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Collaborating with kids!


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Slides for 6th Virtual Round Table Web Conference presentation, May 2013
Collaborating with Kids! by Michelle Worgan

Published in: Education
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Collaborating with kids!

  1. 1. Collaborating with Kids!How to set up a collaborativeonline project for Young LearnersMichelle Worgan 2013
  2. 2. What is a collaborative online project?1. An online space created by or contributed to bylearners2. A task or series of tasks completed in conjunction bylearners3. A collection of learners’ work presented online
  3. 3. Why set up a collaborative project?
  4. 4. Where do I start?• Topic/idea• Tasks/activities• In/out of class• Synchronous/asynchronous?
  5. 5. Choose a platformWikis – Wikispaces, PBWorksBlogs – Blogger, Wordpress, KidblogVLE – Edmodo, School network (Moodle)
  6. 6. What content should I add?• Photos• Videos• Tools e.g.VoiceThread,Fotobabble, Animoto,Photopeach,Voki, GoAnimate, Creaza, Glogster• Summaries of Skype interviews
  7. 7. Connecting with other classes• Twitter• Facebook groups• Skype in the Classroom• Epals• Blogging
  8. 8. Trouble shooting!• Public or Private?• Ease (or lack of) of access• Maintenance• School permissions• Getting others to join
  9. 9. Persistence required!• Add weekly or monthlytasks• Invite colleagues• Ask people to share• Blog, tweet, share onFacebook• Directly contact peoplewho may be interested• Post on VRT• Blog, tweet, shareagain!
  10. 10. An example: Food around the WorldFood around the World
  11. 11. LinksFood around the WorldMichelle’s blogSkype in the ClassroomWikispacesPBWorksEpalsWordpressKidblogEdmodoImage attributions:Wiki logo: By Cristian109 (Own work)Blog logo: By Cortega9 (Own work)Wordpress logo: By WordPressQuote image: images:
  12. 12. Twitter: @michelleworganEmail:michelleworgan@gmail.comThank you for attending!