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EMCEE Aladin Cochin, Kerala, India


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Are you looking for an entertainer who is engaging, energetic and a powerhouse of energy?

An MC who is professional and articulate?

Any magician who assures to enthrall, mesmerize as well as show-stop your current event?

Any a humorist who is able to make persons fall out of their chairs?

A mindreader who steals peoples' thoughts?

A Ventriloquist make people laugh ?

A game master who can present fresh audience participation activities?

Your research comes to an end in this article...!

Meet the Award Receiving Entertainer Aladin.

Aladin Entertainment Productions, Aladins Adobe, Market Road, Tripunithura, Cochin, Kerala, India, 682301, 094 47 149449 093 88 149449 (Mobile)

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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EMCEE Aladin Cochin, Kerala, India

  1. 1. With decades of experience as a full fledged Entertainer, I bring elegance, enthusiasm and versatility with me to make an event great and memorable. -MC- -Magician– -Mindreader- -Ventriloquist- Aladin
  2. 2. MC who is articulate and professional • Corporate Shows • Conferences • Seminars • Product Launch • Concerts • College Fests • Entertainment Events • Festivals, Parties & Wedding Events
  3. 3. Comedy Magician
  4. 4. Casual Magician
  5. 5. Mind reader It is believed that our thoughts are the safest thing in the world. Think about if someone hacks your mind exactly what will you feel? Mind Reading Shows are rare, Interactive and audience participative
  6. 6. Ventriloquist
  7. 7. Teambuilding Trainer
  8. 8. Companies worked
  9. 9. Photos
  10. 10. Videos Team building Mind Reading Show =UUGbvjg_b3S_ksbEr1H_-hUg
  11. 11. Contact Aladin Entertainment Productions Address: Aladins Adobe, Market Road, Tripunithura Cochin, Kerala 682301 India Phone: 094 47 149449 · 093 88 149449 (Mobile) Wbsite: Social sites