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A birds eye view of improving performance in WordPress from Pubcons Web Hosting and SEO session.

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WebHosting Performance / WordPress - Pubcon Vegas - Hendison

  1. 1. Web Hosting Session WP Issues Presented by: Scott Hendison SEO AutomaticSearch Commander, Inc.
  2. 2. About Me• Began web hosting & selling software online in 1999, and began an SEO consulting agency in the spring of 2004.• In 2007, I started SEO Automatic, a set of end user and white label tools for internet marketers.• I‘ve been on this panel five times now, and it‘s hard to be original, which is why I decided to cover WP for the topic.
  3. 3. Performance & Security• General WP tips• Caching• Compression• Image Expires Header• Images: Sprites• Protecting Yourself
  4. 4. General WP tips• Avoid too many plugins• Remove inactive plugins• Watch out for “bad” plugins• Watch database bloat• Page revisions can be deleted• Comment spam can be deleted• WP Plugin can help – WP Optimize
  5. 5. Database Bloat
  6. 6. Caching
  7. 7. Caching• Google says Caching:– Most sites include resources that change infrequently - CSS files, images, JavaScript etc.– Caching allows these resources to be saved, or cached, by a browser or proxy.– Reduce round-trip time by eliminating numerous HTTP requests for the required resources, and reduce the size of responses.• WP Plugins: Several
  8. 8. Caching
  9. 9. Caching
  10. 10. Caching
  11. 11. Caching
  12. 12. CachingNice Caching Roundup at Tutorial9.net
  13. 13. Compression
  14. 14. Compression• Google Says Compression – – HTTP compression is a capability that can be built into web servers and web clients to make better use of available bandwidth, and provide faster transmission speeds between both.• WP Plugins: Several
  15. 15. Compression
  16. 16. Compression
  17. 17. Compression
  18. 18. Compression
  19. 19. CompressionTest your compression rates and compare results at Whatismyip.org
  20. 20. Expires and Cache-Control
  21. 21. Expires and Cache-Control• Google Says - Expires and Cache-Control: max-age – These specify the “freshness lifetime” of a during which the browser can use the cached resource without checking to see if a new version is available. Once theyre set and the resource is downloaded, the browser will not issue any GET requests for the resource until the expiry date or maximum age is reached.• WP Plugins: Several
  22. 22. Expires and Cache-Control• Do it with no plugin: tipsandtricks-hq.comor
  23. 23. Image Sprites
  24. 24. Images: Sprites• Google Says Images: Sprites – Combining images into as few files as possible using CSS sprites reduces the number of round-trips and delays in downloading other resources, reduces request overhead, and can reduce the total number of bytes downloaded by a web page.• WP Plugins: Csprites (out of date) but others are likely coming
  25. 25. Images: Sprites
  26. 26. Images: SpritesCSS Thumbnail Sprites (at code.google.com)
  27. 27. Images: SpritesW3 Total Cache – Feature coming... Soon?
  28. 28. Images: SpritesSprite Me – Not a plugin, but a process / tool
  29. 29. Protecting Yourself
  30. 30. What Good is Number 1?(image example via seo.seocompany.ca)
  31. 31. Clicking anyway gives you this... Think that’s a conversion killer?
  32. 32. WordPress is a Target• Over 11% of all sites on the internet are WordPress, and more than half of new sites created daily are WP sites. (source WordCamp SF 2011)• A typical shared webhost can have dozens or hundreds of sites on your server, affecting your performance, your security, and… your SEO.• Some ISP’s (like Comcast) have begun blocking entire servers, rather than risk user infections.
  33. 33. Web Hosts Are Getting Restrictive• Some WP plugins have vulnerabilities• Many plugins are poorly written• ANYONE can submit a plugin to WP• There are standards, but plugins submitted to WP are NOT screened for compliance• It takes complaints FIRST, to get any action• Some plugins can put other accounts at risk, so some hosts are starting to restrict plugins
  34. 34. Web Hosts Are Getting Restrictive• Lists over 70 plugins that they don‘t alllow on their servers, and I‘ll BET you‘re using many of them!• I know I am
  35. 35. Protecting Yourself• Lots of security best practices out there, and this is not the time or place to go into details.• However, the most important thing I can think of is to monitor what changes on your domain.• There’s a plugin for that (surprise)
  36. 36. Protecting Yourself
  37. 37. To Sum Up…• Performance can affect your SEO• Poor security can negate good SEO• Know your webhosts policies• Consider moving from shared hosting• Know your plugins• Monitor what changes
  38. 38. Thank You Scott Hendisonscott@searchcommander.com