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Informal Bible Study Quiz: Book of Job


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Sherlene Stevens is the host, educator, and producer of the Show. A community outreach of God In Christ's Purpose Assembly.

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Informal Bible Study Quiz: Book of Job

  1. 1. New Monday Show Quiz: Book of Job Sherlene, Host, Educator, and Producer A service of God in Christ’s Purpose Assembly.
  2. 2. Holy Spirit • Is God the Holy Spirit? • Is Jesus the Holy Spirit? • Is the Holy Spirit like nature’s wind? • True or false. In the beginning was God and the Holy Spirit?
  3. 3. Holy Trinity of God • Name the Three Persons (Holy Trinity of God). • Humankind is normally lacking (poor) in four major categories. Name them. • True or false. God blesses, challenges, and curses. In so doing, the opposite of his will (highest of power) can not be altered or changed.
  4. 4. Man named Job Summary 1. Was Job married once or twice? 2. Can you name three friends that came and visited Job? [One for God, two for the Holy Spirit, and three for Jesus.] 3. Why was Job so bothered? Identify and list his emotions. 4. Who really comforted Job? What advice did he give him? As faith believers, can we use such advice in our own daily lives and home styles?