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Bsys Newsletter


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Published in: Education
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Bsys Newsletter

  1. 1. B<br />reaking News Shelley Niddery is about to graduate from BCIT and is looking for that perfect match with an employer.<br />Why should you hire her?<br /><ul><li>Amazing Communication Skills
  2. 2. -200025563245Terrific Marketing Skills
  3. 3. Outstanding Technology Skills</li></ul>After completing her two year program at British Columbia Institute of Technology she has developed the skills to that will be an asset to any employer in the corporate world. BCIT is a hands on educational practice setting their students up for success in the fields of their choice, all classes serve a purpose to get ahead of the crowd.<br />B<br />168973453976CIT has set out a fun and rewarding curricular that has giving each student an opportunity to network with corporate leaders in several fields. <br />S<br />helley has demonstrated a keen ability to put her hard work first and complete assignments that will help her in the work force. The core academic courses that have been competed are Communications, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Business Math, Organizational Behaviour, and Business Systems.<br />Business systems are crucial is every type of business setting in the corporate world today. The use of Microsoft Office is a valuable tool that will ensure BCIT graduate an upper hand in today’s technological world.<br />S<br />helley has resided in Vancouver for the past ten years, during the duration she spend one year at Blanche Macdonald Institute for Applied 11049001149985Design when she used her skills and worked in the film industry as a make-up artist, then chose to complete further education by attending Langara College Arts and Sciences Program.<br />I<br />n need of a break Shelley thought it would be interesting to discover the rest of the world so she took a couple years off to get better acquainted with different cultures of the globe, spending a year backpacking with friends up Australia’s East coast. They year after she decided to go on a one year trip though out Europe and studying in Italy. Besides Shelley’s academically incline nature she is also an avid runner participating and training for half marathons mostly in the lower mainland. She also enjoys golf, horseback riding and yoga. During the winter months she spends the weekends snowboarding and skiing on Vancouver’s world renowned downhill mountain Whistler. <br />S<br />helley would be a fantastic candidate to any employer and an obvious asset to any corporation. <br />