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Tech it out with Mrs. Anub Presentation


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Professional Development on technology
February 22, 2013 Friday

Published in: Education
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Tech it out with Mrs. Anub Presentation

  1. 1. goodmorningEducators
  2. 2. Tech It Outwith Mrs.Anub
  3. 3. 1 teacher
  4. 4. First Steps to BetterQualityEducati on
  5. 5. Time to EMBRACEtechnolog y
  6. 6. Edmodo Class Dojo PrometheMobile Carts an ActivBoar At the end d of this Tech It Out Session…
  7. 7. Mobile LaptopLab
  8. 8. Mobile LaptopLab
  9. 9. PrepReserve weeks in advance Reminder toFor a FULL week Fully CHARGE Number Desks Establish & Assign student Rules for numbers Technology
  10. 10. SETUP Router & GDOE Log-inWi-fi IssuesStudent “Two Hands!”Routines
  11. 11. TeacherTech Support Troubleshooter
  12. 12. Let’s take it to the board ! Take some time to think about 1 advantage and disadvantage of having laptops in the classroom.
  13. 13. Main Features Speakers connect through USBProjectorPens ONLY No touch
  14. 14. Main Software
  15. 15. FlipChart s Lessons TutorialsActivities
  16. 16. Demo Promethean Planet
  17. 17. Tried & True Uses• Attendance• Presentation• Brainstorm maps• Scoreboard• 50 states• Angry birds• Cut the Rope• Netflix
  18. 18. Supplemental Software/HardwareActiVote ActivExpressionActivArena ActivEngage ActivSound ActivSlate
  19. 19. A Guide to Getting Started Edmodo Training
  20. 20. What is Edmodo?Free social learning network for teachers,students, schools and districtsSafe and easy way to connect• Exchange ideas• Share content• Access homework, grades and school notices. 21
  21. 21. Founded in late 2008, Edmodo is now being used by millions of teachers and students around the worldNote: Image reflects data as of Oct’11
  22. 22. Secure Platform Ensures Student Safety and PrivacyClosed environmentNo private information requiredfrom studentsStudents join classes by theinvitation of their teacher onlyAll communications are archivedTeacher has full managementcontrol
  23. 23. Create Your Account
  24. 24. Teacher Landing PageStore unlimitedcontent for easy re-use and sharing Post assignments, reminders, polls, or discussion questions EncourageCreate Groups for collaboration and Classes and participation in Professional classroom Development discussions
  25. 25. Add a group code lsxbf8Click Join lsxbf8
  26. 26. Add a group code pi7rp5Click Join pi7rp5
  27. 27. Students receive notifications forStudent View new grades, new assignments, alerts or replies Unlimited storage for documents, videos and other resourcesStudents can Students can only send only join messages to the entire groups, they group or directly to thecannot create teacher them
  28. 28. Edmodo in the Classroom
  29. 29. Customize email orUpdate Your Account Settings text notification Upload a photo or Choose your select an privacy settings icon from our list Claim your personal URL Select your School and connect with your peers
  30. 30. Create Your Profile Tell people about yourself Find teacher connections
  31. 31. Create a Group1. Select Create on 2. Complete group 3. Distribute code orgroups menu info Join URL to group members
  32. 32. Student Sign-Up
  33. 33. Student Student must have groupSign-Up code to register Students are NOT required to give email address
  34. 34. Manage Groups View grades, reset passwords Create sub-groups and set students to “read only” within your groups Access Parent Codes, award badges and remove members
  35. 35. Post a Message Select to post a note, alert, assignme nt or poll Embed videos, attach files, links or any documents from Send a message to a group, or your Edmodo Library post direct messages to collection specific students or teacher connections
  36. 36. Create an Assignment Click “Load Assignment” to easily pull up a previously given assignmentView and gradeassignments as students turn them in
  37. 37. Grading Assignments Students can attach documents, links or embed video. Teachers can annotateComments allow you to assignments. provide feedback on assignments. Studentscan also comment backand a permanent record is kept for reference.
  38. 38. Create a Quiz Select to create a newquiz or load a previously created one Add a quiz title, instructions, time limit and choose whether you’d like to allow students to view results immediately.
  39. 39. Add Quiz Questions Choose from multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank or short answer questions Add multiple responses and set correct answers
  40. 40. Grading Quizzes View number of correct responses by question Select individual students to view their responses, and gradeshort answer questions
  41. 41. Export option Progress allows you to transfer grades to another programView grades or badges Scores are updated automatically after each assignment is graded and recorded
  42. 42. Planner Filter by group or view allView by month or week Add class events, school events or view scheduled assignments
  43. 43. Mobile Access Get updates and notifications on the go Mobile app available for • iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch • Android smartphones and tables Access Edmodo on any mobile browser at
  44. 44. Creative Uses for Edmodoin different subject areas
  45. 45. Visions of the Future
  46. 46. BalutanTake Home Message
  47. 47. All things Tech Q&A