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Navagraha is an ancient art
tuning into the deity which over souls each day,
as well as the guiding planet of the day.
These deities are not far away mythical beings.
They are specific aspects of the divine, the greater good, & your soul.

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Open To Auspiciousness Full Document

  1. 1. Open to Auspiciousness copyright Shelley Lynne Cummins Live An Ongoing Process of Auspiciousness Through the Ancient Art of Navagraha Receiving the Gifts of the Deity & Planet of Each Day Navagraha is an ancient art tuning into the deity as well as the guiding planet which over souls the day of the week. These deities are not far away mythical beings. They are specific aspects of the divine, the greater good, & your soul. Similarly the planets each have a divine aspect, an oversoul. All life has a soul connected to the greater soul of Oneness. As we reunite with these cosmic powers our life becomes more mythical in nature… the innate God & Goddess in you is set free … & our higher destinies continue to fulfill. Astrology is an ancient art delving into the various cosmic powers revealing clues into the unique play of one’s soul in the orchestra of life. An astrological chart provides a birth given blue print, a launching pad, & place to know our basic self growing into our all encompassing light.
  2. 2. As we work with each aspect of the zodiac we appease the planets limiting us… transcending weaknesses and awakening strengths into real played out possibilities. True Auspiciousness is the play of the Divine through You, Allowing the Cosmic Blueprint to expand in You, Shifting from the polar path of suffering into living uniquely as One. This cycle opening into auspiciousness brings solutions, anecdotes, prosperity & greater potential to every area of your life. These messages & meditations can be enjoyed many times over. Let the Rain of Blessings Fall & Auspiciousness Begin!
  3. 3. Sunday The Sun & God Surya The Sun represents life itself, your life, your inner light, the soul shining from your eyes, your face, & your unique expression of the One in this world. The Sun is the ruler of the Universe. Your astrological sun sign represents the constellation of the zodiac illuminated in the sky upon your birth. Give thanks to this aspect you were given to play with strength. It is the leader of all your attributes. Imagine this leader as a good friend, beloved, and peace maker with all signs of the zodiac. Have you ever read the horoscope for every sign? And said “Yes” to each one as if it were an aspect of you. This is your Sun, your strongest attribute of life force, in harmony, diplomacy, and grandeur.
  4. 4. Surya Surya is the Solar Deity riding through the sky on a chariot pulled by seven horses representing the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven chakras of subtle energies. Surya is the creator and preserver of life. Often he is shown with eight arms representing mastery of the earthly existence. Surya encompasses the golden light & the rainbow light. Red Orange Golden Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Pearlessence
  5. 5. Surya gives this message to you on SunDay Know you are a shining sun. Know you are a creator. Know you have great abilities. Discover your innate happiness this day. There is a brilliant light within. Enjoy bright action with no shame nor guilt. Shine in equanimity as I do. Shine on palaces & prisons, the happy & the destitute with equal love & recognition. Take some time today to know my deepest power through you. Recognize your innate gifts. Dance free in this exuberant universe. Recognize my light in others. Most of all know joy not as an effect or for some reason. Joy just is. It is your DNA… the seed of your birth. Rest in that. You are Good Enough. You are Perfect. You are Sun just like me. You are forever loved… shine free!
  6. 6. Sun Gazing Gaze into the light of the sun indirectly anytime of the day. Intend for the light to enter your eyes, awakening your soul into full delight. Intend for the sun to shine into all aspects of your physical body, mind, and space of love around you. If there is an area seeking healing, allow the sun to fill the area with light. The first hour of sunrise and first hour into sunset there are no harmful UV rays, one may gaze directly into the sun gently increasing the duration each day. As you deepen your love, respect, & honor for the Sun… Light becomes you ever stronger.
