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  1. 1. How the photographer works?Forensic photography also known as crime scene photography, forensic photography is used as evidence during a crime scene, or during the scene of an accident. It is used in colour and also in black and white. Forensic photography helps the investigator with photos of places and people involved in the crime scene or accident. Forensic photographers get called out to take pictures of a crime scene or a scene of an accident.
  2. 2. Where does their work comefrom?Forensic photographers are hired by the police, and some by Forensic service company. Independent Forensic Photographers can also work for insurance companies and lawyers. Before establishing their business as a Forensic photographer the majority have worked for the police force or insurance company. A Forensic photographer working for the police force will be called when needed whether it be day or night. The Independent status for Forensic Photographers is sometimes for more desirable work hours.
  3. 3. How do they make money?Forensic photographers earn through their employerfor example if they work for the police force orinsurance company they will earn a salary, but ifthey are self employed they earn when they arehired.
  4. 4. What is the purpose of their photography? The purpose of forensic photography is to help the police with their investigation, photographic evidence in court. Insurance companies use forensic photography in cases such as law suits, so they can prove whether their client is in the right or wrong. How their photographs are used?The photographs are used in situations such as crime,at the scene of an accident they are also used asphotographic evidence at a court trial.
  5. 5. How do the photographs effect theviewer?forensic photography is used to document crime scenesand help police and investigators bring thoseresponsible to justice. These crime scene photographsare often used in the courtroom to give the jury a truepicture of what happened, as well as to document andpreserve evidence.
  6. 6. Photo Analysis In this image the forensic photographers are taking pictures of a woman who has been injured. This is being done so that they have evidence of what has happened, this is to help the police.
  7. 7. Documentary photography
  8. 8. The process of documentaryphotography?Documentary photography usually refers to a popular form ofphotography used to chronicle significant and historicalevents. It is typically covered in professionalphotojournalism,but it may also be an amateur, artistic, or academic pursuit.The photographer attempts to produce truthful, objective,and usually candidphotography of a particular subject, mostoften pictures of people.
  9. 9. Where does their work comefrom?Documentary Photographers create visual images for anexceptionally wide range of creative, technical anddocumentary purposes. A professional photographerusually works to a brief set by the client or employer.Examples of image content include wedding, family andbaby photographs, fashion, food, architecture, corporatephotography, war zones and landscapes.
  10. 10. How do documentaryphotographers make money?Documentary photographer work for a wide range ofemployers, including creative businesses, publishers andphotographic agencies, or in the education or publicsector. Others are self employed.
  11. 11. What is the purpose of theirphotography?The purpose of documentary photography is that it canbe used to show historical pictures, it can be used tocapture images of nature, it can also be used as an imageof a location.
  12. 12. How do the photographers effectthe viewers?Documentary photography is often used indocumentaries which are watched by the audience. Thephotography used in the documentary could effect theaudience emotionally. For example an image fromhistory could effect the viewers point of view on howthey think of the history.