Why is double opt in better option than single opt in


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Email marketing is an extremely effective method of marketing as compared to all other modes. Either you have a big budget or a small one, an effective email marketing campaign will almost make a persuasive case for itself.

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Why is double opt in better option than single opt in

  1. 1. Why Is Double Opt-In BetterOption Than Single Opt-In?By:Alphasandesh.com
  2. 2. Inception• Email marketing is an extremely effectivemethod of marketing as compared to all othermodes. Either you have a big budget or a smallone, an effective email marketing campaign willalmost make a persuasive case for itself. It isalso a very successful way to manage normalcorrespondence with your clients and attractprospects to purchase your products or services,no issue where they are.alphasandesh.com
  3. 3. What is single opt-in• It is a method where email subscribers provideyou with permission to obtain email from aparticular entity by making a single step such asfilling out a subscription form on a website or asubscription sheet at a trade fair openly givingpermission to get your email.alphasandesh.com
  4. 4. What is double opt-in• It is a procedure where users grant permissionto obtain email from a particular entity bycarrying out two steps: A primary subscriptionstep followed by a verification step. For instance,this could be done by filling out a subscriptionform on a website or a subscription sheet at atrade fair, and then validating that subscriptionthrough email.alphasandesh.com
  5. 5. Why is double opt-in better option• The double opt-in verifies that the person whogave their e-mail address really wants to opt-into your list. If this additional confirmation is notpresent then any individual could enter any e-mail address to sign-up any other individual.• From the email list owner’s point of view it isessential that only people who actually want tobe on your list get opted in. If you use a singleemail-opt in method you would wind up with avery low quality email list.alphasandesh.com
  6. 6. Benefits of double opt-in• With no double email opt-in, you are on risk ofhaving bad e-mail ids on your list. Nastycompetitors may inundate your single email opt-inform with bad addresses merely to spoil yoursender reputation. In fact, a double opt-in emailsign-up process defends your list, your business,and your customers.alphasandesh.com
  7. 7. Benefits of double opt-in• A double opt-in emailsign-up method alsoprovides you with theability to interact withyour customers instantlyin the verification email.alphasandesh.com
  8. 8. Benefits of double opt-in• You can inform them moreabout your product/serviceand request them to addyour email to their individualwhite list, or even give thema special offer. This permitsyou to put a message infront of them as they are stillthinking about you aftergetting signed up.alphasandesh.com
  9. 9. Conclusion• In the conclusion,marketing is allabout a goodreturn-on-investment (ROI),and that is just whatyou acquire with adouble opt-in emailmethod.alphasandesh.com
  10. 10. Alphasandesh.com is bestemail marketing serviceprovider.For more information feelfree to visitwww.alphasandesh.comalphasandesh.com