  7. 7. Sun Water Fire meeting water is an alchemical gift, A perfect balance of opposites. Place a bottle of water in the direct sun for about an hour. This will energize the water greatly filling it with unseen light. Notice the nourishing taste of sun water. You may also energize your water with various essences. Crystals & Gemstones these stones amplify our various God Goddess Essences Rudraksha seeds these seeds gift the blood and bring balance Copper use a copper jar or place copper inside the water jar aiding in release of mental excess or fat within the body Gold place a piece of gold in the water jar for royal strength, harmony in masculine worlds Silver place a piece of silver in the water jar for royal poise, harmony in feminine worlds
  8. 8. Aromatic Essential Oils essential oils provide many gifts Citrus, Mints, & Flower oils make a delightful water Cucumber & Lemon or Lime cool & hydrate on many levels Herb Tea let the sun’s loving fire brew your herbs into tea
  9. 9. Sun Salutation Mantras Yogis salute Surya in the practice of Surya Namaskara, salutations to the sun. It is the art of prostrating to the soul, honoring the light within, devoting oneself to a life of awareness blessing ignorance into wisdom. As you read these salute the light of the sun inside & out. Om Mitraya Namaha Salutations to the Friend of All Om Ravaye Namaha Salutations the Shining One Om Suryaya Namaha Salutations to he who induces activity Om Bhanave Namaha Salutations to he who illumines Om Khagaya Namaha Salutations to the one who moves through the sky Om Pushne Namaha Salutations to the giver of strength and nourishment Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha Salutations to the golden cosmic self Om Marichaya Namaha Salutations to the rays of the sun
  10. 10. Om Adityaya Namaha Salutations to the son of the cosmic mother Om Savitre Namaha Salutations to the stimulating power of the sun Om Arkaya Namaha Salutations to the source of life and energy Om Bhaskaraya Namaha Salutations to the one who leads to enlightenment
  11. 11. Bring the Sun into your Heart Call upon the presence of the Sun in your own heart. Tune to the glow of light shining bright. Feel the love the buzz the hum the glow the life giving Sun within.
  12. 12. Offer All Worries Into The Sun I bring all worries and challenges known and unknown into a ball of light. I hold this ball of light in my hands. I honor all these worries and challenges for passing through my life directing me into their opposite, paving a path of solutions. I embrace each pain and worry. Somehow, someway knowledge has been given. I bring this knowledge into power. I offer all these worries to the light, the greatest light, the golden light. Throw the ball of worries and challenges into the sun. Give them ALL to the alchemical fire of love. And so it is!
  13. 13. Setting Intentions As you begin this process Opening To Auspiciousness Look deep into your soul… What is it you are truly seeking? Know these… as inevitable experiences. On Sun Day set your intentions. Bring your desires into the light. Open your intentions to Auspiciousness Now.
  14. 14. Monday The Moon & God Shiva Monday offers awareness and blessings from the Moon. It is a day to be in delicate balance, reverence, and strength of the moon. The moon shines love onto all there is in your world as a constant support. She quietly reveres you and your life progress. Celebrate this quality of illumination & purest of love with your gratitude. Our beloved Moon rests in the cosmic power of darkness all around with utter humility. Her greatest of power can be glimpsed through the waves of the ocean. Her wave like cycles provide perfect cleansing and upgrades. Accept the growth she gives to you this day.
  15. 15. Shiva Lord Shiva is the over lighting deity for Monday. Shiva represents all there is, creation, sustenance, and transformation. He is worshipped in form as a King and great dancer, Lord of the Universe. He is also worshipped in no form as Shiva Lingam. Shiva is married to Parvati, the illuminator, all encompassing potential, & Grace. Their son is Lord Ganesha, pure Auspiciousness. Monday is the day to be in tune with the divine marriage of Parvati, all encompassing potential, & Shiva, material creation expressing through YOU. Marriage is a celebration of joined auras in Oneness. To join with others, appropriately in each relation, discover openness… true transparency. Give of your light and codes. Receive the unique light of others.
  16. 16. Lord Shiva’s Message to you on Mon Day Celebrate Life Itself. Be Here Now. Be Aware. Endless light brings great knowledge to each moment. Be a child. Open to the endless play of never quite knowing. Dance your life with more eclectic passion. Brilliance is your birth right. Choose special thoughts, words, and creations this day. They are alive & ecstatic with power. With tremendous joy live your play in the world Also know humility. The moon & absolute femininity has given all to you. Play wild & free While honoring the all powerful meek.
  17. 17. Tuning to the Moon Be the beacon of silent love light you are. Honor tenderness in yourself and others. Make an offering to the ocean. Enjoy bathing. Cleanse your soul revealing the shining pearl within. Look into the night sky, meet mother moon’s eyes. Drink her illumination in. Let her enlighten your dreams to fruition.
