Improve your email marketing campaign with social media


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By using the power of social media, email marketing can be a highly effective through which you can send out your message and promote your product.

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Improve your email marketing campaign with social media

  1. 1. Improve Your Email MarketingCampaign with Social MediaBy:
  2. 2. Initiation• The idea of boosting anemail marketing campaign through social mediamay sound like an odd one. But, in todayscompetitive world social media is an e-mailmarketing campaigns best companion. By usingthe power of social media, email marketing canbe a highly effective through which you can sendout your message and promote your
  3. 3. How to ImproveEmail Campaign With Social Media• Here are a few significant tips on maximizingyour email campaign efforts by using socialmedia:• Include Social Media Icons• Strong Presence on Social Media• Be Straightforward• Tell your subscriber to share your product• Track your Campaign through Social Media• Make Social Profiles Up to date• Provide Discount on Liking your Fan
  4. 4. Include Social Media Icons• You can make youremail campaignseffective by includingsocial media icons in thecopy of the email. Theseicons will help in drivingmore traffic to yourvarious channels as wellas enable subscribers toshare the content whichwill increase the
  5. 5. Strong Presence on Social Media• If you have a strongpresence on socialmedia you shouldmake it a point toadapt your emailsaround effectivesocial interaction. Youcan use thesemessages to bringpeople to the
  6. 6. Be Straightforward• The most significantpoint in ane-mail marketing campaignis to be straightforward.As the social icons maybe placed tactically inyour email, users whoare used to readingemails may miss achance on them. Bedirect and ask people toconnect.
  7. 7. Tell Your Subscriber to Share YourProduct• Brands or productswith effectivefollowers can requesttheir friends to sharetheir views andtestimonials whichcan be used to makeyour email contenteye-catchy topotential
  8. 8. Track Your Campaign Through SocialMedia• Tracking your e-mail campaign through socialmedia can also help you know if you areconnecting with your intended
  9. 9. Make Social Profiles Up to date• Give your customers anexact reason to gothrough your socialmedia profiles. You mayalso include informationabout latest companyevents or social mediaprofiles to go after. Youshould make your socialprofiles informative,attractive and
  10. 10. Provide Discount on Liking Your FanPage• Devote some of your e-mails to strictly promoteyour social mediaprofiles and offer dealsor discounts throughthem. For instance, tellyour customer that ifthey like a link on yourfan page, they will getdiscounts on their
  11. 11. Conclusion• There is no doubt that e-mail marketing andsocial campaigns will continue to assemble andintegrate. Email is a perfect match for socialmedia, so make a long lasting relationship withthese two techniques of communication
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