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Reflection on My Digital Pedagogy


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An overview of how I structure my digital pedagogy.

Published in: Education, Technology

Reflection on My Digital Pedagogy

  1. 1. I have provided an overview of how I structure my Digital Pedagogy. I have summarised my practice rather than include everything. Being a Visual Arts and Multimedia teacher, my practice does reflect tools which enhance creativity, art and design knowledge and multimedia creation. However, I also place emphasis on the development of literacy and numeracy skills and, of course, the development of ICT skills. I also strive to incorporate tasks which allow students to develop important learning skills such as decision making, problem solving, perseverance, ability to collaborate, communication skills, receiving and giving feedback, critical thinking skills, organisational skills, ability to process, acquire and filter information. I am always conscious of catering for all learning styles by providing a range of learning options.
  2. 2. As an Art Educator I have always used the Inquiry Learning Model. I have found it a very useful framework to use when planning digital pedagogy. Figure 1: Inquiry Learning Model for Visual Art (Visual Art Senior Syllabus, QSA, 2007)
  3. 3. Research Develop Reflect Resolve
  4. 4. • Identify • Recognise • Generate • Record • Compile • Search Research • Investigate • Explore • Discover • Experiment • Collect • Observe
  5. 5. Interview an expert using chat, forums, emails, blogs or web Mapul Lexipedia conferencing Placeopedia Kwik Surveys Wordsmyth Visuwords Touch Graph EtherPad Free Online The Learning Visual Surveys Wordle Carrot2 Place Dictionary Survey Monkey Eyeplorer Epals Wolfram Alpha Spezify Online Search Brainstorming Collaboration Online Resources Surveys Engines Research
  6. 6. •Organise •Analyse •Synthesise •Interpret •Set Goals Develop •Justify •Plan •Imagine •Estimate •Compare/contrast •Summarise
  7. 7. Digital Drawing Digital using Graphic Scanning images Photography Tablet Create a class Blog Collect digital or Website images Etherpad Prezi Give and receive feedback in a blog in Virtual Classroom Chartle Toodledo Glogster The Learning Place Remember R Exploratree the Milk Campus Create a Graphic Organisers, Reflective Collaboration Charts and Graphs Planning Glossary Documentation Develop
  8. 8. •Translate •Select •Compose •Apply •Explain Resolve •Present •Arrange •Display •Create •Manipulate •Refine
  9. 9. Nintendo Wii X Box 360 Go Animate Pivot Stick Figure Moshi Animator Monsters Multimedia presentations Trackmania Shidonni Digital Virtual Photoshop 2D Storytelling Animations Machinima World Games Corel Editing Stop Motion Game Making with Draw Software Animation Scratch Graphic Digital Photography Comics and video Animations Games Design Resolve
  10. 10. •Consider •Analyse •Transform •Reflect •Revise Reflect •Express •Re-construct •Evaluate •Judge •Justify •Interpret
  11. 11. xtranormal Goanimate RCampus Glogster Students assess each other’s work Prezi School blog or Virtual Power Classroom point XTimeline Students Logitech give and Reflective Webcam receive Blogs Surveymonkey feedback Avatar Online Digital Videos and Surveys and EBooks Comics Collaboration Portfolios animations Timelines Reflect