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Overview of the use of Taxonomy/Ontology for enterprise information governance - and applicability to Graph Stores. Plus some other ideas.

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Graph ideas

  1. 1. Graph Ideas Julian Shelbourne 12/16/13
  3. 3. Business Rules Capture – Old Approach: Logical Data Model • Created by IT– with Business involvement • Unrecognizable by the business • Describes DBMS-non-specific Tables - not Rules • Rules and problems are buried • Shows the “what”, but not the “how” or “why” Can you tell how Length Of Stay is defined, from this model? Facility FAC_ID (PK) Encounter MRN_ID (PK/FK) FAC_ID (PK/FK) FAC_TYPE FAC_NAME ADDRESS . ADMIT_DT DISCHG_DT LEN_STAY . Member MRN_ID (PK) NAME DOB ADDRESS . 3
  4. 4. Business Rules Capture – New Approach: - Business Model (taxonomy/ontology) Can you tell how Length Of Stay is  Defined and collaboratively maintained defined, from this model? on-line, by Business Analysts etc. etc.  Iterative, Sustainable, Understandable,etc. Medical Accessible Condition Calculated Length of  Uses the actual language used by the Facility ID with Stay Business – not abbreviations Calculated Date of with  Requires subject-area expertise, not Discharge Date of Admission data modeling expertise Medical Record Number etc.  Rule problems are visually evident etc.  Business modules add up to an etc. enterprise business ontology  Enables Business change impactThe tools we’ve had, have defined our analysis approach – it’s time for new,  Clear vision of Business Model collaborative, business modeling tools! underlies all subsequent development and data delivery 4
  6. 6. Business Taxonomy – and Governance linkages to IT Design Components Belongs to Community A calculated term Term A Term and its constituents Term Term composed of calculated from Synonym Term Term Term Term Term Term Key: • • • • • • • Entity/ Attribute TableColumn ReportField DQ, etc. Community – a collection of items corresponding to a project, application or line-of-business, with Stewardship assignments Calculated from – one Term is calculated from other, Terms Composed of – a bill of materials, or collection of terms that comprise a larger Concept Synonym – a Term having a different name but the same business meaning Dimension – a Term related through reporting usage, but not through meaning. E.g. Geography is a dimension of Sales Specializes – (and, in reverse, “is broader than”) shows differences in granularity and aggregation between Terms Correlated To – indicates where a business term is implemented as an IT component 6
  7. 7. Semantic Correlation Meta-Model - summary Community/ Project Related Term Business Term/Metric ELDM Attribute Conceptual Value Domain Validation Conceptual Link to Reference Data Correlate Deployed Data Integration Component DQ Component DI Transform DQ Rule Data Field Deployed Value Domain Table/ View Report Field Schema/ Database Link to Data Profiling summary Report BI Universe 7
  8. 8. Ontology + Traceability + Workflow = Data Governance Requirements Definition BusinessProcess Model item BI Object Web-Based Correlation & Workflow UI ETL Transformation Data Governance Policy Workflow Engine Business Semantic Term Bridge Services Segment Field Analysis Data Model Attribute Cache Correlation DB Services Interface Reference Data Code-Set Physical Data Model Column Data-Quality Rule Graph Store is a good technology for “Correlation DB” – triples of traceability from Terms to artifacts 8
  9. 9. OTHER IDEAS 9
  10. 10. Graph for Project Management Problem: • Project tracking activity is performed in meetings/e-mail – without traceability to the granular requirements or objects under development Community of Interested Parties Unit of Work Taxonomy Term Term Ref. ID comprises Is spec for Unit of Work Proposal Proposal Term Dev Stage 1 E-Mail Status Reporting Dev Stage 2 Dev Stage 3 Project Plan & Story Backlog Approach: • Using Business Terms as the foundation for Sprint development, e-mails, status reporting etc could all be tracked according to Ref ID of the Term and related componentry in development 10
  11. 11. Graph for e-Government Community of Interested Parties Issue at Hand An Issue Composition Issue Consideration Proposal Issue Proposal Issue Issue News Item Proposed Legislation Related Data Problem: • Government by a few representatives facilitates bribery, central control, constituents bulldozed by external interests Approach: • Collaborative, issue-based, interest-driven government creates a virtual level playing field 11
  12. 12. Graph for Intelligent Visualization of Sub-Components • Visual Relationship Types • Term “Fits Inside” Term • Term “Supports” Term • Term “Interlocks with” Term • Conditional Properties: • Term “has a valency” of… 12
  13. 13. Find My Life Romance Compatibility Short Term Influence Long Term Theme Another Person Personal Astrology University Literature Birth-Date /Time/ Place Topic Person Problem Organization Activity Organization
  14. 14. Challenges • What is the ontology of relationship types? • How to get content (crowd-source, incrementally by subject-area) • Technical – find people who know this stuff • Financial – get funding to build this stuff
  15. 15. Business-Terms Governed in Multiple Domains HealthPlan Colleen (Contrib. CO) Care Delivery Contrib, Hai (HI) Membership Joey (Contrib. NCA) Admin. Clinical In-Patient Bed Stay Days Length of Stay (Finance) Clinical Out-Patient Sub-Portfolio Approver, Cal (NCA) Approver, Pete (CO) Fi, Nance (Approver. NCA) Portfolio Contributory, Cary (NCA) Encounter Type Business Term Length of Stay (Clinical) Length of Stay (Clinical) NCA Encounter Type: • Encounter Type belongs to two Domains – Cary, Hai and Joey can contribute. But Colleen cannot. • Changes to Encounter Type will appear in the approval queues for Pete and Cal – but not Nance. Length of Stay: • Length of Stay (Clinical) is able to coexist with Length of Stay (Finance) • Length of Stay (Finance) can be contributed to by Joey and Colleen, and Approved by Nance, only • Length of Stay (Clinical) can be contributed to by Joey and Hai, and approved by Pete and Cal, only • Length of Stay (Clinical) NCA – is for NCA only – and therefore only Joey can contribute, and Cal can approve. 15
  16. 16. Business Taxonomy & Governance view 16