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5 best email acquisition strategies

In several ways, email acquisition is the most significant and tricky activity any business can undertake. It is an essential process for any new business, but also a tactic that every aspiring business should redirect on a recurring basis.

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5 best email acquisition strategies

  1. 1. 5 Best Email Acquisition StrategiesBy:
  2. 2. Initiation• In several ways, email acquisition is the mostsignificant and tricky activity any business canundertake. It is an essential process for anynew business, but also a tactic that everyaspiring business should redirect on arecurring
  3. 3. Email Acquisition Strategies• Lets go through a few email acquisitionstrategies that will absolutely impact your emailmarketing objectives.Use social media to obtain new emailsIncrease your customer list via sign-up formsGrow your email list through offline modeAttract your subscribers by using quality contentOffer gifts or
  4. 4. Use social media to obtain newemails• Social media is a great firsttouch point with yourcustomers. People can beunwilling to provide theiremail at first, but with socialmedia, they feel more inpower of the relationship withyour brand name.• Social media fan base has beena profitable channel for gettingemail
  5. 5. Increase your customer list viasign-up forms• Remove barriers to opt in byinserting a quick sign-up form ina main area on the home pageand every internal page of yourwebsite. Generally, you requireonly the email address at thisstage. You can go back to yourcustomers afterward and askfor pertinent information suchas preferences or
  6. 6. Grow your email list throughoffline mode• If you have retail stores, thenplease make sure to ask fortheir email address uponpurchase. This will let yousend intended emails, whichwill support merchandisesales.• If you have a call centre, thenask your customer serviceexpert to capture theprospects email
  7. 7. Attract your subscribers byquality content• Although you may be oneof your organization’sbiggest fans, but youcannot be your targetcustomer. If you want todraw customers to yourbrand, service and yourcommunity, your contentmust reflect the truth thatyou know your
  8. 8. Offer gifts or prize• Providing yoursubscribers with a prizeor gifts is the best wayto gather emailaddresses. Promote thesweepstakes on majorpages all through yoursite and make sure asign-up form is situatedat a prominent
  9. 9. Conclusion• Thus, creating anengaged e-mail list isnot easy and does nothappen immediately.Concentrate on makingquality list overquantity. Just littleimprovements in youroverall strategies willderive long-term
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