Using Social Media to Promote EECBG Projects


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How to use social media, Facebook in particular, to promote State Energy Office EECBG Projects.

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  • If someone told me ten years ago that businesses would be advertising “Like me on Facebook” or told me we would be “tweeting” on Twitter, I would not have believed it! The term “Social Media” barely describes the impact that sites like Facebook are having for businesses, organizations, and people. Whatever the name, these sites can be an asset in your marketing strategy to promote your messages. So, how do you get started?
  • These are steps you can take to use social media to promote your projects. More information on each step will be presented in this slideshow.
  • Developing a strategy helps you to focus on what you want to accomplish using social media.
  • When you gather your material, visual impact is important. That doesn’t mean you can’t post press releases or Saving Energy Tips. It helps to have photos and/or videos to upload. The Michigan Energy Office contracted to have videos made to promote EECBG projects and now they are posted on our Michigan Energy Today Facebook page.
  • The Facebook page used by our office was started November 2009. Since then, our organization has gone through name changes and transitions. The name of our page used to be named after an award-winning cable show. It was recently changed to Michigan Energy Today. Recently, I reactivated the Facebook page. You will see the results of that in later slides. We used Twitter in the past under a different State Department and we will now be able to post tweets through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (or MEDC). YouTube was also used in the past, and when we have a more significant collection of videos, we will establish a new YouTube site.
  • We also post or blog on another site called MichEEN. Mostly, press releases have been posted on their website.
  • You will need to set-up accounts before you can use a social media site. While some of the information required varies, you always need a user name and password.
  • It is important to have material ready before posting. To maintain interest, you need some ongoing and frequent posts, pictures, videos, etc. Let’s look at some examples of posts and pictures that have been posted on the Michigan Energy Today Facebook page to promote various EECBG projects.
  • Here is an LED lighting photo in downtown Detroit. In this case, the photo was taken by the City’s photographer. In other cases, photos were sent from Grantees via email or Energy Office staff took digital photos.
  • Here is an example of LED lighting with one of the new historical lightpoles in East Lansing. The lightpoles are reflective of the history of the neighborhood.
  • Here is an example of an indoor lighting project in a large community center in Traverse City.
  • In Genoa Township, located near Brighton, MI, they used grant funds to do a renewable energy project using wind and solar. The turbines were manufactured in Manistee, Michigan.
  • Located by Williamston, part of the Williamstown Township project was installing a new geothermal heating system.
  • Some of our EECBG projects involved installing or connecting sidewalks, trailways or pathways -- like this one in Delta Township near Lansing, Michigan. Pathways like this encourage non-motorized transportation activities like walking and biking.
  • It is always good to catch residents enjoying the projects that were funded, like these walkers enjoying the new sidewalk loop in Rockford, Michigan.
  • Many projects involved retrofitting. This photo captures one part of this Calhoun County project in Marshall, MI -- installing a new chiller.
  • Sometimes it is hard to get an exciting boiler shot, but boilers were a part of some of our retrofit projects – like this one in Sault Ste. Marie.
  • This is an example of a historical retrofit project. The covers of the new registers were selected to blend in with the historical mansion décor. Why was this important?
  • The Felt Mansion is named after millionaire/inventor Dorr E. Felt. Visitors may tour this historic mansion throughout the summer months or rent it for special events, like wedding receptions.
  • This solar tracker is used as an educational tool to demonstrate solar energy to school children of various age groups. It is located near Charlotte, MI in the Eaton County Government Complex. Eaton County received a multi-purpose EECBG grant, which also involved an energy audit, retrofitting a County courthouse, and initiating community education on solar energy, energy efficiency and recycling.
  • This tool allows you to track a variety of information by viewing or printing a chart and overview of your page over a specific time period. Monitoring the impact of your promotion on social media, however you choose to do it, is important so you can be innovative and effective.
  • This is a shot of the Insights for our Facebook page as of yesterday. On the left side is when the page was being reactivated. On the right side are results for the end of April. Note Total Likes is how many people clicked Like on our page. Friend of Fans is the potential reach of the page if friends of all our friends liked a post. Talking about this is anyone who liked, shared, commented, or tagged a post. Then there is the weekly total reach. As of the week ending April 21 st , our metrics were as follows: Total Likes – up 1.33%, Friends of Fans – up .17%, People Talking About This – up 200%, and Weekly Total Reach – up 83.44%.
  • Here are the monitoring results of maintaining an active page – an additional 598 people reached!
  • People who liked our page, broken down by gender, age and demographics.
  • The reach of the page. Below on the left: organic is the middle blue line, viral is the bottom purple line, and total reach is the top line. Organic is the number of people who saw the page. Viral is the number of people who saw a story published about this page by a friend. Total is organic and viral combined. On the bottom right, this graph shows how many people saw any content from our page and the number of times the page was viewed.
  • On the bottom left, the graph shows the number of people who created a story about our page. The graph on the bottom right shows the number of people who saw a story about our page published by a friend.
  • This page shows a demographic of people who have viewed the page.
  • Here are the benefits to using social media! It is a quick, far-reaching, and cost-effective way to promote your projects. And, you can use tools to gauge your results.
  • Here is my contact information. I would also like to thank my supervisor, Jan Patrick, and the MEDC Social Media Director, Chad Wiebesick for their help and support.
  • Using Social Media to Promote EECBG Projects

