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India mentalist aladin mind reader entertainer and humorist


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Indian mentalist Aladin - mind reader entertainer and humorist

Aladin's Mind reading show is a new product for your corporate entertainment needs. mobile: 0091 9447149449

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India mentalist aladin mind reader entertainer and humorist

  1. 1. What is Mind Reading? It is believed that our thoughts are the safest thing in the world. Think about if someone hacks your mind exactly what will you feel? Are you going to lose your peace of mind when someone steals the secrets you kept in your mind for yourself. Mind reading is an art of demonstrating covert powers of the mind by means of showmanship. The Things You See: Thoughts will be exposed entertainingly, but Aladin will not expose any kind of private secrets. All demonstrations are created to be visual, light-hearted, and utilizes lots of viewer involvement. An expert mind reader can obtain people's thoughts by means of body language studying, handwriting analysis, induce people's choices utilizing NLP and other psychological techniques. Mind reading shows are well suited to educated adult audience. If you are looking for a distinct entertainment for a corporate audience Aladin’s mind reading show is the best choice Present your invited guest at your next meeting with India’s most demanding corporate entertainment and only comedic-psychological show in the nation that make your guest thanking you for giving them a great entertainment and discuss about the events for a long period to come. New Product for Your Corporate Entertainment Needs
  2. 2. Comedy The decades’ experience of performing for corporate audiences enables Aladin to add lots of humor into his show. Show Snaps Word in a Million Performer guesses the thought of word from a book contain a 50000 to 100000 words with utmost accuracy Duration 8-10 minutes Graphology Performer describes the personality by analyzing the handwriting and the drawings made by audience members. The performer is able to even recognise the person by just seeing the drawings randomly picked from the well mixed set. Duration 10-12 minutes
  3. 3. Emotional Reading The performer is able to describe the thoughts of audience members that they are emotionally attached. For example, one guest thinks of a childhood friend, performer describe the person and even reveal the name with at least 90% accuracy Duration 10-12 minutes Drawing Duplication Performer and an audience member draw each image same time facing back to back making sure that both are not seeing the other’s drawings. After the drawings finished they both show their images to the audience. Everyone starts applauding by seeing the performer has duplicated the drawing of the audience member. Copy/Paste link: Channel Click Link: Aladin Mentalist
  4. 4. Clientele 0091 9447149449 0091 9388149449 AladinIndianMentalist Mentalist-india MentalistIndia Contact Me Meet Me Thank you