfor over twenty years. She has run her own business for the lastthirteen years and serves a clientele who work as freelancers conducted research for the Bank of England through the London School of Economics and completed a dissertation in 2010 onin literature and classics from Hunter College of the City performance measurement in the public sector. He holds a MastersUniversity of New York. In her spare time, she is the mother of of Public Administration from the London School of Economics intwo beautiful children. Public and Economic Policy. Karim also holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree from McGill University and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. Matthew McCray is the Founding Artistic Director of Son of SemeleAlex Fishkin is an intellectual property attorney at Google. Ensemble. A multi-faceted artist in many theatrical disciplines,He holds an MS in electrical engineering and an MA in Slaviclanguages and literatures from Stanford University, a JD from producer, director, performer, musical director, composer and teacherNorthwestern University, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of theatre. In 2004, Matthew was featured on the cover of Americanof Management. With his diverse background, Alex has advised Theatre Magazine for his work with SOSE. As a director Matthew’s - work includes both original and published work. Most recently, histions, and Fortune 100 companies on a variety of engineering,legal and business matters. A native of Latvia, Alex spent most Award nominations and Matthew received an award for his work asof his life in Chicago and is now living in San Francisco. His television work includes the recurring role of Jasper on the Emmy Award-winning television show Will & Grace, Boston Legal and, most recently, a pilot called The Cure. He has also been seen and heard singing in a Discover Card commercial, and in 2003 he carried Martin Sheen, Edward Asner and Martin Landau. Matthew is a member of Actors’ Equity Association and the Screen Actors Guild.
  11. 11. Donation CostsAmount CoveredCoup theater rental and artist fees Your participation will not go unnoticed.$10,000 (designers: set, lighting, costumes, sound, puppetry, For a donation of $1000, we would composer, music director, director/producer like to dedicate a whole page of the program for the show to thanking you for your generous support.Heist production staff fees (stage$4,300 manager, board operator, etc.) We’d also provide reserved seating so you can be assured that you’llEscapade theater rental for the run of comfortably stretch your legs in the$4,100 the play aisle at the performance of your choice.Caper set and props: materials If you have other thoughts about how$3,000 and labor we might thank you, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We could makeSwindle costumes tickets available to an organization of$1,000 your choice, perhaps a high school German-language class or a groupCon lighting: labor, materials, that serves young people in the arts.$1,000 lighting designer feeHoax props$500
  12. 12. To make a donation please visit: