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ML Intro

  1. 1. Your Next Mission
  2. 2. DefinitionMedia literacy:The ability to• Access• Analyze• Evaluate• Create• ParticipateWith media messagesIn all their forms
  3. 3. Media Types• Books• Periodicals• Video productions• Audio productions• PhotographsEach of these has severalsubcategories andpermutations, and can be usedfor a wide variety of purposes
  4. 4. Access• We are bombarded by information every day• We use a variety of media for entertainment• We also seek it out on our own• What are the messages we are getting?
  5. 5. AnalyzeLook at the various parts–word, sound, image• What grabs your attention?• What is emphasized?• How are facts and information used and presented?Consider the meaningDecipher the subtext (the impliedmessages)
  6. 6. EvaluateConsider the work’s• Currency• Relevancy• Authority• Accuracy• Purpose
  7. 7. CreateConsider something you’ve created.• How did you use words, sounds, and/or images?• What messages were you trying to send?• How would you express yourself if you are trying to get your point across?• How do you balance form and substance?
  8. 8. ParticipateMessages are meant to work bothwaysMany of the things weread, watch, or listen to areprompting us to some sort ofaction, whethercommercial, political, or social innatureThese messages have an impact onour perception and self-expression
  9. 9. For the next few weeks…We will focus on• Accessing,• Analyzing, and• EvaluatingMessages we receive throughvarious media
  10. 10. Your MissionChoose a topic. Here are some examples:• How are blended families with school age children portrayed?• How does the media portray feminine beauty?• What is considered a role model in our society?Remember, you are not LOOKING FOR TRUTH.You are analyzing and evaluating• how the many messages we come across daily shape people’s perception of many big ideas, and• how those messages are put together.This will help you develop a critical eye and a great brain!