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Creativity with Kids - Using Online Tools


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Slides for my session Creativity with Kids: Using Online Tools for RSCON4

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Creativity with Kids - Using Online Tools

  1. 1. The Reform Symposium Conference 2013 By Michelle Worgan
  2. 2. 1) Take a piece of paper and a pencil (or use an app) 2) In 30 seconds draw a picture of me (use your imagination!) 3) Answer the poll question
  3. 3.  If I asked you to share your drawing with me and the other participants, how would you feel?  A) Relaxed and proud of your effort  B) Embarrassed and apologetic (“Sorry!”)  C) Nervous and anxious about what I (we) would think  D) Something else
  4. 4. Negative feelings: embarrassment, discomfort, fear of failure Positive feelings: pride, relaxation, security Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Anne and Fabiana Casella at ELT Pics on Flickr
  5. 5.  Safe classroom environment  Healthy relationships  Create early  Create regularly
  6. 6. Photo courtesy of Ian James at ELT Pics on Flickr  Write about a new word  Keep a diary  Write up a topic  Collaborative stories  Social skills  Videos, songs  Book reviews  Best posts
  7. 7. Using VoiceThread/
  8. 8. Using Storybird
  9. 9. Wikis – Wikispaces, PBWorks Blogs – Blogger, Wordpress, Kidblog VLE – Edmodo, School network (Moodle)
  10. 10. Twitter Facebook groups Skype in the Classroom Epals Blogging Edmodo Communities
  11. 11. Skype in the Classroom Wikispaces PBWorks Epals Wordpress Kidblog Edmodo ELT Pics on Flickr Photo courtesy of Ana Maria Menezes at ELT Pics
  12. 12. Thanks to Ian James, Fabiana Casella, Vicky Loras, Elizabeth Anne Grenoble, Anna Maria Menezes, @aClilToClimb, Victoria Boobyer, @dfogarty, @mk_elt, @mrsdkrebs, Mila Navarro and all those at #eltpics for sharing their photos!