    1. 1. Using Social Media to Promote EECBG Projects By Shelly Shinevar Michigan Energy Office EECBG Analyst
    2. 2. Steps you can take to set-up and use socialmedia to promote EECBG project success: Develop a strategy Gather material Choose your social media Set-up your account Start posting/uploading Monitor results
    3. 3. Develop a strategy: Establish what you want to accomplish with Social Media.For example: Promote successfulEECBG projects.
    4. 4. Gather material: Collect material you can use to promote accomplishments.For example: Photos, videos, press releases,news articles, etc.
    5. 5. Choose your social media: Facebook – You can post and/or uploadinformation, press releases, photos, videos,links, etc. Twitter – Good for smaller “sound bytes” ofnews or to post links to information. YouTube – Great for collections of videosand/or ongoing videos.
    6. 6. Other sites – There may be appropriate sites or blogsthat are administered by other organizations, groups orindividuals where you can share promotional material.For example: The Michigan Energy Office also postspress releases on the MichEEN (Michigan EnergyEfficiency Network) site.
    7. 7. Set-up your account:This involves following directions to set-upan account with your chosen social media.For example: You will need to choose auser name, a password, and any otherrequired information before you can startusing the site. Always write down youruser names and passwords for each site!
    8. 8. Start posting/uploading: Follow directions given by your chosen social media site.For example: Set-up or locate the materialyou are going to post or upload beforegoing to the social media site. It will beeasier to copy it, cut and paste it, orbrowse and upload it if you don’t have tohunt for it.
    9. 9. The City of Detroit received EECBG grants totaling $500,000 tohelp install new energy efficient lighting around the City.
    10. 10. One of East Lansings new historical light poles with LED lighting.
    11. 11. • LED lighting upgrades in the Grand Traverse County Civic Center. Indoor lighting upgrades in the Grand Traverse County Civic Center.
    12. 12. Genoa Township installed five Windspire wind/solar hybrid turbines with help froman EECBG grant of $94,919.
    13. 13. New Geothermal heating system installed at the Williamstown Township office withthe assistance of EECBG funding.
    14. 14. Delta Township has completed building this beautiful walkway with theassistance of an EECBG Grant of $128,202. Delta Township residents cannow enjoy the new Eastbury Pathway.
    15. 15. Cannon Township completed a pedestrian sidewalk loop connecting threeneighborhoods with the Town Square Village unit, the Cannon Township Center,and the Cannon Trail with the assistance of an EECBG Grant of $64,144.
    16. 16. Calhoun County received $351,450 for this Multi-Purpose project, whichincluded replacing chillers and installing a new roof.
    17. 17. New boilers in the Sault Ste. Marie City/County Building.
    18. 18. Laketown Township retrofitted the historic Felt Mansion with an energy efficientHVAC and hot water system with the assistance of an EECBG grant of $52,811.
    19. 19. The Felt Mansion is on National and State Registers of Historic Places and is locatedin Holland, Michigan near Saugatuck Dunes State Park by Lake Michigan.
    20. 20. The Eaton County Department of Resource Recovery, as part of their EECBGproject, installed a solar tracking array to provide an educational component to thecommunity.
    21. 21. Monitor results:You can choose how you are going to dothis by creating your own charts or tablesor by using tools that may be available onyour chosen social media site.For example: Facebook has an excellentmonitoring tool called Insights.
    22. 22. Facebook Insights for theMichigan Energy Today Page
    23. 23. Insights Data Results Inactive Page – 3/25 to 3/31 – 29 Reached; 2 TalkingReactivated Page – 4/3/12; Added at least 35 postsResults: 627 People Reached; 18 People Talking +598 Reached after activation!
    24. 24. Benefits to using Social Media You can share information quickly andeasily with a wide range of people with justa click of your mouse! You can measure results in real-timeusing appropriate tools. Using social media is a cost-effective wayto promote projects and to inform/updatepeople.
    25. 25. Contact Information Shelly Shinevar, EECBG Analyst Michigan Energy OfficeMichigan Economic Development Corp. Ph: (517) 241-4271