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Best email marketing practices for colleges and higher education


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If you are in the admission section at a college or university, or dependable for securing money for higher education sector, then email marketing campaigns would be your means of support.

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Best email marketing practices for colleges and higher education

  1. 1. Best Email Marketing Practices ForColleges And Higher EducationBy:
  2. 2. Initiation• If you are in the admission section at a collegeor university, or dependable for securingmoney for higher education sector, then emailmarketing campaigns would be your means
  3. 3. Useful Key Points for Colleges• Here are some key strategies to a successfulemail marketing campaign for highereducation sector or colleges which will bebeneficial in getting more students:I. Identify your potential student segmentsII. Create alternate e-mail marketing campaignsfor student segmentsIII. Add a social sharing button in your emailsIV. Be reliable in your
  4. 4. Identify Potential Student Segment• It is necessary for allhigher educationinstitutes to converse withtheir prospective studentson a distinct e-mailschedule. Prospective orwould-be students arethose who have alreadyexhibited interest in theprogram and are found inyour
  5. 5. Email Campaigns for Student Segment• As the key drivers forenrollment in highereducation programsvary among prospectivestudent segments,educational marketersshould properly targetand communicate theright message to
  6. 6. Social Sharing Button in Emails• Whenever you createpromotional emails forcollege dont forget toinclude share or likebuttons in your emailsto encourage studentsto share their visit andexperiences withfriends or
  7. 7. Be Reliable in Your Campaign• Build-up a visualdistinctiveness, with acolor scheme, set offonts and images thatattract prospectivestudents and theirfamilies, and then use itagain and again toreinforce your
  8. 8. Conclusion• Even though e-mailmarketing has taken abackseat to some latestonline marketing techniques,its still a very effective push-marketing tool for highereducation sector andcolleges to develop interestand demand amongprospective students andtheir family
  9. 9. • Alphasandesh offersbulk email marketingservices. For moreinformation feel free