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Mgi Company Profile


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Mgi Company Profile

  1. 1. 1. Corporate History Since early 1976, London, England, MOODY GRAPHIC INTERNATIONAL (MGI) has been and is currently the leading one-stop provider of the full range of print, multimedia, audiovisual production and postproduction. Since the late 1980s, MGI's plan for development has exceeded the limits of launching a branch office in Cairo only, but sought for covering Egypt, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Through a US$3million investment that was mainly used to erect the branch office in Cairo, including a prepress plant, a design studio a print house, a major advertising and marketing firm, video editing (Since 1997), DVD re- mastering, re-editing, authoring, production, digital sound editorial, sound design and editorial, full spectrum of digital mixing and post production services. A strategic agreement was signed in 1999 for advertising, marketing business clients, joint video film projects such as feature films, commercials, documentaries, video and promotional clips. MGI currently launched multimedia development studios to serve the markets of the internet and new media. Throughout all the previous services MGI became a global media house. 2. Services A. Designers With over twelve of the highest creative designers in the Middle East, M Graphic International has been awarded several design trophies both on a national and international level. One of the many design awards was for the designing and production of the "Guinness Book of Records" encyclopedias for World Book Int., USA. Our designers are regularly sent to our London branch to be kept in touch with various new design concepts revealed to the British and European market. B. Prepress, Printing and Publishing As a full service provider of print and publishing services, MGI maintains the highest level of print quality in Egypt at cost effective rates. Our print and publishing activities include marketing and conceptualization, copy editing, translation, localization, drum scanning, image retouching, graphic design, layout, color separation, color proofing, printing, lamination, binding, and distribution. Our services include corporate identity products, advertisement creation, newsletters,
  2. 2. flyers, postcards, books, greeting cards, brochures, folders, general stationery, billboards, posters, window shop displays and other specialty printing. MGI recently launched a client walk in retail center (Impressions) for direct sales of print and publishing services, business stationeries, and paper products. Our prepress and design studio in Cairo includes two Linotype Hell drum scanners, two Linotype Hell drum image setters, one Scitex drum image setter, one Purup drum image setter, and fourteen Apple Macintosh G4 workstations. For quality color proofing we have one Cromaline Proof, one Iris Proof Station, and one Tektronix proof station. Our printing facility includes one large format outdoor printing unit with maximum output five meters width by any length, one Heidelberg four colors, one Roland two colors, one Heidelberg GTO four colors, and one Muller Martini cutting and finishing system. C. Audiovisual Postproduction and Production MGI's video and film production capacity in Cairo and our own postproduction studio provide for a strong capacity to create the highest quality video and film products. We specialize in television commercials, broadcast television programming, marketing and sales videos, corporate and industrial training films, music videos, corporate identity campaigns, business theater productions, charity and community services, feature films, infomercials, commercials, promotional videos, video clips, and documentaries. MGI provides the full range of video production services from the pre-production and design stage, to production, postproduction, printing of media, and distribution. Our preproduction services include technical consultation, creative design, concept development, script development, visual development, production research, production coordination, production surveys, location scouting, preparation of shooting location sites, casting, art direction, and set construction. On the set, MGI uses superior equipment packages including broadcast-quality Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, and 16mm and 35mm motion-picture formats. Typically, an MGI crew working on a short promotional video will be equipped with Sony PD150 DV Cameras, Sony monitors, Fujinon 14 x 9 lens, full range of filters, Sachtler or Universal tripods, AC power supplies, NPI batteries, battery belts, Shure field stereo mixer, Samson Lavalier microphones, Sennheiser ME-80 shotgun microphone, boom pole, wind shield, strand IANIRO lighting kit - 3 lights / 1000W each, sColor gels and diffusion materials. On the production set, MGI assembles crews comprising the most competent professionals recognized for their outstanding achievements and craftsmanship in their fields of expertise. Professional crews available include producers, directors, coordinators, script supervisors, camera operators, production assistants, lighting directors, grip handlers, stylists, make up artists, and wardrobe specialists. MGI's studio provides postproduction and editing services for video, film, and television projects. The crux of our studio is an Avid Media Composer 9000 used for corporate communication, broadcast productions, documentaries and narratives. For state of the art sound editing, sound design, mix and payback we maintain a ProTools V system with an unlimited number of tracks and eight digital outputs backed by a fully sound proofed dubbing studio. We provide linear and non linear editing, digital multi-camera editing of uncompressed media, Macintosh-based digital editing at up to
