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Hendison 2011 11-pubcon_wordpress


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These are the slides from my Wordpress SEO session at Pubcon Las Vegas, November 2011, where I covered the Yoast SEO plugin in detail . Sorry, no video was taken...

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Hendison 2011 11-pubcon_wordpress

  1. 1. WordPress SEOA plugin by Joost de Valk Presented by: Scott Hendison
  2. 2. About Me• Began marketing (selling software) online in 1999, and turned full time internet marketer in 2004.• Discovered WordPress in July 2005, and since then developed over 450 WP sites for clients and ourselves.• In 2007, we began SEO Automatic, and since then we‘ve released 5 separate WP plugins.
  3. 3. About WordPress SEO Plugin• There are dozens of other SEO plugins• SEO Title Tags was the first one (?)• All in One SEO has become the most popular• In 2011, Joost released the best* one so far• This summer we adopted it‘s use system wide (* Says me)
  4. 4. Joost was a WP developer and practicing SEO,who saw a need in the community, and filled itbetter* than anyone else has so far. (* Says me)
  5. 5. Typical Installation
  6. 6. New SEO Menu - Dashboard
  7. 7. Titles
  8. 8. Titles
  9. 9. Titles
  10. 10. Import & Export
  11. 11. Titles
  12. 12. Titles
  13. 13. Titles
  14. 14. Indexation
  15. 15. Indexation
  16. 16. Indexation
  17. 17. Indexation
  18. 18. XML Sitemaps
  19. 19. XML Sitemaps• This is slightly „out of the norm“• File is named /sitemap_index.xml• Delete your old sitemap from Google WMT• Add that one new sitemap_index.xml to GWMT
  20. 20. Permalinks
  21. 21. Internal Links
  22. 22. RSS
  23. 23. Import & Export
  24. 24. Edit Files Option
  25. 25. Page & Post Specific Settings• Options are below each “edit“ box• The default setup only does so much• Titles, descriptions and kw‘s can be fine-tuned• Full “on page analysis“ tab available• Advanced options, like noindex, nofollow, etc.
  26. 26. Edit Screens
  27. 27. Edit Screens
  28. 28. Edit Screens
  29. 29. Edit Screens
  30. 30. Edit Screens
  31. 31. Categories
  32. 32. Quick Mentions:• – simple wp_head code explanations• Great looking plugin called Selfish Clean Start – WOW!• Yoast explains FB Open Graph Protocol• Help prevent our government from breaking the web
  33. 33. Take-aways• Try WordPress SEO by Joost de Valk• Easy Import from All in One or Headspace• There is no “correct“ answer or setting for every site• Don‘t forget to reset Google WMT Sitemap and delete old• Set custom category descriptions
  34. 34. Thank You• My own site‘s WordPress SEO plugin export -• This presentation may be downloaded - Contact me any time... Scott Hendison