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Reading comprehension 1


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AE 002 will be used in our evening class today 19/9/2012. tq

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Reading comprehension 1

  1. 1. 回 PreViewing Vocabulary Read the words and phrases bdow ttsten to the pronunciation.Put a check rnark( )next to the vvords that you know.FOrthe wordsコEEIIII ReadingSkills and Strategies that you don′ t know dor7′ l uSe a dictionary Try to understand them fronn the reading EduCation:A RefleCtion of Society You′ │luvork with some of these words in the activlties. verbs NounS □ aspects □ statistic □ achieve El identical 0鸞判鸞 ぃ 搬に □ constitution □ status □ afford □ isolated … □ contrasts □ tuition o deterlnlnes □ ural Icnkatthe山 I・ and diSC暇 El discipline □ values □ reflects □ universal 1. Wllere is each scelle takillg place?What iS happellillg? □ indigenous people □ value □ vocational 2. What lllight be silllilar abotlt eclllcatioll in these coulltl・ ies・ 2 Ⅳlake gtlesses □ native people AdiectiVes ldioms □ prirnary school □ compulsory □ on the one hand 3.Wllat nlight be(lifferellt abollt educatioll ill these coulltries?L`ake guesses □ secondary school □ egalitarian EEl on the other hand 4. Ill your oplllioll,wllat al・ e illlpol・ tant cultural vallles ill eacll of t,llese coulltries? ‐ □ entire Getting Meaning frorll Context When you read′ you do not need to look up the rlleanlngs of a‖ new wordsin a dictionarμ YOu Can often guess the rneanings ofrnany new words frorn the context― ―the Other words ln the sentence and the other sentences in the paragraph.Here are three types of clues that w‖ l help you guess new words. 1. Punctuation:sometimes a sentence gives a definition of a new vocabulary itenl orinformation aboutit.丁 his inforrrlation rnay be in parentheses( ),after a dash(一 ),or after a comma(′ ). EXannple 丁here is a drawback′ a disadvantager to thatidea. ∂ lDra″ わ Ck means disadyantage.) ヽHigh school students in Japan 2. Another sentence:sometimes a clue to the rlleaning of a new vocabularyPrimary schoo:students in Mexico item is in another sentence or sentence part. r EXample A SChool system ln one country is notidentica:to the system in any other count呼 lt cannot be exactly the same because each culture ls different. (ln the second sentence,you see the rneanlng ofidentical― ¬ actly:わ e same.) eχ 3. LOgic:sometirnes sirTlp!elogic helps you to guess a new word. Exannple The educational system is a rlllrror that reflects the culture. (You probably know the word mirroι so yOu can guess thatrefrects means sわ OM/s.)A university studentin England = High schoo!science students in the United States chapter l 口● ■口 Education and student Life 凛 "
  2. 2. Eコ Getting Meaning from context tthis exercise will help you wtth vocabulary that you wi‖ find in the first reading selection..Read the sentences,Figure out the EduCation:A Ref:ection of society meanings of the underlined vvords fronn the context and Write therll on the lines. 1. On the one hand,there are nlally advantages to this system.On the other Visit schools allywhere in the world,and you will probably notice a hand,there are also several drawbacks number of sinlilarities.There are students,teachers,books,blackboards, and exanls evewhere.Howevet a school systenl in one country is not on the one hand= identicalto the system in any other countlvLIt Cannot be exactly the same on the other hand= becatlse each culture is different.The educational system is a nliFor that 2.In a number of coullthes,education is both COmpulsory― required― ―and remects the culture.Look atthe school systen■ ,and you wlll see the social un市 ersal,avanable tO evel・ yolle,at least ill primary sc1901(elementary school) structure and the values ofits culture. compulsory= Mexlco universal= ln Me対 co,the educational system reiects some of the countryb mal■ y prlrnary school= contrasts.On the one halld,it is beheved that the nation can achieve eqllality of rights fOr everyone ι,っ gん θ θ ι .me basis oftlle Me対 can ん zι ttι α JOη 3. There are many lllore schools hl cities than ill rural areas educational systenl is tlle countryb constitution,which was written in rural 1917.It req■ lires education to be free,compuisory,alld llniversalo lt also 4. Public schools are all botll fl・ ec・ all(l egalitarialli all