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Interacting Across Generations


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Interacting Across Generations

  1. 1. GENERATIONS IN THE WORKFORCE Collaborate for maximum success without sacrificing principles along the wayShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  2. 2. Flow • Set the stage: Small Group Activity • Explore: Workplace Interactions • Train the Brain: A – B – CShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  3. 3. Question #1: Describe a high point from your professional career – an experience or outcome for which you feel particularly proudShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  4. 4. Question #2 Describe a learning moment from your professional career – an outcome/event that presented a learning that you still carry with you todayShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  5. 5. Universal Truths Each of us knows something. No one knows everything.Shelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  6. 6. WORKPLACE INTERACTIONS: MULTIGENERATIONSShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  7. 7. Nuclear family, close to extended family High Divorce Rate Traditional Families to Suburbia 2-Income HH Latchkey Kids Internet Color TV PC Radio Movies w/ Sound Corp Downsizing Global JFK Assassination Warming WWII Iraq War Womens Fall of Berlin Wall Rights Vietnam Great War Depression WTC Civil Rights Challenger Disaster 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 2020BIRTH Baby GenerationYRS Traditionalists Boomers Xers Millenials Gen-?
  8. 8. Below the surface, we have VALUES  Established by adolescence  Unlikely to be changed by external influences  At our core  Career Success  Honesty  Prominence  Good citizenshipShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  9. 9. Values Trad’lsts Boomers Gen-X Millenials Optimism Pragmatism Confidence Loyalty Equality Self- Diversity Conformity Reliance Team Civic Duty Work Hard Informality Personal Family- Frugality Growth & Balance centered GratificationShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  10. 10. Below the surface, we have VALUES BELIEFS  Established by  How we think the world adolescence works  Unlikely to be changed by  Shaped by experience and external influences interactions with others  At our core  Can outlive their usefulness  Career Success  Nice guys finish last.  Honesty  Those people can’t be trusted.  Prominence  If I work hard, I’ll be rewarded.  Good citizenship  If I want to get ahead, I have to take care of it myself.Shelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  11. 11. Workplace Interactions Trad’lsts Boomers Gen-X Millenials Relationship to Formal Personal Informal Casual Superiors Dealing with Debate & Different Points of Defer to Seniority Avoid It Open Dialogue Challenge View Informal team Follow the Leader Fluid sense of team Work in Teams structure / How Work Gets Independent Done Focus on Process & Challenge the Bend the Rules Rules Rules Change the Rules Brutal honesty - Expressive & Clear Expectations Coached for Don’t do Tolerant Reserved Improved workplace politics Communication Performance Appreciate fresh Appreciate their Appreciate how perspective & experience Appreciate them they work ideasLearn from patterns, yet collaboration requires that we let go of the silos!Shelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  12. 12. All of our differences –The many sources for what each of us ‘knows’ izational Dimension Organ s Functional Level/ Classification ernal Dimensio Ext Geographic ns Work Management Location Content/ Status Marital Field Income nal Dimension Status In ter s Age Generation Parental Race Gender Personal Status Habits Personality Division/ Union Department/ Affiliation Appearance Thought process Sexual Recreational Unit/ Ethnicity Values Orientation Habits Group Physical Work Experience Ability Religion Segments Work Educational Background Of Location Seniority ‘1’Shelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  13. 13. CONTINUUM OF BELIEFS WORKING WITH OR FOR EACH OTHEREmployment If I work hard, they Add value to Can’t expect I’ll take care of‘Terms’ will take care of me be rewarded anything me Hierarchy, Comm Consensus Competence EveryoneLeadership and Chain Leads - CollaborativeRewards Satisfaction of doing a Money, title , recognitio Freedom Fill personal meaning good job nCoworkers Part of Chain Competition Independent Partners Essential key to TeamFeedback No news is Seldom, well Requested, At the push of good news documented real time a buttonWork AttitudePay your Live to work Work to live Work to dues Contribute Career Legacy Achievement The Future Balance GoalsInformation 13 Personal filing cabinet Yours, mine, and ours Unlimited, at my fingertipsShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 © 2010 Confluency, LLC
  14. 14. What’s In Common  Respect (remember our first exercise?)  Fairness – broader the definition  Fair ≠ Same  Professional Growth  Sense of Community – goals, purpose, & fun!Shelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  15. 15. TRAIN THE BRAIN… A – B – CShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  16. 16. Appreciate the person Who they are, not what they doShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  17. 17. Be curious Learn before judging Ask open questions Requires listening firstShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  18. 18. Complement others Start where the other person ‘is’ Bring values into the conversation Inspire Both / And thinkingShelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC
  19. 19. Action plan • What is one thing you will do to create a collaborative work environment for all?Shelly Melroe Sep 25, 2012 Confluency, LLC