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Samsung galaxy s3 MKTG406


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Samsung Galaxy S3 presentation.

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Samsung galaxy s3 MKTG406

  1. 1. Samsung Galaxy S3Members:Doniel CharlesSheldon ThomasEdel John IngalMKTG 406
  2. 2. * About the Product* Marketing the product* The results* Summary *
  3. 3. * Android OS* Measuring 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm.* 4.8-inch HD Super Amoled screen.* 8MP/1080p camera with “burst mode”. 1.9MP camera on the front.* 16GB storage 50GB of external.* S Voice* Share shot / All share* Launched: May 3, 2012 *
  4. 4. *“Designed For Humans” *This was Samsungs first marketing slogan for the Galaxy S III when it first came out back in May.*“The Next Big Thing is Already Here” *This is a slogan that Samsung is using up stage their rivals “Apple” in efforts to increase their sale. *
  5. 5. * Prx19ZM&list=PLD069379E13CF8DE1&index=2&f eature=plpp_video
  6. 6. * Galaxy S3 sold 20 million units in 100 days* Samsung forecasts 30 million units to be sold by year end* Reviews have praised the phone’s quality *
  7. 7. May 29 – Galaxy S3 becomes availableMarch 5 – Samsung for countries in confirms a new Europe and Middle mobile East May 3 – Galaxy S3 launched along with “Designed for Humans” Commercial *
  8. 8. September 21 -September 6 – Sold iphone 5 is 20 million units released September 19 – “The Next Big Thing is Already Here” Commercial is released *
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  10. 10. * Samsung Sells 20 million units in 100 days – CNET* Samsung forecasts 30 million units sold by end of the year - CNET* Detail and Features about the Galaxy S3 - Samsung Mobile Press* The Galaxy S3 specifications -T3* Article on phones sharing capabilities – CNET* Samsung Mobile YouTube channel* Pinterest Board* Facebook page *