students are considered states that education should support national■ lnity and lead to social, equal and learll the sallle lllateritll. econonuc, and cultwd ilnprovement of tlle people.At lower levels,this egalitariall= nlealls that there is en■ phasis on the co■ llltryb rich cultural history.Chilclren write llistorical essays,participtte in activities for national ho■ days,and College studellts neecl glヽ eat`liSCiplille;ill ol・ cler to lnake tillle for their studies, Кad abollt national heroes‐ especially native people(IndiarLS).HOWevet they lleed the self― colltrol to give t11)hobbies,sports,and social life. it is otten difflcult to provlde education in rlural areas,where lnany of the lille= (liscil〕 indigenolls people live. People in these areas i翠 ℃ poOr and isolated 6.Results on these exams affect tlle(‐ lll.11・ e hlllily because tllere is high,131い ,Or geOgraphicalし There ttent enougll schools,arld rtlral teachers nlust be social position,for a whole falllily lll、 vllicll chilclrell have high test scores, able to teach an slx grades Of prinlary school.Also,traditions alllong solne entire= indigenous people do not句 燿)iCally include school attendance。 Japan ア Students themselves decicle if tllcy、 . vallt college― preparatory or vocational 釉 e Japarlese value education hightt One statistic reflects this:tlle classes in high sch001;1lo llatiOllal cxalll detorlllines this for thelll. Japanese place such inlportance on education that 88 percent ofall students conlplete not only pHmary school but also high school.Pubhc sellools are all both free and egalitarian;all students are considered equal and leattn the sanle lnaterial.For social reasons,itt inlporlant for a student to receive a lln市 ersity degree_alrld a degree frOm“ the right universi尊 "To reach this n ArtiCle As yOu read the fo‖ owlng selection′ think about the answer gOal,students have to gO through“ exalrunation hen."lhere are difrlcult 1/yhal car7 Vye learr7∂ bOυ la Cυ ′ ltrre from its edυ calior7al System?Read exallls for elltrance to attl lllliversities,to nlany of the better pnmary and ow the readlng. not use a dictionary Then dO the exercises that fo‖ secondary schools,arLd eVen to someル j%α O,フ げ t(貌 S!S神 anese students need great discipline;lrl order to lnake time for their studies,they need tlle self― colltrol to give up hObbies, sports, and social life. Results of these exallls affect the entire fanlily because there is high stttus,or social position,for the whole fanlily when the children have high test scores. ■■口 Education and student Lifechapter l 口 "ロ
  3. 3. Britain . In tlle United KingdOm(Britain),the educational system renects the dass systemo All state Ochools― primav7 Secondaryp arld llniversity― are free,and the frst nine yearsだ re(ヽ gali`il l・ 1lt tl;all students lem the sarne :dentifying the Main idea material.At age eleven,students切 巌e an imporlant national exarno After A reading passage rnay include many ldeas′ butthere is only one main ldea.This is this, they attend one of ttree pOSSible secondtt schools: colloge the rllost impOrtant ldea′ or point,of the reading.:tls the rnain polnt,thought′ or preparatoryp VC)(。 lttiolllli cfor jOb traininD,or COnlprehensive(With both opinion that the author has about the topic.:tis an″ umbre‖ a″ that includes a‖ grOups of students).HoWeve■ 6 percent of British students attend of the rnore speclfic ideas and detalls.丁 he rllaln idea is usua‖ y stated in the expensive private schools.These are students from upper― class falnilies. introduction.often′ itis repeated in the conclusion. Half ofthe students at Oxford and Camb五 dge universities come from such expensive secondary scho01S.It might seem that anyone can,11・ lilDI・ litO gO to a llmversity because all lmiversLies are free,but only l percent ofthe lower class gOes tO universit「 Because graduates froln g00d universities get the 口 ldenuf口 ng the Main idea ttnd One sentence m Pamgmph A thatseemsto bestjobs,itis dear that Success iS largely a result of oneb social dass. be the rnain idea of the entlre reading passage.Then find another sentence in Paragraph ・ F thatSeems to mean aboutthe same,write thern here. The united states Education in the United Sttttes is available to everyone,but not all Fronl Paragraph A: schools are equal. PllbliC primary and secondtt schools are iee for everyone;there is no Flllllo11.Almost 80 percent of all Ame五 cans are high Frolll Paragraph F: school graduateso Students themselves decide if they want college― preparatory or vocational classes in high schooL no luiOnal exan■ 〔 ヽ 1111lles this.Higher education is not free,b■ 1(ヽ lく 1・ lt it is available to almost anyone,arLd abOllt 60 percent of an high schOol graduates attend college or umversiじ Older people have the opporttmity to attend conege,t00,because ■ Understanding Readng structure Paragraphs dMde Юadng matend mtO topics′ or suttectS.One paragraph is usua‖ y about one toplc.Match the paragraphs AmeHcans belie■ e that“ youre nevertoo old to leam。 "()ll ill(ヽ ol:lt,r ili111(│, from the reading on pages 6-8 wlth their topics beloぃ 晩 vrite the letters of the ヽ there are alSo problems in UoS.schoolso ln lnany seconda理 /schools,there paragraphs on the lines. are problems with lack of discipline allLd With drugs and crimeo ln addition, public schools receive their money from local taxes,so schools in poor 1. ____Conclusion:Education as a re■ ection of society areas receitt less money.As a result,they dont have enough g00d teachers 2. ____― A country that places a lot ofilnportance on education and lnakes or laboratory equipment,and the buildings are often not in good condition. students take difficult exams Cle劉 転 UoSo educttion re■ ects both the best and the worst ofthe socle与 3. ____― A country that offers educatioll to everyone but also has problems in its schools conclusion lt is clear that each educational systenl is a reflection of the larger 4. ____― A country where equality and national unity are il■ portant ヽ culture一 二both pOsitive and negative llsi)く く 5. _A country where social class is very lnportant tS Of its economyp values,and social stmcture.Look at a countryb schools,and you wi1llearn about the 6. ____― Introduction:Education as a rrurror of a culture society in which they e対 st.chapter l ■●0 口● Education and student Life ●
  4. 4. Om the ■ CheCking Your VocabJaw check yott undestandng d VOCabub口 Positlve AspeCtS Negative ASpeCtS reading selection.Read the definltlons below and lArrite words and expressions that fit these deflnitions.丁 he letters in parentheses refer to paragraphs in the reading. 1. a paper containing the laws that a countly is based oll(B)= ` 2. Indians(B)= 3. fcar away fl・ om toヽ 1■lS Or Cities(B) 4. a school forjob training(D) 5。 to have enough molley for sOmetllillg(D) 6. feeS(molley)ftDleducatioll(E) ア sides,parts,characteristics(F) . 嵩 侃 ‖ li魅 驚 洲 l脚 思 穐 l冨 ve as"cも d∞ ma‖ 唱 hお 6“ an educational systenl).Sometimes,these are easy to find because the writer t uses the words ad1/antages and diSadyarllages′ but frequently these words don′ appear lnstead′ you need to 100k fOr other words and expressions that show EduCation ln North America and ASia _ Opposite viewpoints,Such as ο t17θ Or7θ ttar7d)Or7 1わ eO[わ erわ ar7a btrt and r7 ln a western socieじ such aS the united states or canada,that has many natlonal′ 掏 tte1/er ο religious′ and cultural differences,people highly value individua:ism― the differences among peoplc■ ― independent thlnking.Students do not often rnemorize information. and one way to organize this lnforrnation is ln a graphic organizen one effective chart(ca‖ ed a lnsteadrthey find answers themselves,and they express theirideas in class discussion.At graphic organizer to shoW positive and negative aspects lS a T‐ an early age′ students learn to form their own ideas and opinions. T‐ chart becabse itis Shaped like the letter T). ln most Asian societies by contrast,the people have the same language′ histor"and You Can work wtth a T‐ chartin the next actiV:与 the educational system in much of Asia reflects soclety′ s culture,Perhaps for this reason′ beliefln group goa:s and traditions rather than‖ dren in china′ Japan′ and Korea often work together and help one another on assignments.ln the classroonl′ the teachlng methods are often very formal.The teacherlectures′ and the students ttten. 寵 肝 柵 器 肥 獅 ∬ 鷺 LI常 翼 期 よ悧 F鳳 胞 ∬ There is not rnuch discussion.lnstead′ the students recite rules orinformation that they s have memorized.丁 here are advantages and disadvantages to both systems. student chooSe one country.Fil1 0ut the positive and negative aspects of that country′ educatiOnal system.When you finish′ share yourinformation wlth the students ln your group and complete the chart vvlth theirinforrnation. 口 Discussing the Reading ln smallgroups′ talk about your answers to these questions about a country that you know we‖ . 1.Are there both private schools and public schools?Is public education free,or do students need to pay tuition? 2. Do FnOSt Students gO tO secondary school?Do rnost students complete high school?Do many students gO tO c01lege or university? 3.Are there di∬ erent types of high schOols(fOr example,college― preparatory or vocational)? 4. What are some advantages Ofthe educational system?Disadvantages? ■■■ Education and student Life llchapter l ロロ■
