ciaran, patrizia and anakaisa's game concept


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final exercise work

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ciaran, patrizia and anakaisa's game concept

  1. 1. Marketing Ass
  2. 2. Marketing Ass Brad is a Marketing Executive at ‘WeSellCrap Inc’ He’s eager to the point of desperation to get a seat on the company board. He’ll flatter & befriend allies, yet ruthlessly sacrifice them as soon as they become a liability to his ambitions. A mobile shooter game with a twist, forget the bullets, your weapons are slick marketing-speak & deadly boardroom politics. A game exploring the fine corporate line between confidence & fear, shamelessness & shame.
  3. 3. You control Brad in his efforts to climb the Corporate Ladder
  4. 4. Key Features • Various levels of play • Low intensity play - office politics - try to be the most popular with the most popular & powerful colleagues - casual minigames • High intensity play - marketing meetings - competing with other characters for the boss’s favour • Bonus levels - aiming kisses at the boss’s ass - elbow others out of your way
  5. 5. Pep Talk Improve your Popularity amongst your Team Try to fathom the complex group dynamics
  6. 6. Genre • Simple point and click shooter game • Concept started off as an FPS (first person shooter) with a twist • Entertaining, Humorous & Satisfying • Educational - there are some morals in there somewhere
  7. 7. Platform • Open issue - platform undecided - current prototype favourites are: • Mobile - casual fun on the go! • simple single-button interaction or push-the-right-button interaction • Web for less spectacular but more customisable experience • simple point and click interaction • sell to big companies $$$
  8. 8. Key Mechanics • Keep the rhythm (like Guitar Hero or Ratchet & Clank alien level) • Keep various rhythms, and prioritise most important for your needs • Agree with the boss before others • Be quick to agree with or interrupt your opponent’s rhythm and take back the spotlight • Hidden information - know other characters’ corporate status but not your own - assess yourself
  9. 9. Stun your Opponent Keep the rhythm, time clicks with the ‘blahs’ and turn your sharp worded wit on Mr.Smug
  10. 10. Stun your Opponent Your words decimate him Mr.Smug loses his hold on his allies
  11. 11. Stun your Opponent Victory is yours! Mr.Smug’s allies now respect & fear you!
  12. 12. Concerns • Careful targeting of audience & localisation • Such a game would be unacceptable in some countries & for some cultures • Interaction & game mechanics would have to be modified for different cultures - for Far East cultures the interaction would have to be more subtle and handled with respect
  13. 13. More Possibilities • What other type of levels could be part of this game: • The sales pitch • The Reward
  14. 14. Sales Talk Convince the WeSellCrap Inc. Management they need your ideas
  15. 15. The Hard Sell As you Level Up things get tougher
  16. 16. It was Worth It! The boardroom seat is yours! but you’re not yet the CEO....