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Global Technical Services is an Egyptian privately-owned company S.A.E. Founded in Cairo, Egypt on January 1st 2006.
All owners of the company have extensive technical experiences in the field of instrumentation and Automatic control systems.
We decided to start GTS as a system integrator and training center after spotting a real need in the market, especially in the Middle East.
The main office is based in Cairo.

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Global Technical Services - Company Profile

  1. 1. Global Technical Services Business Profile Company in brief Global Technical Service GTS is a system integrator and solution Provider based in Cairo, Egypt. The company has been established in 2006 with capital revenue of 5 millions Egyptian pounds. We serve a wide spectrum of the economic sectors in Egypt and worldwide, such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing and Utilities. GTS offers Oil and Gas companies a full suite of projects solutions, construction, piping Fabrication, commissioning and start-up activities. GTS’s integrated Operations/Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) ensure a smooth data transition from the field to the Back Office. Support service includes design, engineering and implementation of our solutions. GTS delivers total solutions to the entire spectrum of the Petrochemicals industry, from process control to data management. We provide high quality instrumentation solutions, and advanced customer support that continually enhance plant's process and products’ quality. GTS contributes to the transfer of technology and knowledge to the regional Utilities sector whether in Electricity Generation, Electricity Transmission, Water Treatment or Distribution for both Utilities; Electricity and Water, with the delivery of our high tech system automation and IT solutions. GTS provides the most advanced field instruments that are renowned for their stability, durability and accuracy. Field instruments ensure pertinent conversion of process parameters into standard electronic signals. GTS provides a full range of Electronic, Pneumatic, and Fieldbus instruments. GTS presents its portfolio of advanced technological solutions specifically geared for the manufacturing sector. Provided solutions are fully integrated into business to efficiently control and manage organizations, while simultaneously maintaining a permanently safe and cost effective environment. The solutions are designed to vertically operate in various industries such as cement, chemicals, iron & steel and food & beverage to name a few. Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 1
  2. 2. Global Technical Services Business Profile Vision & Mission Our Vision is to be pinnacle Egyptian company exports integrated engineering services all over the world and to model the exemplary performance in our business fields. Our Mission is to give our clients the opportunity to acquire the optimum solution in safe and high quality technology to enhance their business profitability by means of well educated, well trained, expert & competent specialists and selectable partners. Business cores Technical Services GTS provides Technical Services to the industry projects including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Manufacturing and Utilities in Egypt and worldwide. We have the proficiency and resources to support the following services:  Engineering - DCS & PLC’s control systems. - ESD & FGS systems. - Supervisory control and data acquisition systems SCADA. - ICSS consultancy. - Piping Isometrics. - Revamping and Reverse engineering. - Instrument detailed design. - Power Monitoring and Interface Systems. - Vibration Monitoring Systems.   Field Services E&I Construction works. Mechanical Construction works. Piping fabrication. Installation Supervision and Site Management. Instrument installation and field calibration. Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Activities. Electrical and turbo machinery commissioning assistance. Oil, Gas and Petrochemical process assistance. Maintenance assistance. Material Supply - Control systems. - Field Instruments & Control valves. - Test & Calibration Equipment. - Fire Fighting and protection Equipment. Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 2
  3. 3. Global Technical Services Business Profile Training: GTS Training Center is a specialized Training & Business Development services established to transfer the practical experiences not only “the academic Knowledge” to support industrial companies in Egypt and middle east region to improve their capabilities and strength their position in the domestic market, as-well-as, international market, through providing them with high quality training and consulting services that presenting the latest techniques and technologies all over the world. Our Training Course Services: GTS training center is aiming at providing industrial companies with high quality and well designed training programs tailored to satisfy client needs in two Main divisions:   Engineering - Industrial Process Automation Systems. - Control & Measurement Systems - Industrial Electronic Systems & Applications - Electrical Applications - Maintenance - Oil & Gas Production - Safety Business Management - Management - Business Administration - Human Resources - Accounting & Finance - Marketing and Sales - Personal Skills - All other Business Management areas On-site training can be very cost effective as we can provide our courses at client premises. Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 3