  18. 18. The Divine Marriage Is Within Honoring both aspects of creation we fall out of love & hate arriving a playful circle of union. Yin & Yang celebrating differences in an ecstatic cosmic dance.
  19. 19. Divine Relations Honoring Opposites Honoring Diversity Honoring Style Honoring Presence Honoring paves a way filled with Receptive Meeting Joining Playing Loving Togetherness opens the way of Deepening Ecstasy Co-Creation Abundance IN~JOY
  20. 20. Tuesday Mars & Goddess Durgha Tuesday is the celebration of Goddess Durgha & brings auspiciousness of planet Mars. Mars is the planet of war and in full light brings an end to all harm. Mars embodies activity, power, and service. Harmonizing with Mars one must face the inner battles, human polarity. Good Bad Positive Negative Abuser Victim We honor the existence of our own human nature by uniting the opposites. Through awareness of the full spectrum, understanding arises… Each of us has the capability of all extremes. This humble awareness brings us to right action. As the inner One is consulted A white hole of creation appears. One enters traveling through a worm hole Instantaneously falling into a new dimension. The battle of polarity Won… One. This is not the outer battle of taking sides with any win, only strengthening polarity. It is the inner battle of awareness, responsibility, detachment, and higher action. The War is won within through the living of our divinity.
  21. 21. Goddess Durgha Durgha is the invincible femininity, a warrior Goddess triumphantly wielding off all evil with her many arms. She was born from the river, like the human journey all flowing to the ocean. She is the aspect of our self courageously able to face our own weaknesses, bringing all to strength. Durgha reminds us we begin as heroines & heroes of our life journey creating challenges ultimately fulfilled in the grand circle of existence.
  22. 22. Our Divine Attributes To Win the Wars Equanimity Win Win All Inclusive All Encompassing Solutions Yes In Love Interconnected Interdependent Communion Communication Infinite Diversity Oneness Divine Marriage All Related Truth I Am All Serving Infinite Possibilities Beyond Time Beyond Space Now Love
  23. 23. Lord Hanuman Hanuman is the Monkey King in the epic Ramayana, a tale of the divine life journey. Hanuman represents our human monkey mind chattering away & dodling through life. Hanuman gradually learns devotion to the divine, represented as Lord Ram. He becomes a universal servant in ultimate service to Lord Ram. In devotion to the truth the mind lifts into a higher state. Tuesday is a day to worship Lord Hanuman, honoring the universal devotee within uplifting consciousness.
  24. 24. Hanuman Chalisa After cleansing the mirror of my mind with the pollen dust of holy Gurus’s Lotus feet. I profess the pure, untainted glory of the divine which bestows the four fold fruits of life virtue pleasure, wealth, and enlightenment. Fully aware of the deficiency of my intelligence, I concentrate my attention on the divine & humbly ask for strength, intelligence, and true knowldedge to relieve me of all blemishes, causing pain. Victory to thee… O Hanuman, Ocean of Wisdom! All hail to you fountain head of power & wisdom & marriage of Shiva Shakti. You illuminate all three worlds, the entire cosmos, with your glory. *** Allow your mind, the ancient mind… comprised of your family, ancestors, environment to receive this song of Hanuman.
  25. 25. God & Goddesses To live as God Goddess we simply access our attributes of the soul. There is a grandeur of being… simultaneously a release of identification of all roles. A shift from finite into infinite made real through one’s physical form. The myths & tales of dreams begin to birth in your ordinary living world.
  26. 26. Message from Goddess Durgha on TuesDay Imagine the strength, courage, and valor as you save your most beloved from danger. We all have this savior attribute within us. It has been my gift to you. Completely embody this warrior power. Now be aware of any charges you may have around bad, evil, & danger. Begin to access your own fear countering this opposite. Forgive these dangerous forces bringing you & your beloveds to fear them. Forgive their hurt, pain, and misdeeds. This contribution of forgiveness eases both extremes into their origin of love. All life desires the natural expression of love. Even those who hurt or kill do so in hopes of being loved & accepted by their parents, community & form or nor form of God. Return the evil back to love within your own heart. This is a very deep ongoing practice. Be where you are with this with this ongoing unconditional love practice. Grow your unconditional love & forgiveness this day.
