Research On Teaser Trailers Of Various Genres


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Research On Teaser Trailers Of Various Genres

  1. 1. • Voiceover at the beginning • More shots when action is going on • Reviews • Dialogue in film shows storyline • Red background signifies blood or danger • Actor’s names shown • Title has male and female signs and blood splatters on it Length: 1 minute 45 seconds
  2. 2. • Location, target and street value – typed on the screen with sound effects • Long action sequence from film at the beginning • Silver bold writing on black background • Fade to black transitions • Actor’s name shown and scenes with them in Lots of cuts and music • “New model, original parts” – ties in with the car theme • No coming soon just ‘09 &feature=PlayList&p=EBBA7476AECAC1A5&playne xt=1&playnext_from=PL&index=12 Length: 2 minutes 11 seconds
  3. 3. • Writing shows the storyline • 1,2,3 – 3 different shots • Split screen – 2 shots and white and blue writing on a black background • Sound effect of camera and screen goes black and white • Writing, dialogue and voiceover • Fade to white and black • Background of title – blue and white (sky) Length: 2 minutes 30 seconds
  4. 4. • Lots of cuts in action scene – fast paced • Low key lighting and blue lighting • Silver capitals writing on black background • Fast paced music and dialogue from the film • Shows producer from ‘Lord of The Rings’ to get people’s attention • Titles – silver metal with dirt or rust on (old) Length: 1 minute 45 seconds
  5. 5. • Next shot comes from top of the screen and falls down • Voiceover and dialogue from the film • Music stops when people get angry • Actor’s name and picture shown • Title in black and red • ‘Now in production’ at the end &feature=PlayList&p=0563E7F0E3ACE25C&index =3&playnext=2&playnext_from=PL Length: 1 minute 59 seconds
  6. 6. • Voiceover and dialogue • Fade to black • Shot cuts to black and white and pauses – low key lighting used • Shot in slow motion – when man gets hit in the face • Black background with white writing • Actor’s name and picture shown bBBM Length: 2 minutes 34 seconds
  7. 7. • Shows film being made – camera filming a scene • Curtains open – looks like stage at school production • Yellow writing (lights) and voiceover • Screen flashes yellow for transaction • Title shown on background of sky Length: 38 seconds
  8. 8. • Music box is the music for the teaser • Writing and voiceover • Shows director’s previous films to get audience’s attention • Lots of close up shots of something making something • Dialogue from the film ends the trailer w Length: 50 seconds
  9. 9. •Fade to black •Music changes from calm to tense •Gold capital writing on black background •Special effects •Voiceover, dialogue and writing •Character throws fabric rolls towards the screen which turn into writing Length: 1 minute 36 seconds
  10. 10. •Dialogue – tells you what the film is about •Film based on book – gets audience’s attention •Music playing at start and end •Purple writing – white and blue background •Title black and purple on white background and shadow under the writing YM Length: 2 minutes 01 seconds