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Span 4583 wiki use instructions final

  1. 1. SPAN 4583 Wiki Instructions
  2. 2. Our class wiki is already set up. You received an emailinvitation to join www.span4583. You mustaccept the invitation. You will set up a free PBWorksaccount. This is the home page. You won’t change it.
  3. 3. On the right side of the wiki screen you will see thisnavigation area. Look for the link to your location andclick on it.
  4. 4. When your page opens, it will look like this. Wiki pages can bein View mode or in Edit mode. See the two tabs? Changes canonly be made in Edit mode.
  5. 5. To make changes to your page, click the Edit tab at the top ofyour page. When it opens, it will look like this. Check out thetoolbar.
  6. 6. Once you are finished making changes to your page, go to thebottom of the screen and click Save. Don’t worry about the“Describe your changes” area. We won’t use it.
  7. 7. To embed a YouTube video in your wiki, follow these steps.First, open both YouTube and your wiki. Then, find the videoyou want on YouTube. Find the Share link below the video and click on it.
  8. 8. In the Share area, you will see the Embed link. Click on it. (If it isnot there, you will have to find a different video.) Copy ALL thecode in the little window. Now, go to your wiki.
  9. 9. On your wiki page, click the Edit tab. Put your cursor where youwant the video to go, then look for Insert in the toolbar. Whenyou click on Insert, you will have several choices. In Video,select the YouTube option.
  10. 10. Paste your code inside the box. Click Next.Your code will look like this.Click Next again.
  11. 11. You will get a preview box like this. If it looks OK, click Insert Plugin.You will then see aplaceholder like this in yourwiki in Edit view. Once youclick Save, you will see thevideo itself.
  12. 12. To embed a Google Map, follow these steps. First, open bothGoogle Map and your wiki. Then, find the map you want.Remember, you have satellite and sometimes Street Viewoptions. Get the view you want before continuing. Notice the little chain icon? You will use that.
  13. 13. Click on the chain icon. This window will open. VERYIMPORTANT: Copy the code in the BOTTOM box, NOT the topbox. Copy this code.
  14. 14. Now go to your wiki. In Edit view, put your cursor where you wantthe map. Go to Insert in the toolbar. Choose HTML/JavaScriptfrom the options.
  15. 15. This box will open. Paste your code into the box and click Next.Your code will look like this.Click Next again.
  16. 16. You will get a preview box like this. If it looks OK, click Insert Plugin.You will then see a placeholder like this in your wiki in Editview. Once you click Save, you will see the map itself.
  17. 17. The final type of media you will use is Creative Commons-licensed or public domain photos.Make sure you have followed the instructions about finding anddownloading the photos to your computer. Photos that do nothave a CC license or a public domain designation cannot beused. The instructions are on Bb in this same section.Follow the instructions for downloading the photos carefully. Thephotos must be on your computer for the steps shown here towork. Do not use any other method of copying photos.
  18. 18. You will upload your photos to the wiki from your computer. Youmust already have the photos on your computer to continue. Lookfor Upload Files on the upper left side of the wiki screen. Onceyou click it, you will browse your files and select the photos.
  19. 19. After you have uploaded your photos, open Edit view and put your cursor where you want the first photo to do. Go to Insert in the toolbar and choose Link.This box will appear in yourwiki page. Click on BrowsePages and Files at the bottomof the box.
  20. 20. This window will open. If you have already uploaded yourphotos, they will appear in the list. Select the one you wantand click Insert Link. Your photo will appear in your wiki page.Repeat the process with your other photos.