  5. 5. ::│:IE Reading Skills and strategies CampuS Llfe is changlng CampuS Life iS changing ぬ dFWtt」濾 k訛 ∬ lぶ ち∬ ‰ 糖£ 灘 罪 富翠 1 薪 垂 ∬ 職iI封晶 菱 l蝋 11轟 響 恭 FI熙 less than one_quarter(1/4)of all college students.These days the nontraditional students are the mttOrity;tlley aЮ different frOm traditiOnal 褻 椰憾 skirnnling for the Topic and iⅥ ain idea 恥 鱗 YOu Can skim a readlng to ldentify the toplc and the main idea.To skim′ read the title and any subheadings look at any photos and diagrams′ read the first two and the last h″ o sentences of each paragraph′ read quicklン and don′ t read every word 丁 tOpic of a paragraph is what the paragraph ls about.丁 hisis a noun or noun he :鶯1選消蝋 1】鱗f揃茸 鐵 i聯 phrase.The rnain idea of a paragraph is what the writer wants to say aboutthe toplc一 givlng inforrnation and/or his or her opinion about the topic.sOmetimes,a i難 sentence or h″ o includes the rnain ldea ofthe paragraph.This is often the first or and llloney are illlp01tant to thelll。 second sentence in the paragraph.The other sentences give deta‖ s aboutthe Tol)ic ma:n!dea. Example ⅣIaill iclea: Statistics reflect recent changes lll the U.S. college population. One change these days iS that there Te fewer foreign students than several B Psycho10gica tests reflect different learlling sl′ les in this new student years agO but that nlore UoS.stlldents tte studying abroad.mere are over population, t00. Each persOn has a certain learlling sサ le, and abOut 60 half a lrlillion foreign students in colleges and univeⅡ 〕 ities in the United percent oftlle new students these days prefer the s″ 2stη States(down 5二 6 percent).The leacling cOuntly of origin is lndia,followed クstyle.This mealls by China,Kol℃ a,Japalll,Canada,Taiwan,Mexico,]Llrkey an(l Thailan(1. that they are very practical. They prefer a practice― to― tlleory methOd ofleaming,wllich Meanwhile,tllere are 175,000 UoS.students who are stlldying abroad(up 8.5 percent).Alllerican stlldents typically spend llluch less tinle abroad is expel・ ience flrst and ideas after that.Theyll)el` tl lと lt than foreign students do in the■ Tnited States.In fact,92 percent of all U.S. often have difflclllサ with readillg alld)ic isitlド writing and are unsure of tllelllselvea MOst 1 students who gO abrOad spend only one selllester there.-alい w of tllese students are attending cOllege llot a becallse they want tO have a g00d jOb and ri(り e The lnaill lllake a lot Of l1loney.i ill a selltel、 ceall(l call L)elt tltoillg,1llid(lle,o「a palaglal)11 `A coliege iecture ciass 蜘 ◎ ■ mmlng brtte TOttc and tte Mttn ttea Read me ub面 唱 ⅣIaill iclea: paragraphs quickly Do not use a dictionartt and don′ t worry about the detalls,When you finish′ write the topic and rnain idea of each paragraph.You can cOpy the main idea directly frorn the sentence(Or sentences)′ or use your own vvords to restate it. chapter l ●口 口鶴 Education and student Life 廻 “ 13
  6. 6. In colltrttt,other students ollt nOt as mallyp prefer theシ ι をを θ ι ιυ π On all college calnpuses,student life is vely different fronl whatit used learning style.These students love ideas.They prefer a theory― to― practice to be because of technology― specificaltt the lntemet.At most colleges, all entel・ ing frst_year studellts rece市 e an entail adcll・ ess.Don■ litory roollls metllod of learning and ellioy independent,crettive thinking.These “intuitives"are not very practical.