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Foundation eng - nouns


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Foundation eng - nouns

  1. 1. FOUNDATION IN ENGLISH Mohamad safwan ab.wahab Fatin nur syahirah faizal Norasyikin bt ismail Nur shahira mohd rafid Prasna a/p shanmugam nur farahafizah mohd fauzi
  2. 2.  A noun is a part of speech Word Phrase It refers to a person, place, thing, event, substance, thought or a feeling. pencil Bangi Safwan freedom monkey
  3. 3. Proper common Nouns Nounsabstract collective Nouns Nouns
  4. 4.  is a name given in common to every person or thing of the same class or kind boy faculty computer umbrella lecturer notes
  5. 5.  is the special name of a particular person, place, etc Shahira Prasna Ampang Che’ Rose Cafe Kolej Dato’ Onn Beyonce
  6. 6.  is the name of a number of persons or things taken or thought of as oneAnimate things an army of soldiers a class of students a kindle of kittensInanimate things a bunch of keys a cluster of stars a pair of shoes
  7. 7.  is the name of something that we can only think of or feel but cannot be seen love sweetness pleasure
  8. 8. Common Nouns Abstract Nouns child childhood scholar scholarshipExamples in sentences :1. a) I could not read well when I was a child. (common nouns) b) I could not read well during my childhood. (abstract noun)2. a) Rohana is a JPA’s scholar. (common noun) b) She did not get the scholarship. (abstract noun)
  9. 9. Verb Abstract Nouns behave behaviour die deathExamples in sentences :1. a) I don’t like the way you behave. (verb) b) I don’t like your behaviour. (abstract noun)2. a) you can have all my money after I die. (verb) b) You can have all my money after my death. (abstract noun)
  10. 10. Adjectives Abstract Nouns long length strong strengthExamples in sentences :1. a) The rope is three meters long. (adjective) b) The length of the rope is three meters. (abstract noun)2. a) This boy is not strong. (adjective) b) This boy has no strength. (abstract noun)
  11. 11. You dont have to feel Come on, show emDo you ever feel like a Just own the night like like a waste of space what youre worthplastic bag, the 4th of July Youre original, Make em go "Oh, Oh,drifting through the cannot be replaced Oh"wind Cause baby youre a If you only knew what As you shoot across the future holds the sky-y-ywanting to start again? firework After a hurricaneDo you ever feel, feel so Come on, show em what comes a rainbow Baby, youre apaper thin youre worth fireworklike a house of cards, Make em go "Oh, oh, Maybe your reason Come on, let your why all the doors are colors burstone blow from caving oh" closed Make em go "Oh, Oh,in? As you shoot across the So you could open one Oh" sky-y-y that leads you to the Youre gonna leave perfect road em all in awe, awe, Like a lightning bolt, aweDo you ever feel already Baby, youre a firework your heart will glowburied deep? And when its time, Boom, boom, boom Come on, let your colors youll know Even brighter than thesix feet under screams burst moon, moon, moonbut no one seems to Make em go "Oh, oh, (Chorus) Boom, boom, boomhear a thing oh" Even brighter than theDo you know that Boom, boom, boom moon, moon, moon Youre gonna leave em Even brighter than thetheres still a chance for all in awe, awe, awe moon, moon, moonyou Its always been insideCause theres a spark in of you, you, youyou And now its time to let it through-ough- ough(chorus;)You just gotta ignite, the Cause baby youre alight, and let it shine firework
  12. 12. Do you ever feel like a ______ ____ _____ youre a ______Drifting through the ____ Come on let your ______ burstWanting to start again Make em go "Oh, oh, oh!" Youre gunna leave em fallin down-Do you ever feel, feel so ______ ____Like a _____ of _____ own-ownOne blow from caving in You dont have to feel like a waste ofDo you ever feel already buried deep __________ _____ under scream Youre _______, cannot be replacedBut no one seems to hear a thing If you only knew what the ______ holds After a __________ comes a ________Do you know that there’s still a ______ for youCause theres a _____ in you Maybe youre reason why all the doorsYou just gotta ignite the _____ are closedAnd let it shine So you can open one that leads you toJust own the ______ the _______ ______Like the _______ of ______ Like a lightning _____, your _____ willCause _____ youre a _______ blowCome on show em what your worth And when its _____, youll knowMake em go "Oh, oh, oh!"As you shoot across the sky-y-y