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Alfa Jewel - India’s prime online jewellery stores/shop having divine collection of American Diamond, Imitation and Kundan jewelry at reasonable price among best online jewellery shops in India.

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Online indian jewellery shop.ppt

  1. 1. Online Indian Jewellery Shop
  2. 2. Alfa Jewel - India’s prime online jewellerystores/shop having divine collection ofAmerican Diamond, Imitation and Kundanjewelry at reasonable price among bestonline jewellery shops in India.
  3. 3. DiscountBest Indian diamond jewellery atreasonable price, get discounts on jewelryat alfajewel. Now Get flat 10% off + earn30% Jewel Bucks and get high qualityjewellery and accessories with strikinglyexquisite designs.
  4. 4. Categories1. Bangles 6. Necklaces2. Pendants 7. Rings3. Bracelets 8. Tops4. Earrings 9. Payals5. Mangalsutra
  5. 5. BanglesBangles are part of traditional Indian jewelry.Get Designer Indian bangles In Attractive andlatest fashion with Sparkling Americandiamond and Shining Stones & beautifullydecorated with stones maroon & green,american diamond and kundan work Cuffalso.
  6. 6. PendantsPendants always make for a meaningfulgift for a loved one & is usually an intricatepiece of jewelry that adds style & flair toyour personality, therefore selecting theright one is very important.
  7. 7. BraceletsThe Jewellery perfectly combines classicdesign, timeless elegance & femininity.Get beautiful bracelets with a classydesign studded with american diamondsand ruby in the center to enhance thebeauty & trendy and attractive Braceletswith pearls studded in it.
  8. 8. EarringsWhether youre after simple studs, hoops,drop earrings, crystal, pearl youll be sureto find a beautiful collection of designerearrings.
  9. 9. MangalsutraSymbolize the richness of our Indiantradition with Mangalsutra.Get the designer Mangalsutra setsdesigned with a centre pendantornamented with diamonds & shimmeringAmerican Diamonds with black colordouble strand beads.
  10. 10. NecklacesNecklaces are one of the most popularjewelry accessory for making a fashionstatement.Get sparkling stones, maroon, green, andamerican diamond gorgeously adornednecklace set & stylish Wedding KundanJewelry set in very exclusive design.
  11. 11. RingsRings are worn not only to make a fashionstatement & flaunt individual tastes, butalso for special reasons such as anexpression of love or a gift on a occasion.
  12. 12. TopsGet Ethnic floral pattern tops & traditionalfloral style american diamond, Floralstud, Circural Floral, Squarestud, Sunflower, Traditional stone, PaveTops for creating a cute and casual look!
  13. 13. If you want American Diamond, Imitation and Kundan jewelry at reasonable priceamong best online jewellery shops in India please take a look on