釉 ey are attending c011ege because tlley offer high_speed lntemet access. Coluputer systems are available to wantto cК tte unique works of art or study ph■ osoplly or someday help in evewone in conlputerlabs,tlle library9 and student centers.Application for the rleld Of science. dasses and registl・ ation are usually now possible online.Most schools offer entire collrses online. L〔 any professors still have “ offlce ho■ lrs, when stlldents can come to talk宙 th them about class work or ask for help.But Topici increasingtt students can contact professors 24 hours a dayp thanks to enlail. In nlany classes, stlldents colllplete assignlllents and even take Maln ldea: exallls onlineo Perhaps l1loSt illlpOrtant for botll students and professors, research is now easier and faster because ofthe new technology. There is a drawback for the students who prefer tl■ e sensing style of Topic: leamingo A mttority ofcollege probssos prefer the intuttive leal■ ling style. Maill idea: These teachers value independent thinking and creative ide“ 。 Students in tlle sensing group tte at a disadvantage because their way of thinking doesnt ll■ atch their teachels. Tol〕 ic: Ⅳlaill i(leal UNDERSTANDING PRONOUN REFERENCE As you knoЩ pronouns take the place of nouns.When you read′ its important to understand the rlleanings of pronouns,to know which noun a pronoun refers to.To find the noun that a pronoun refers to′ look back in the sentence orin the sentences that come before the pronoun. Politicallyt too,students these(1ど vs ttre different fll・ olll Stlldellts in the pttt, In the 1960s and 1970s, many students demonsttated ag五 nst the Example gOvernment and hoped to lllake big changes in societμ ln the 1980s,11lost Over 100,000 internatiollal studellts attend graduate school.Most of them students were inteК sted only in their studies Emd futuК jobs.TodttЪ are studying business and lllanagenlent. students seelll to be a conlbination of tlle two:they want to nlake g00d llloney when they graduate,but theyre also interested in helping sOciet Understanding Pronoun Reference Look back atthe reading selection Many students today are volunteering in the conlnluniじ They are wol‐lcing 口 ″ to help people,without payment.For exalllple,they tutor(teaCh pr市 乱ew) campus Life is changing″ to find the rneanings of the fo‖ owing pronouns.what does each pronoun refer to? children in trouble,or they work with organizations for honleless people. In these wayS,they hope to nlake changes in society 1.they(Paragl・ aph A,line 2) 2.they(Paragl` と hA,line 8) ll〕 3.them(Pal・ agral〕 ll A,lille 15) Topici Maln ldea: 畷 ■口■Education and student Lifechapter l ロロ
  7. 7. 4.their(Paragraph D,line 5.their(Paragraph E,lille 4 6.them (Paragraph E line 55 UNDERSTANDING"POLITICALLY CORRECT″ LANGUAGE Po‖ tica‖ y correct(or PC)language is a term used to descrlbe language thatis regarded 螂 stheSe quttms ttnkabm a∞ mw詢 as″ correct″ because it trles not to offend people.ltis an attempt to use language that9Q漁 1 嵩 橋 rgtteReadng画 shows respect for different people,cultures′ physical characteristics,and lifestyles.丁 his term and this language is commonly heard and discussed ln the united states― ―on 1. In that country,are there fol・ eigll stll(lellts ill colleges and uniVersities?If SO, co‖ ege campuses,at hrvork′ and in soclal settings.Many people attempt to use this where do they collle fl・ olll?Are there nlally? language as a sign of respect′ but some feelthat they have to be too careful and that 2.In that countlュ are stll(lellts tOday differellt fl・ Onl students in the past`P If so, ″ things have gone too far″ ヽhat do you think? げ how are they diffel・ ellt? 3. How has techllology challge(l canll〕 llS life in that countly? 口 ldenufying POI社 ica‖ y correct words and Phrases Bdow aresome words and phrases that people traditiona‖ y used in the past and the po‖ tica‖ y correct words that rnany people use nov晩 why do you think some people prefer politlca‖ y correct、 ⅣordS?ヽ Vhich Pc words seerln good to you?Do any seerrl strange? words and Phrases Politica‖ y correct wvords and Phrases surnl■ arizing blind … … … … …… … … … … … … … Visually challenged ln academic classes′ the mostcOmmon type of w‖ ungis Summay.A Summaryis disablecl,handicapped … ……… …… differently abled written in the student′ s own words.ltlncludes the rrlain idea and important fat people ……… … …… …… ……… peOple of size deta‖ s of another piece of writlng(a paragraph′ section′ article,chaptel or book). lllallkilld … … … …… … … …… … … humanity lt does notlnclude less important details.Students llvho surnrnarize we‖ can Orientals …… … … …… ………………… Asians prove to the lnstructor that they truly understand the reading rnaterlal. policemall ………… … … ……… … … …… pOlice officer rellledial classes . …… … … … …… … baSic classes Summarizing choose one country from the readingin Part l′ pages 6-8.Wnte a ■ Tllird Worlcl countries … … … …… … deVeloping cOunt五 es surnrnary ofits educational system′ according to the paragraph about that count呼 try to write only two to four sentences Because a sumrllary is Shorter than the original′ ■ BeyOnd the Text hteⅣ iewing mteMew ive peouQ Askthem訥 帥 FO‖ OW these steps. oplnions about positive and negative aspects of the educational system in their count叫 ■Read the paragraph and rnake sure that you understand† t vve‖ . 