7 essential email marketing tips for financial advisers


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E-mail marketing is a rising trend among financial advisers who want to boost their revenue. A carefully planned e-mail marketing program may highly efficient for financial advisers as more customers move online for their financial services requirements.

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7 essential email marketing tips for financial advisers

  1. 1. 7 Essential Email Marketing Tips ForFinancial AdvisersBy: Alphasandesh.com
  2. 2. Initiation• E-mail marketing is a rising trend amongfinancial advisers who want to boost theirrevenue. A carefully planned e-mail marketingprogram may highly efficient for financialadvisers as more customers move online fortheir financial services requirements.alphasandesh.com
  3. 3. How can do email marketing effectively• Here is a list of some best tips which you must followduring your email campaign: Past relationships with the recipients of your e-mailmatters a lot Content is essential for your email campaigns success Bring uniqueness in your emails Insert an image next to the signature Be careful about timing Use clear call to action Stay away from sending repeated emailsalphasandesh.com
  4. 4. Past relationship with the recipient ofyour email matters a lot• Consider about qualitynot the volume ofsubscriber names onyour mailing list. Weexist in a consent-basedworld. The communityon your list shouldsubscribe to yourlist, giving you thepermission to send e-mails to them.alphasandesh.com
  5. 5. Content is essential for campaign’ssuccess• If you want to becomehighly efficient emailmarketer, then just do notsend content toooften, and make surewhen content getsdelivered it is on the exactplatform. It takes theeffort to become athought leader with yourcustomers, but it isachievable. alphasandesh.com
  6. 6. Bring uniqueness in your emails• Provide your readers andsubscribers with specialtreatment. Forinstance, if you aregetting ready to issue anew book or hosting anevent, make your readersor subscribers first toknow.alphasandesh.com
  7. 7. Insert an image next to the signature• People wish for genuinehuman connection.And, they are moreprobable to go throughyour emails that look likethey are from realpeople—not automaticrobots. To make the e-mails morepersonal, insert an imagenext to the signature.alphasandesh.com
  8. 8. Be careful about timing• If you want to ask yourreceivers for weekendmeeting, then a campaign onFridays will work better thanMondays. Equally, if most ofyour intended audience hasnine to five jobs, then youmay want to send e-mailsthroughout the lunch timingsas they can verify theirpersonal emails at that time.alphasandesh.com
  9. 9. Use clear call to action• Every part of content yousend to your customersshould ask your clients totake action. So, make useof clear call to action.Your email marketingcampaign shouldencourage your contactsto pick the phone andcreate an appointment.alphasandesh.com
  10. 10. Avoid sending repeated emails• Make sure that you donot send emails veryoften and make contactwith subscribers onlywhen you are havingsome grand offers andsomething of greatsignificance that is worthsharing.alphasandesh.com
  11. 11. Conclusion• Have you ever used emailmarketing to approachyour clients? If not, thenwhat are you waitingfor, just research out bestemail service providerand start sending emailsin bulk to yourprospective and currentcustomers today.alphasandesh.com
  12. 12. • Alphasandesh.com is bestemail marketing serviceprovider.• For more information feelfree to visitwww.alphasandesh.comalphasandesh.com