Why Work With Shelly Rushton And Hmf Printing


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  • One Stop Shopping….Less Stress
  • My printing experience allows me to provide you with the service an inside buyer could provide you.
  • How many hats do you wear? Give one to me…Let me help you!
  • How many times have you been dictated to on how you will be communicated with? Let me LISTEN to what you want and get your project done right.
  • With so many projects going on, maybe bouncing ideas off of someone isn’t a invaluable.
  • Place it and forget it. I’ve got this! I understand that you have other things you need to concentrate on. Leaving you to manage handling juggling the rest of your hats with a little more ease.
  • Bring me on board to what your needs are up front. I will help you manage it. It will be like having your own off site project assistant! We stay in touch with you the entire project and provide updates so you are never in the dark.
  • I understand the importance of communication. It is the cornerstone of customer service and the folly of so many professionals. You should have an answer, or be able to get one quickly, when your boss asks you where something is in the process. Let’s face it, Murphy’s Law s no one’s friend. Issues are dealt with immediately and fairly.
  • Listening, Listening, Listening… Half the battle is knowing what you want, the other half is communicating it to the rest of the team. The needs get understood, the design process goes faster and we are faster to get to production. That is everyone’s goal.
  • Again….Listening and communicating
  • Did I mention Listening and Communicating makes this process go faster?
  • We strive to complete projects faster, whenever possible. These are guidelines. Project timelines will be discussed during the project planning stage.
  • So there is only one question left for you…..
  • Why Work With Shelly Rushton And Hmf Printing

    1. 1. Printing ServicesPromotional Items Direct Mail Services Complete Project Solution
    2. 2. • Design Services• List & Data Services• Printing Services• Promotional Items• Direct Mail• Variable Data Printing• Image Personalization• Personalized URLs• Online Media• Shipping/Fulfillment Services• Warehousing
    3. 3.  Pre-Project Meeting Project Consultation and Guidance Project Management Assistance Timely and Efficient Communication
    4. 4. During the Meeting we will discuss Communication Preferences Project Purpose Project Outline Project Plan Brainstorm on improvements
    5. 5. Do you need help putting together yourproject timeline? Or your struggling withyour plan? Need someone to help bounceideas off of?I am here for you.Call me, I will help work through it with youand help you come up with a plan.
    6. 6.  You are always in control of your project Understand, I am always in control of watching over your project for you.
    7. 7.  NEVER be in Dark on your project again! During the Pre Project meeting you will establish the rules of communication and how often you would like to be updated. You will be immediately notified if there are any unmanageable bumps in road that will effect the timeliness or the quality of your completed project.
    8. 8.  Reduced Project Management Time Reduced Design Time Fast Turn Production Times On Site Storage & Fulfillment
    9. 9.  Work with someone that understands your goals & needs Understands your communication needs Be able to trust when you place an order, it will get done correctly and on time.
    10. 10.  Work with someone that understands your goals & needs Understands your communication needs Building a print file with the people printing the piece reduces the proofing time and takes away the mystery of “it looks pretty on screen, but how will it look when it prints”. Build a mail piece that is mailing friendly.
    11. 11.  Working with all of these elements in house will keep your project on track. We are ready for bulk shipment of our digitally printed pieces 3-5 days from proof approval. (Faster if needed) Mailing services are completed in 2-3 days from receipt of the printed items. (Additional time may be required for large projects. This would be discussed during the project plan.)
    12. 12.  Whether your business is best serviced with On Demand printing or Print and Store. We have you covered. We assemble kitted packages and store them for you in house to ship later. Have your own product inventory? Ship it to us and we will store and fulfill your products, as needed. We will ship them for you, as your clients order them.