  3. 3. 2:1 compressions, digital media compression to MPEG and Real Video, digital scene- to-scene color correction, online aspect ratio conversion, widescreen outputting, 2D and 3D effects, composting, rotoscoping, titling, character generation, voice over dubbing, and automated mixing-to-picture. MGI's postproduction suite also includes Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut, and Media Cleaner Pro to animate ideas and design them to fit varying production styles. To date, MGI has dubbed over 1,200 foreign language television and theatrical projects in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Thai, Korean, Cantonese, Japanese, and Arabic and is considered a leader in multilingual postproduction. We have supervised international releases for DreamWorks and Universal studios and have worked on motion pictures. MGI’s studio also comprises a DVD authoring console. We provide conception and design services to determine whether the DVD will be branching or linear, whether it will include special features such as multiple audio tracks, subtitles, and external control, and other production consideration. We encode digital video into high-quality MPEG-2, and finally multiplex the Video Object files including sub pictures using Stream Weaver. If required, we create menus, stills, and slide shows. MGI provides DVD authoring with CDMotion for DVD-Video, using MTC DVDMotion Professional, MGI's primary DVD authoring tool. This final step of MGI's state-of- the-art DVD authoring entails compiling the video, sound tracks, additional sub pictures and menus, followed by converting the various components into a disc image ready to burn on a DVD-R or to be transferred to a DLT tape for replication. D. Digital Printing Quality printing of small quantities on any paper type between 80gsm and 200gsm. If you have a poster, a flyer, business cards etc. and want a small quantity from 1 to 2000 copies, sizes up to A3, at unbelievable prices. E. Multimedia Production Through our multimedia development studios in Cairo MGI combines outstanding artistic abilities with the latest programming and rich development applications to provide the full range of multimedia services. We work with our clients from the initial stage of defining the parameters of the project, conception, story boarding, design, development, implementation, beta testing and launching of multimedia CD- ROMS, multimedia DVD ROMS, web sites, intranets, extranets, hybrid multimedia/video products, Flash applications, Shockwave productions, and multimedia kiosks. Our multimedia products are cross platform compatible and we have the ability to code and program in virtually any language or authoring environment. Specifically, we possess in house expertise in the following multimedia development suites: Macromedia Flash Action Script, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Shockwave, Apple QuickTime, Adobe Premiere and After Effects, ProTools, Sound Forge, 3D Studio, Bryce, Swift 3D, and Swish. We have one of the strongest backend coding abilities and developing in the following authoring environments: CGI-Perl, Active Server Pages, PHP, Cold Fusion, C++, JavaScript, Java, HTML, WML / XML, Dynamic HTML, MySQL, MS SQL, JSP, Linux, Unix, and Windows NT. Our multimedia development studios comprise ten Dell PC workstations configured with Intel Xeon processor, 2.20GHz, 512K Cache; 2GB Memory with Riser PC800 ECC RDRAM, 20 inch Dell 2000FP Flat Panel Monitor; 3Dlabs, Wildcat II 5110,
  4. 4. VGA/DVI Graphics Card; two 73GB Ultra 160/M SCSI, 1 inch (10,000 rpm) hard discs running Microsoft Windows XP Professional. For our Macintosh environment we maintain five Apple Macintosh PowerPC G4 workstations configured with dual 1GHz processors, and 256 Megabytes of Ram. F. Outdoor & Indoor Advertising We have the ability to create you all kinds of outdoor ads, billboards, bus and van ads. We select the media that fits your needs best and develop an outdoor media plan. G. Exhibitions M Graphic create impact with powerful graphics. Combining the look of a custom built stand with the reusability and cost effectiveness of a modular system. We have a huge variety of laminate and fabric finishes and an extensive range of accessories such as light boxes, shelves, cabinets, towers and counters, exactly the image required is created. H. Marketing Services We work closely with local and multinational companies, international organizations, and government agencies in Egypt to design and implement fully scalable marketing campaigns, corporate identities, and general promotional packages. Our account executives and marketing specialists interface with the clients directly to assist them in designing appropriate strategies and campaigns. Account executives manage the full cycle of the project by interacting with other MGI team members, namely graphic designers, web designers, web marketing specialists, multimedia designers, video producers, directors, editors, copy editors, artists, prepress engineers, and printing managers. 3. Some Our Clients Tourism Outlets and Hotels Amarco Travco Group Emeco Travel MG Group Hotels and Cruises Medi Travel Accor group of Hotels Shepherd Hotel Sonesta Hotel JW Marriott Hotel, Mirage City Grand Hyatt La Maamonia Hotel, Morroco EL Gouna Newsletter Abercrombie and Kent -Egypt Katameya Heights - Golf and Tennis Resort. Interval International Holiday Exchange Network
  5. 5. Banks and Insurance Companies Arab African International Bank Bank Faisel African Export- lmport Bank Commercial International Life Insurance Company (CIL) Education Centers, Institutions and Universities The American University in Cairo Abela Egypt Mubarak Public Library World Book International, Chicago, USA Fulbright Commissions Egyptian Board On Books For Young People (EBBY) Institute for International Education (IIE) NARSS- National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences Egyptian Cultural Group Councils UNICEF UNDP UNIDO ETRACE UNODC FEI IDRC ERP National Council for Women National Council For Childhood and Motherhood. Academy for Educational Development Presidential Committee Care Egypt Accounting and Financial Consultancy Offices Dr. Hussein Sabry & Associates Professional Management Expertise Center (PMEC). Price Waterhouse Construction Companies Dorra Construction Company Arab Sunley Construction Company Talaat Mustafa Magazines, Books Mother and Baby (Formerly Mother-to-be) Magazine Pose Magazine 1000 Words Magazine Glamour Magazine 24 Hours Magazine The Seventh Art Magazine (Fen El Sabbeh Magazine)
  6. 6. Cairo Times Magazine Community Times magazine Enigma Magazine MISCELLANEOUS British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)- UK Rotary- Cairo - Longman Egyptian Home Entertainment (EHE) The Egyptian Television Production Department ECAD EIMA-Egyptian Investment Man World Health Organization Quantum (Dr. Ibrahim Kamel’s Company) Kouta Steel Company MAC- Misr American Carpet Mills Atlas Copco Orascom Telecom IBM Business Consulting Services Maersk Egypt Academy of Educational Development (AED) Environmental Compliance Office (ECO) EMU – Danida SEAM Programme High Technology Systems (Hiteknofal) Cinnabon Walking Culture Hush Puppies Carvel Teryaki