丁 notes on their answers.When you finish′ ake report your findings to the class. ・ ldenufy the topic′ main idea′ and important detalls. ・ Put the original paragraph aside as you write ・ write the surlllllary in your own words′ includlng the important details. 年lnclude a balance of positive and negative aspects. 口DO nOtlnclude less important deta‖ s 師 闇 ng vocattav and ttudy skilb when you finish writing′ compare your sumrnary vvlth those of other students who summarlzed the same paragraph.Did yOu have the same rrlain idea?Did yOu choose the same detalis? THE ACADEMIC WORD LIST 口 w‖ ung YOur Owllldeas choose one oftheto● cS bdOW tO Wttte a paragraph There is a list of words that co‖ ege students should know because these words occur about.Write your own thoughts.Try to use vocabulary frorll thls chapter. frequently in acadenlic Eng‖ sh.This is ca‖ ed the′ 狐caderYlic word List″ ln Part 3 of each ぅthe educational system ln your country chapter of this book′ there is an acuvity to help you focus on these words.(see page 18 forthe nrst FocuSing on words from the Academic word List ACtivi、 4)Also′ in the Self― ・ comparing and contrasting education in your country novv and ln the past i your own learnlng style AsSessment Log at the end of each chapterthese words have an asterisk(・ )next to them。 (see page 21 for the first self― AsseSSment Log.)For rnore information on AVeril Whats tlle lllaill ictea of your paragraph? coxheads ACadenlic word List,See wttvuw l ■●醸 ■■ Educatlon and student Life ■ 17
  8. 8. Focugng on wordsfrom the Academた Word ttst m tns exerdse′ 側lm 口 RecOgnizing word Meanings Match the words wtth thdr mea面 ngs.w‖ te ■ the blanks with Words fronl the Acadenlic Word LIStin the box.When you finish′ turn the letters on the lines′ as in the example. back to page ll and check your answers. 1. deterrrune a. unusual 2. ____― affOrd b. disadvantage lectures 3. ____reflect C. side,part,or characteristic assignments culture contrast goals methods ` 4. ____― nOntraditional d. developing new ideas cultural individualism traditions 5. ____― draWback e. factin the forrn of a nmber 6.____Statistic i cOntrol ア _____discipline . g.whOle EduCation in North Arnerica and ASia 8. ____aSpect /1. declde on ln a Westerll soc熱 Such aS the United States or Cttada,that has 、 9. _____involves i. have enough lnoney for many nationtt duo“ ,狙 d diffeК ncett peoメ e 10. _____tuition i.ShOW ‐ │ ll.____entire ― the differences alrnong peOple― and highly value ― k.fees(money)for SChOol 2 12. ____― Creative l. includes independent thinkingo Studentt dO not often memo五 Ze inforlnation. II WOrdS in Phrases AsyOuread′ 比simpottant to be」 n noudng words that o■ en Instead,they l力 nd alllswers themselves,alld they express their ideas in class go togethen Go back to the paragraphs on pages 13-15.Find words to complete the discllssion.At an early age,students learn to forrn their owrt ideas〔 md fo‖ owing phrases and write them ln the blanks.Most are prepositions′ but tto are verbs. OplrL10nS. Paragraph A the people have the l a dOrn■ つ′ In most Asian societies,by 1. lived i′ ltory campus Perhaps for this 2. Inany cO■ege part― time(verb) salne language, historyp and 4 3. access information technology Ю ason,the educational system in much Of Asia re■ ects socieザ s behefin Paragraph D group and rather than 4.are a disadvantage individualisIILo Chidren in China,Japarl,allld Kbrea often work together Paragraph E 5。 tutor children and help one another on In the classroo■ 1,the 7・ Paragraph F teaching are often very fomal. The teacher 6. life is different because technology arld the studerLtS liSten. There is not llluch ア al・ e available . everyone 9 discussion. Instead, the students recite mles or inforlnation that they 8.studellts exams(verb) have memonzed.8 Chapter l■ ■■ ■● Education and student Life ■ 19