Edit Your Photos Creatively w/ Picnik & Befunky!


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Edit Your Photos Creatively w/ Picnik & Befunky!

  1. 1. EDIT Your Photos Picnik & Befunky Edit your photos and amaze your potential clients with your creative flair! With just a touch of a button you can turn that ordinary looking photo into a work of art. Use it on your website. All you need is Picnik & Be- funky. They are Free. (Click to PLAY VIDEO) VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com start
  2. 2. HOME C B SHARE VIDEO Marque Move Lasso 1 Crop 2 1 Prepare Photo in Pixlr Wand • We want to match our photo size with that of our header Clone Stamp Pencil 3 template. You may use other headers, but in this example we used HostGator’s Website Builder (ZEUG-05) Eraser Brush 4 • Goto Pixlr.com • Open your coolest photo. Gradient • At the Layers panel, click Duplicate Layer (A) Paint Bucket 5 • Click Image (B) - Canvas size (417 x 0) - Ok • Edit (C)- Free transform then drag handles to position Blur Sharpen A-C photo at the lower left end. • To cover existing photo Goto Layers - Add new layer (D) Smudge Sponge Make sure this layer is on top of photo1. Last • Grab a Drawing tool (E) and then draw across the work Burn space. You now have a partially completed header. Dodge • Save file when done. Red Eye reduction Drawing E Bloat Pinch Color Picker Type/Text Hand tool Zoom A Foregound Background D VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com
  3. 3. F HOME SHARE K G VIDEO H Add Stickers in Picnik • Goto Picnik.com • Load earlier saved photo. • Goto Create tab (F) - Sitckers (G) 1 I • Add some animals (H), flowers and speech bubles (I). • Apply formatting using sticker properties (J). 2 Make sure your color complements your template. • Add some Text (K). Don’t forget your USP/Tagline. • Save File. This is how it looks when uploaded into our website template (L). 3 J 4 L 5 A-C Last VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com
  4. 4. HOME SHARE M O VIDEO N Add Floating Words in Picnik • Open your photo in Picnik.com • Goto Create Tab - Effects (M) - Lomoish (N) - Apply 1 • Add Text (O). Use different variations of grey and different blending modes (P) to give the impression of floating words. • This is how the finish header looks like when uploaded into our template (Q) 2 Play around with the different effects and you might be surprised at what you’ll discover! 3 4 Q 5 A-C P Last VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com 4
  5. 5. HOME SHARE VIDEO R 1 2 3 4 S 5 4 Add Pop Art Effects in BeFunky A-C • Login to Befunky.com • Click get started - Pop Art (R) - Browse Files. Last Make sure your file has excess space on the left hand portion. • Choose Pop Art no 5. Effects completed. • Now we need to remove the Ads. You may upgrade to paid service to have it removed, or you may crop it out in pixlr. Crop Add in Pixlr... • Goto pixlr and open your befunky photo. • Get the Crop tool and drag across the photo. Make sure to exclude the add portion. • Save when done. • This is how it looks when uploaed to our blue color scheme hostgator template (T). Here are some more ideas . . . VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com 5
  6. 6. HOME SHARE VIDEO 1-5 A B C Last VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com
  7. 7. HOME SHARE VIDEO 1-5 A B C Last VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com 7
  8. 8. HOME SHARE VIDEO 1-5 Befunky... A There are a lot of amazing one-click effects in befunky. B Try them out and see which one matches the tone of your website! C Last more sample variations.... Sunburst Pop Art 4 Inkify 4 VAtrainingonline Virtual Assistance Excellence .com
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