  4. 4. Global Technical Services Business Profile GTS Specialists: We believe that the most valuable asset we have is our Human Resources. Our team is consisting of:            Four Project Managers Eight Project Engineers Twenty System Engineers Ten PLC/SCADA engineers Ten Instrument Engineers (PCI) Two Electrical Engineers Two Mechanical Engineers Two Material Specialists. Two CADD Two Project Cost Controllers Thirty Technicians In addition to the capability to call out engineers and technicians with various specialties including but not limited to  Process Engineers  Instrument engineers & technicians  Electrical engineers & technicians  Mechanical engineers & technicians  Planners  Quality Assurance / Control Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 4
  5. 5. Global Technical Services Business Profile Our Selectable Partners in Automation Control: 1. Wonderware “SCADA” The world's leading supplier of industrial automation and information software Wonderware is a business unit of Invensys – a multi-billion-dollar UK based global automation, control and process solutions corporation About Wonderware: Founded in 1987, Wonderware fundamentally changed application development for manufacturers by being the pioneer in the use of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Today, Wonderware's powerful yet easyto-use software solutions leverage the industry standards-based ArchestrA software architecture for integrating systems and applications from virtually any other vendor. Headquartered in Lake Forest, California, Wonderware is staffed with Over 500 global employees in sales, service and development offices Throughout North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Wonderware provides sales, customer support, training and applications consulting through a global network of 160 authorized Wonderware Distributor offices. Wonderware customers also benefit from the industry's broadest global system integration network of over 3,500 independent system integrator (SI) companies Industry Solutions: Wonderware software solutions are proven in Over 100,000 plants and facilities around the world rely on Wonderware software and cover a broad spectrum of business-critical applications across manufacturing and industrial enterprises. These integrated software solutions are Categorized into these customer-oriented offerings: Supervisory HMI, SCADA, and Production & Performance Management. Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 5
  6. 6. Global Technical Services Business Profile 2. SEMAPHORE “RTU,PLC’s” SEMAPHORE is a part of CSE-Global, a leading systems integrator with an international presence spanning the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The group employs over 1,200 people worldwide, with more than 85% representing design, engineering, and project management capabilities and experience. That makes CSE one of the largest independent system providers of its kind. SEMAPHORE offers the first IP-based RTU solutions that enable complete integration of SCADA, control, and communications functionality in one rugged package. Our simple, yet powerful products leverage easy-to-use Web technologies and inexpensive public networks. They are easy to configure and offer dramatically reduced costs versus traditional SCADA/ PLC systems. SEMAPHORE systems provide fast implementation and start-up, minimal training and engineering costs, plus easy integration with a vast range of third-party devices. It’s the product of choice for those desiring flexible, proven standard or Internet-based technology with minimal project delays and risk. Semaphore products have been delivering leading edge, yet highly cost-effective telemetry solutions in a broad range of industries for almost 20 years. Our strength in designing modular innovative solutions with unparalleled IT and communications capabilities attracts a growing portfolio of clients in the energy, chemical/petrochemical, utilities, broadcast, and transport sectors, as well as a myriad of niche applications in industrial and commercial applications. SEMAPHORE Industry Solutions: SEMAPHORE products are designed to monitor and manage the telemetry and control requirements of a broad range of industrial and commercial applications. T-BOX and Kingfisher products have provided solutions for over 40,000 installations to the most exacting performance and environmental standards. Our global R&D team remains at the forefront of industrial and IP technologies, constantly refining and delivering products to solve the monitoring and control challenges of the future. SEMAPHORE products are used in a variety of applications that include water treatment plant control and monitoring, pipeline emergency shut-off and flow monitoring, rail signaling integrity monitoring, broadcast equipment emergency alarm management, and asset management of remote cell phone towers or street lighting systems. The flexibility of both Kingfisher and T-BOX products allows customers to design solutions specific to their requirements from an off-the-shelf solution. Where extensive data reporting and flexible communications are paramount the T-BOX product line stands alone for its ability to remotely monitor systems cost effectively, utilizing powerful IP-based push technology and intelligent alarming. Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 6
