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Site vs. Religious Value


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Site vs. Religious Value

  1. 1. Site vs. Religious Value Sabrina Reyes and Rachel Min
  2. 2. The Site of a Structure affects the Religious and Experiential Value of the Architecture
  3. 3. Hagia Sophia Justinian, Instanbul, 1616
  4. 4. The Structure’s Site is in Close Proximity to Another Religious Structure
  5. 5. Hagia Sophia (left), Blue Mosque (right)
  6. 6. The Site of a Structure on “Government Land”
  7. 7. Sri Mahamariamann temple K. Thamboosamy Pillai, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, 1873
  8. 8. The Sri Mahamariamann, a Hindu temple (point A) is located in a Muslim dominated region, “government land.”
  9. 9. St. George Maronite Cathedral Monsignor Joseph Debs, Beirut, Lebanon, 1894
  10. 10. The site of a structure is in close proximity of another religious structure and the integration of different religious cultures
  11. 11. The site of the St. George Cathedral being in close proximty to the Mohammad al-amin mosque is an example of each issue that the Hagia Sophia and Mahamariamann temple face.
  12. 12. The site of important as from the experiental architecture. a structure is it can distract religious and value of the