  27. 27. Durgha’s Blessing All fear seeks love. Whatever one’s world view… Fear shuts the door to love. Deliver your fears home to love on the rainbows of peace. I give you my blessings to forgive, to know a peace beyond understanding amidst your greatest inner battle. I give you my blessings to be the greatest warrior, to save this world… reuniting all back home… in everlasting love.
  28. 28. Wednesday Krishna… Mercury Wednesday provides the gift opening into Krishna’s love. The planet of higher mind & the Buddhic nature is Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication. To be in right relationship with this cosmic power listen to the life force naturally at play in our daily experience. By listening open heartedly we find communion. From this togetherness we can communicate… expressing our truth. A true messenger, one who shares with excitement & understanding. Communion and communication are vital for divine relationships with family, children, earth & sky, and all there is.
  29. 29. Buddha Buddha is also associated with the planet Mercury. Everyone is a Buddha waiting to be lived. We all tap into the ancient mind of conditioning. Our personalities, challenges, and strengths are shaped from our ancestors, environment, and society. When the Buddhic mind is awakened, a heightened energy flows through the brain bringing new perception, awareness of suffering, and the freedom to choose new thoughts. These higher waves produce solutions into the past to the beginning of time. This calm even centered place inside… the seat of our inner Buddha.
  30. 30. Guided by Mercury the human mind grows from muddy waters with a long flexible yet sturdy stem reaching to the sun. Finally it blossoms into a many petaled lotus flower. This higher mind creates for the good of all. All that we are is a result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think… We become. Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, & the truth. Gautama the Buddha
  31. 31. Krishna Krishna is a young prince and embodiment of divine love. He represents the higher chakras specifically the blue color within vishudhi chakra, the throat center. As we awaken our fifth chakra at the throat of divine expression we access our unique ability to express a higher nature in this world. Expressing God Goddess qualities in our relationships, work, the earth and more. Krishna is the lover to every woman. He is the One for each of us, with all else moving out of view. He is the Beloved enticing all lovers into the ecstatic abode.
  32. 32. Krishna’s Message to you this Wedding Day Know you are my lover. Go ahead and flirt with me… you’ll find me everywhere especially in the wind. Feel my caresses this day. Let your love expression bloom. Let the beauty you are… be what you do. Take your passion this day & run! Synchronicities will be there for you. Allow my inspiration It only gets better & better!
  33. 33. Accessing Krishna Within the Breath Breathe the nourishment, beauty, & love of air, ether, & space. Breathe in the potential. Breathe in the Beloved. Become the Lover.
  34. 34. Harmonizing with Mercury Listen Listen to life as you walk, eat, play, and rest. Listen to life in the earth, sea, and air. Listen to life in the animals. Listen to life in humans. Listen to life in the unseen. Be with life everywhere. & you will burst forward With loving communication to share.
  35. 35. Thursday Vishnu… Jupiter Thursday opens us into God Vishnu’s palace bringing auspicious wishes of planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of success, enlightenment, pleasure, positive placement, auspicious geography, good company, & blessings. Jupiter is associated with the Guru, one’s guardian angel, or higher self guiding you into the best case scenario.
  36. 36. Vishnu Vishnu represents the ultimate reality. He maintains and preserves life. Nourishing & sustaining the Garden of Eden. Vishnu is also known as Narayana. Narayana represents infinity in relation to water honoring each drop in the eternal ocean of life. Vishnu is the part of us that loves life… doing all possible to maintain & grow the goodness.
  37. 37. Vishnu’s Message to you on ThursDay Be receptive to More Good. I live so happily knowing your full success. Enlightenment for you brings my day to true. So release your past & limitations now. Take some time Now to truly let them go. Start this day as an empty vessel. Your job is to allow All Good into you. Grow in your limitless worth. Know you deserve. Honor your vessel & profound expression. Allow life’s sweetness & grace to play In you, As you, & Through You.
  38. 38. Tuning to Jupiter’s Auspiciousness Open to a life of leelas… divine play. Allow your inner child out to frolic in the fields you reside in today. Giggle more. Try something new. See the light in others. Do as Gurus & Guardian Angels Bless someone in unexpected ways.
  39. 39. ThursDay Day of Expansion Today holds greatness. It is a day of stepping beyond boundaries. Breathe into the space around you. Breathe into a further ring of light. Do this nine times expanding your awareness to the furthest brightest light you can imagine. Drink in all this life. Now travel back each breath a ring one breath at a time. Bringing brilliant power & gifts into the Guru’s golden vessel which Gods & Goddesses call you!