  7. 7. Global Technical Services Business Profile 3. Schneider – Electric “PLC, SCADA” Schneider Electric has unique positions to provide you with innovative integrated solutions making energy safer, more reliable, more efficient and more productive. Combining leading edge new businesses- building automation and security, installation systems and control, power monitoring and control, critical power and cooling services- to our historical strengths of power and control, we provide you with comprehensive unique answers for residential, building, energy and infrastructure and data and networks markets. Schneider has developed a unique worldwide capability to provide these solutions and transform the way people power & control their environment. Our solutions help customers reduce costs, stay connected at all times and tap into an ultra pure, secure and uninterrupted power supply. GTS is an authorized system integrator for Schneider Electric in the area of automation, located in Cairo Egypt. GTS not only provides complete automation solutions based on the well-recognized Schneider Electric automation equipment but also engineering services, spare parts related to PLCs (programmable logic controllers), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). GTS has the Capabilities and the Technical Know-How to tackle major projects in the areas of Oil and Gas, Chemicals and petrochemicals, water and wastewater treatment, Food and beverage industries, Metal industries. Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 7
  8. 8. Global Technical Services Business Profile 4. Time Electronics “calibration, test, and measurement equipment” Established in 1967 Time Electronics Ltd is an international company that designs and manufactures calibration, test, and measurement equipment. It has a comprehensive line of test instruments for a global customer base. Products range from decade boxes and handheld calibrators, to multifunction and custom-made calibration benches. Time Electronics has delivered accuracy and precision in the field of calibration for over 40 years. During this time we have built strong business relationships and a wealth of engineering experience. Quality is an integral part of the company philosophy. This has given it a valuable reputation with organizations worldwide and is one reason for continued success in the trading market. Time Electronics is accredited to ISO 9001:2000. Portable test instruments, including sources, potentiometers, and handheld calibrators for use with voltage, current, resistance, temperature, pressure, and more. Decade Boxes for resistance, inductance, and capacitance. Multifunction Calibrators for calibration of both new and traditional equipment. Process Industry Calibrators for temperature, pressure, and loop signals. Programmable Instruments which can be controlled via GPIB, RS232, and USB. Calibration Software to automate test and calibration procedures. Calibration Benches that can be fitted with a number of options covering many calibrating needs. Also available are a large number of accessories for calibration and measurement instruments. Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 8
  9. 9. Global Technical Services Business Profile Our job References: A- Technical Services (Samples of our references) 1. Project: EBIC “Ammonia” project, Egypt Client: “KBR” Kellogg Brown and Root International Incorporated Company. Scope: construction supervision and commissioning of the instruments and Control works. 2. Project: ONS project, Egypt Client: North of Sinai Petroleum Company. Scope: - Engineering consultation, - Construction supervision and commissioning of the instruments Control and Telecomm works. - Piping fabrication, Mechanical construction and commissioning Technical support. - Instruments Maintenance service. 3. Project: Maximization of C2 & C3, Gasco, Egypt Client: ISG, Italy. Scope: Piping fabrication for the Molecular sleeves Package including Welding, Heat treatment and Painting. 4. Project: Rolling Mill project, Egypt Client: EZZ steel Company. Scope: New WonderWare SCADA system. 5. Project: New Metering system installation, Pipeline Petroleum Company, Egypt Client: Progetti Europa & Global S.p.A. Scope: Instrumentation, commissioning & start-up for the Metering Systems. 6. Project: Flat Steel project, Egypt Client: EZZ steel Company. Scope: Upgrade of WonderWare SCADA system. 7. Project: ELAB project, Egypt. Client: Yokogawa Middle East FZE (YEU)/ Yokogawa Korea Scope: DCS installation, commissioning, startup and Operation Support Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 9
