Presentation On Google Base


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Discussing various aspects of one of the Google Tools i.e. Google Base

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Presentation On Google Base

  1. 1. Google Base Post it on Base. Find it on Google. A Free Google service that helps you publish virtually any kind of information.
  2. 2. What is Google Base? Google Base is a free Google service that helps you publish virtually any kind of information - be it your latest riveting screenplay or a listing for your slightly dented 1989 Honda Accord – on Google Base or other Google properties. Your item will fall into one of several categories based on its content. This category determines which Google property will display your item. For example, your screenplay and robot schematics may appear on Google Base, and your humble Honda may appear on Google Product Search.
  3. 3. What does a product Listing look like? On the SERP it is:  Above organic SEO Listings  Include product name and price  Includes link to Google Checkout search pages (if any product are sold via Checkout)
  4. 4. How to get on Base?  Sign Up for a Google account •  Decide how will you post your items • One at a time • Bulk Upload (Data Feed)  Decide if you will use Google Checkout
  5. 5. What can I Post to Google base? You can post almost anything as long as your items are consistent with our Program Policies. For example, your post must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of your target country.
  6. 6. How many items can I post? You can post up to one Million Items in your Google Base account. However, if you're planning on creating more than a few items, you might consider submitting your information in a data feed to save you from having to create multiple items by hand.
  7. 7. How to submit on Google Base? Data feeds are a convenient way to create multiple items in Google Base. Feeds are assigned an item type, which classifies the feed according to what sort of items it contains. Google support data feeds in two general formats:  Text  XML.
  8. 8. How to post Bulk Upload (Data Feed)?  Create a tab-delimited spreadsheet (you can also use XML if you want)  Register your upload  Submit bulk upload
  9. 9. How to create your Product Spreadsheet?  Download template provided by Google •  Make sure to fill in • Title (Your product name) • Description • Image Link (URL for product image) • Link (Product URL) • Price You can fill in more if you want. Google suggests use as many attributes as you can.  Save the spreadsheet as Tab Delimited (txt) file.
  10. 10. How much does Google Base item cost? Nothing. You can create and display any number of items using Google Base for free.
  11. 11. Do I need a Google Account to use Google Base?  No, you can access Google Base and experiment with its features at any time.  However, before you can publish your information on any Google properties, you must have a Google Account.
  12. 12. Will Google Base host my item if I don't have a website? If you don't have a website to host your items,  Google Base will create and host a unique URL (web address) where searchers can visit and view your content.  Like Google Base, this hosting is completely free. This URL will be activated within a few hours after you publish your item.
  13. 13. What's Google Product Search? Google Product Search is an extension of Google dedicated to helping shoppers find products quickly and easily on the web.
  14. 14. Advantages of Product Search  More users. Millions of people come to Google each day, and many are actively looking for the consumer or business products you're selling.  No cost. Unlike other online shopping sites, listing your products on Product Search costs nothing. There's no spending account to set up and maintain.  Control of your product information. Google Base lets you maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information, so your customers find relevant, current items they're looking for.
  15. 15. Where will my item appear? Items submitted to Google Base will appear in relevant Google searches; which will depend on the type of information and the attributes you submit. For example, a Google search for jobs in san Francisco or ice cream recipe allow users to refine the results using Google Base items with relevant attributes.
  16. 16. How much does Google Product Search cost? Inclusion in Google Product Search is Absolutely Free!!  Our goal is to enable users to search over the broadest possible range of products for sale online.  To do that, we're offering this service to all sellers at no charge.
  17. 17. What's the difference between Google Base and Google Product Search? Google Product Search is Google's online shopping search engine. Google Base is a free Google service that allows you to publish your information for inclusion in Google search results. To include your products in Product Search, you must submit your information to Google Base.
  18. 18. Items Dashboard  Active Items  Deactivate items  Data Feeds  Performance
  19. 19. Item’s Dashboard