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Jane Goodall

Life about Jane Goodall .

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Jane Goodall

  1. 1. Jane Goodall Animal Rights Activist , Scientist
  2. 2. Early Life : -Born on April 3 1934, in London,England. -Both her parents wrote novels under the name of Vanne Morris Goodall . - Goodall reared in London with her sister, Judy - Jude Goodall’s fascination with animal behavior began in early childhood .
  3. 3. Early life : - Goodall attended the Uplands private school but left school at the age of 18 to work as a secretary at Oxford University . - She met the famed anthropologist , Louis Leakey who hired her as a secretary .
  4. 4. Marriage : - In 1962, Baron Hugo van Lawick , a wildlife photographer was sent to Africa to film Goodall at work. - The assignment ran longer than anticipated and Goodall and van Lawick got married on March 28,1964 .
  5. 5. Observing chimps in Africa : - On July 16,1960, Goodall accompanied by her mother and her African cook returned back to Africa and established a camp - Her first attempt to observe a group of chimps failed .She couldn’t get nearer than 500 yards before they fled .
  6. 6. Discoveries: - Goodall used her newfound acceptance to establish what she termed the “banana club’’, a system she used to gain trust and understanding of everyday chimps behavior . - She imitated their behaviors,spent time in the trees and ate their food. - she noted that chimps throw stones as weapons to comfort each other and develop long term familiarity bons .
  7. 7. DISCOVERIES : - Ethologists had long believed that chimps were vegetarian. Goodall witnessed chimps killing and eating larger animals. - she also observed chimps inserting blades of grass or leaves into termites hills to lure termites onto the blades .
  8. 8. Impact on Africa : -goodall’s fieldwork to the publication of articles and five major books. she was known and respected first in scientific circles and through media, became a minor celebrity . - Her writings an animal world of social drama, comedy and tragedy where distinct and varied personalities interact ad sometimes clash
  9. 9. ACCOMPLISHMENTS : - Goodall’s stance is that scientists must try harder to find alternatives to use of animals in research -Goodall has received numerous honors and awards including the Gold Medal of Conversation from the San Diego Zoological Society in 1974 .
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