  10. 10. Global Technical Services Business Profile 8. Project: Beryl Alpha DCS and Alarm Management Upgrade, Exxon Mobil North Sea LTD, UK Client: Yokogawa (YEF-UK) Scope: DCS Remote Engineering 9. Project: WYTCH Farm CCMS & HMI Replacement Project, British Petroleum, UK Client: Yokogawa (YEF-UK) Scope: DCS Remote Engineering 10. Project: Asuit Refinary DCS Project, Egypt Client: Giza Systems Scope: DCS Engineering, Commissioning and Start-up 11. Project: Kafr Eldawar power station Project, Egypt Client: Giza Systems Scope: Instrumentation Engineering, Supply of auxiliary panels. 12. Project: Al-Atf/Sidi Kirir power station DCS Project, Egypt Client: Giza Systems Scope: DCS Commissioning and Start-up 13. Project: BBL GAS Reception Project, Bacton, AMEC/Shell, UK Client: Yokogawa (YEF-UK) Scope: DCS installation, commissioning, startup and Operation Support 14. Project: TPSMAP Project, UK Client: Yokogawa (YEF-UK) Scope: DCS Engineering FAT in UK 15. Project: Energy From Waste Facility, Kent Enviropower, UK Client: Yokogawa (YEF-UK) Scope: DCS installation, commissioning, startup and Operation Support 16. Project: Styrene Mod packs Project, Snamprogetti, Iran Client: Yokogawa (YEF-UK) Scope: DCS Engineering in UK, installation, commissioning & startup in Iran. 17. Project: Chevron Nigeria commissioning, Nigeria Client: Yokogawa (YEF-UK) Scope: commissioning and start up Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 10
  11. 11. Global Technical Services Business Profile 18. Project: AL WAHA PDH-PP, KSA. Client: Yokogawa Italy (YEF-I) Scope: DCS Engineering in Italy and FAT in South Korea 19. Project: BP Bruce projects, UK. Client: Yokogawa System Center Europe (YEF-NLS) Scope: DCS Engineering and FAT in Netherlands 20. Project: Shell Eastern Petrochemical Complex Project (SEPC) in SINGAPORE Client: Yokogawa System Center Europe (YEF-NLS) Scope: DCS Engineering in NLs and commissioning & startup in Singapore. 21. Project: Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company (SAUDI KAYAN), KSA. Client: Yokogawa System Center Europe (YEF-NLS) Scope: engineering 22. Project: Sakhalin II project PA-B platform, SEIC Sakhalin Energy investment company, Russia. Client: Yokogawa System Center Europe (YEF-NLS) Scope: commissioning and startup 23. Project: HOUDINI Project, Singapore. Client: Yokogawa Singapore (Yokogawa SE-Asia), YEA. Scope: Engineering, commissioning and startup 24. Project: Jandar project for Yokogawa DCS system, Syria. Client: Silvertech Middle East FZCO Scope: DCS Engineering in Dubai, commissioning and startup in Syria 25. Project: Tishrin for Yokogawa DCS system, Syria. Client: Silvertech Middle East FZCO Scope: DCS Engineering in Dubai, commissioning and startup in Syria 26. Project: Qurayyah Power Plant (SEC) Control System renovation, KSA. Client: Honeywell Middle East Scope: E&I Commissioning and startup supervision 27. Project: Soku LGSP De-Bottle-Necking Project, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Nigeria. Client: PPS manpower with Saipem Contracting Nigeria Limited, Eni Group, Italy Scope: Field Instrument commissioning and startup Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 11
  12. 12. Global Technical Services Business Profile 28. Project: Abu Qir power plant, three units of Generator Stators Rewinding Operation, Egypt. Client: Alstom power Service Scope: Electrical technician’s manpower. 29. Project: BG WDDM Development projects, Egypt. Client: Burullus Gas company Scope: Engineering consultation, construction supervision and commissioning of the instruments and Control works. 30. Project: Naphtha Hydro treating Project, ENOC Processing Company (EPCL) Client: Yokogawa Middle East FZE (YEU) Scope: DCS Engineering 31. Project: Central Compression Unit (CCU) Project ,TOTAL E&P Yemen (TEPY) Client: Yokogawa Middle East FZE (YEU) Scope: DCS Engineering 32. Project: Modernization of process Control project, Egypt. Client: Alex Form company Scope: PLC, SCADA and instrumentation Engineering, supply, installation and commissioning & Start-up. Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 12
  13. 13. Global Technical Services Business Profile B- Training Services: (Samples of our references) 1. Courses: Basic Instrumentation, DCS for Operators, Training of Trainee, Advanced DCS, Pumps and Compressor Control, Scaffolding Awarness Client: Lubricating Oil Ref. Co “Saudi Aramco” 2. Courses: Development of Marketing and Sales Skills Client: Arasco, “Saudi Arabia” 3. Courses: Technical methods to maintain security &confidentiality of information Client: BAE System 4. Course: DCS and Safety systems application Client: Segas-LNG, Dameitta 5. Course: Development of Marketing & Sales Skills and How to close deals Client: Bellina, Egypt 6. Course: Training of Trainee Client: Suez for Safety Material 7. Course: International Economy System, International standards for Finance Control, VIP’s Customer Relation, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Team Management and Pioneer & success of providing services. Client: Egyptian General Investment Association and Free Zone 8. Course: Foundation field bus fundamentals Client: Enppi 9. Course: Instrumentation & Measurements Basics and Advanced Client: Gupco 10. Course: HSE Program Client: West Bakr Petroleum Company. 11. Course: Negotiation skills, Cost reduction, Sales Forecasting Client: Crystal Asfour 12. Course: PLC Basics Client: Med Star 13. Course: Development of Managerial Skills for Managers Client: Ministry of Military production Web: Email: Tel. +202 27055222-+202 27055333 Fax: +202 27055444 Page 13