  40. 40. Friday Maha Lakshmi… Venus A wonderful auspicious day over lighted by the Great Goddess of Beauty, Maha Lakshmi and the love filled grace of planet Venus Friday is the day of the week especially blessed by planet Venus. Venus represents divine & romantic love. She is fantastic beauty, the nurturer, & the lover within each of us. Venus tunes us to revere femininity. Her gifts are honor of all existence, rest, incubation, fertility, dance, lovemaking, & wild play. She admires all that is natural, beautiful, & artistic. Venus, feminine divinity, is the lover of Creativity, masculine divinity.
  41. 41. Maha Lakshmi Friday gives the grace of Maha Lakshmi. She is the Goddess of beauty, fortuitousness, and wealth in all ways. Her glamorous nature is seen in Earth’s glorious diverse beauty. Lakshmi, great wealth, is married to Vishnu, sustenance. Her son is Ganesha, ultimate auspiciousness. Lakshmi opens us to know the truth. As we enter into truth… beauty is revealed. One can then see beauty in all things. This beauty ushers forth higher arts, harmonious design, and natural aesthetics. This greatness transforms into material wealth and the joy of giving.
  42. 42. Message of Venus on FriDay With the grace of Venus one enjoys music, movement, and the various plays of love. Love is an essence. Know it in your body, mind, space surrounding, & deeply in your soul. Allow this love to move. Allow this love in & as you to dance your day.
  43. 43. Saturday Shani Deva… Saturn Saturday open the great treasures of Shani Devi and auspiciousness of planet Saturn. Saturday is the planet of wisdom & constriction. In providing tension & limitation, a path into expansion is tread. Saturn is our path of learning. He is our university or ashram. Through Saturn’s wisdom we develop into Gods & Goddesses
  44. 44. Shani Deva Shani Deva is the son of Surya, the Sun. This god provides all our limitations. With this, he works with one of the greatest powers. Still immature one runs from this seeming wrath. Once mature, we meet Shani Deva face to face… meeting our limitations. One begins to view limitations & challenges as gifts. We have each been given pain in order to pave the God Goddess process into freedom for ourselves and all others. Appeasing limitations is one of the greatest joys on the journey. As we embrace our pains inwardly we access new gifts. A learning is gained to free oneself & others.
  45. 45. Saturn’s Way Into Enlightenment On Saturday it is most auspicious to offer assistance to others. Give to those in need asking nothing in return. One actually feeds their own hunger in this way. A perfect day for random acts of kindness, delivering of gifts to your beloveds, & forgiveness of those who have caused you or others pain.
  46. 46. Saturday The Inner Eye Reveals Saturday is a most auspicious day for prayer & meditation. Through giving the worldly play of your life as a gift the inner eye of collective consciousness reveals… Hari Om Tat Sat I Am That I Am I Am Another Yourself I Am All
  47. 47. As we develop into Gods & Goddesses A bigger picture is our playground. All other planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Xena, & Chiron, tune us to collective consciousness & the One. In transcendental astrology Rahu & Ketu, the head and tail of the serpent, are reuniting through our play of God & Goddess. With respect of ultimate diversity the cosmic powers enter into the core of the earth. Each human vessel is here as a conduit of these new gifts.
  48. 48. Message from the Cosmos Become Your Higher Self. The Gods & Goddess, Myths & Lore have given clues & pure blessings. Now rise to meet your most auspicious nature. Rise to become a universal servant. You have been born to create amazing new solutions. Thank you for your birth. Thank you for your presence.
  49. 49. Satchitananda… Gifts Within Emptiness Realize you are nature, too. Marry to this world. | As the cosmos opens another home as a gift. Multinature comes from steadfast single point consciousness. Be here as everywhere reveals.
  50. 50. Master Sha’s Soul Song I love my heart. I love my soul. I love all of humanity. Join hearts & souls together. Love, Peace, & Harmony Love, Peace, & Harmony Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…
  51. 51. Through Opening to Auspiciousness Our simple human, humble life somehow opens to mythical worlds of Great. A single rainbow vessel opens the ray of One. Please receive my overflowing blessing for you & your purposeful incredible life. With Love & Gratitude, Shelley
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