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discovery ed. brochure


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discovery ed. brochure

  1. 1. Other Features of Discovery Education A quick, easy, guide to downloading and playing videos that will enrich your lessons and inspire your students. • Video clips in Discovery Education have been cross- referenced to teaching standards for all states with a quick tool for access. • Lessons, pre-made quizzes, puzzle-maker, professional development options, interactive training, online webinars, teaching tips and online help are just a few of the features that helped us decide to subscribe to Discovery Education. • Please share your ideas and tips with us for future publications. This guide created by: Lincoln School LLC River Forest, IL 60305 (708) 366-7340 User Name: _________________ Password: __________________ July, 2009
  2. 2. Four Easy Tips for Using Downloading a Video Discovery Education in Your Classroom When you download a video or video segment, you are saving a copy on your computer for future Discovery Education, formerly United Streaming, is a wonderful access. Here’s how: tool for enhancing your lessons and engaging your students. 1. Right-click (or Control-click) on the Download icon Following these simple directions, you will be able to quickly next to the video segment and select “Download and easily access the wonderful resources we have available Linked File” or “Save Target As”. through Discovery Education. 2. Designate the location to a folder you have already set up on your desktop. Conducting a Basic Search 3. Save the file. 1. Begin by typing a keyword into the search box. 2. Narrow your results by Media Type, or Grade Level. 3. Click on the resource that best fits your needs for a Embedding a Video in a Power Point preview. When you embed a downloaded video segment, you are inserting it right into your document. Streaming a Video 1. Download a video segment to a designated folder. 2. Create a new PowerPoint document and save it to Streaming refers to playing a video directly from the same folder. the website. To do this: 3. In PowerPoint, go to “Insert”> “Movies and 1. Choose your Media Settings Sounds”> “Movie from File.” • Media Type: Quick time for Mac, Windows Media Player for 4. Select the downloaded video from the menu. Windows 5. Click “OK” • Embedded in Web Browser=plays right on the page 6. To test your video, go to “Slide Show”> “View • Stand-Alone Application=opens in a new window Show.” Click on the movie to begin. 2. Click the play button. Simple!