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Tl mar april_magazine March-April 2010

  1. 1. thought leadersmarch/april 2010 magazine #tlmaginside:how to discover ideasthe power of polarising opinionhow to make money from your ideasintellectual property developmentan amazing new way to meetwhy your audience is looking down [1]
  2. 2. Global Update Thought Leaders was created in 2001 This year saw the launch of the what’s going onby Matt Church to act as an educational complimentary educational platform, http:// at a Leadershipcurriculum and networking community for You should level at Thoughtexperts. add it as an RSS feed to your browser and Leaders Designed to have an explicitly as new episodes get loaded you will be thecommercial agenda it was created ‘to help first to know.clever people to be commercially smart!’ Our twitter account for Thought It’s delivered through the concept of Leaders is @thoughtglobal and is mannedMentoring, which specifically means the by our team of Mentors, who each postpeople giving advice have been there and thoughts on how you can develop yourdone that. expertise. We also use this channel to Over the years we have had all kinds communicate what’s coming up and newof programs, formats and events that all postings to STUDIO and the BLOG. Yourespond to the needs of the growing will notice that this magazine has a‘Expert’ community. Some of these have backchannel through the hashtag #tlmag.been awesome and some have been Start tracking and commenting in real timefabulous learning opportunities for us as a your thoughts and feelings about thegroup. various articles and more. This year we have continued to de- The blog, http://centralise the administration of the Thought is up andLeaders entity into the hands of our running and acts as a digital forum for thestunningly capable Mentor community in sharing of specific ideas on developingeach local city. As a result of this we have expertise. AND all of this is FREE!more than 25 Mentors in 15 cities who all Once you get a room full of expertsexist to develop expertise in others and to sharing their thoughts, amazing thingshelp those experts be commercially savvy. begin to happen. It’s with this in mind weHook up with them through http:// have launched our much anticipated ‘ our online conferences’. We call these SUMMITS andcommunity network. you can find out more at http:// [2]
  3. 3. YOUR THOUGHT LEADERS....navigating your way around theThought Leaders online worldWHERE WHY WHAT (TO DO ONCE THERE)Thought Leaders Central It’s not what you know but also who you • Build a profile know. This is the key place to meet, • Join the local community group network and communicate directly with • Introduce yourself to a local mentor the whole Thought Leaders membership • Blog your thoughts community. • Be cool; ‘serve don’t sell’Thought Leaders Studio You get tonnes of great information on • Create an RSS feed to the episode how to capture, package and deliver list your expertise. • Watch videos, post comments, share the content with your friends, clients and colleagues via facebook, twitter etcThought Leaders Blog Read streamed articles and specific • Set up an RSS feed thoughts on how you go about • Post comments developing your expertise. • Share the contentFollow Thought Leaders on Twitter Get short bursts of mentoring. • Follow Stay up to date with latest networking • Re-tweet the stuff you like and learning opportunitiesThought Leaders Home page It’s the one stop portal for all these • Link to all the above good stuff different online places.Attend Thought Leaders Summits They are the live, belly-to-belly, face-to- • Participate face experiences that combine the multiple benefits of sharing, learning and meeting. [3]
  4. 4. WHERE ARE ALL THE GREAT IDEAS? New topics are often found behind unprepossessing, unlabelled doors; the sort of doors most people would pass by and not even notice. Start looking out for these doorways to your thought leadership!Doorways to Thought Leadership by Shelley DunstoneTo be a thought leader means you are known for your original thinking. An example of a locked door is your own whinges and complaints about the world; problems you assume are insoluble. Do you ever hear yourselfTherefore, you have to keep coming up with new ideas, angles and saying or thinking “The problem is…” “Most people never…” “I wish…”?perspectives for your writing and speaking. That’s easy to say, but If you ask yourself what could be done to fix the problem, you’renot so easy to do. The world is crowded with information. You on your way to some new thinking. When you hear yourselfand your topic can easily become a commodity. How can you ranting, see it as a more prolific in your output of original material? open Sometimes you happen to open a door, but you don’tWhen I started with Thought Leaders, I found this a real yourself up bother to go in and look around. Have you ever been to achallenge. I kept wishing that a door would appear with a seminar or conference, and asked a question, but receivedsign saying “Topic Inside – Please Enter”. Sadly, there is no to new a very unsatisfactory answer? Don’t write off the speaker;such door. There’s no single source of ideas. Ideas are “outthere”, but they can be hard to recognise. ideas write down the question, because you’ve just asked a good question that other people are not thinking about! Go through the doorway and see what is inside.Being an academic type of person, I buried myself in books. Ifound great topics, but they didn’t translate into thought leadership for When someone says “That can’t be taught!”, they just opened a doorme. The topic headings you find in textbooks are already mainstream. for you. People think a thing can’t be taught because they have neverLots of people are already offering expertise on those issues. And the thought about how to teach it. Think about its elements and what peopletopics in business books are already “taken”. You can’t use “Who Moved need to know. And pay attention to questions that people are asking. Formy Cheese?” or “Purple Cow” because someone already owns them. example, join groups on Linked In, and click on the Discussions tab to see what people are thinking about.As thought leaders, we are looking for new material; what’s not alreadythere. It’s hard to see something that’s invisible. I’ve learned to New topics are often found behind unprepossessing, unlabelled doors;recognise some signs of where a new topic may be hiding – this is my the sort of doors most people would pass by and not even notice. Startconcept of “doorways to thought leadership”. looking out for these doorways to your thought leadership!I’ve noticed three kinds of doors:1. A door that seems to be locked,2. A door that you open unexpectedly, and3. A door that someone opens for you, without realising it. Shelley helps leaders lead for innovation and is a Thought Leaders mentor in Adelaide. Contact details: Web Email Phone +61 8 8407 3532 KEY TAKEAWAYS 1 2 3 Your own whinges Questions without When someone says and complaints...are answers...can start that can’t be often your ideas you thinking about taught...see it as an waiting to be your great ideas. opportunity. discovered. [4]
  5. 5. THREE PHASE POWER OF THOUGHT LEADERSHIPTell Show AskEverybody knows general household power usage is driven by 240V. Itis a dependable, useful and familiar power source that is known to most,and relied upon by many. 240V power is a staple in our lives and keepsus in a lifestyle that is comfortable.But 240V power has many limitations, the biggest drawback being itdoesnt have the robust energy to drive serious change. If you go tomost industrial sites, a different type of power is used; 3-phase power isthe power of choice for heavy industry.Just like the comparison of 240V and 3-phase power, everyday thinkingand thought leadership are clearly distinguishable. Everyday thinkingruns our lives, makes us comfortable and generally fulfils our needs. Butin times of change or upheaval; when new empires need to be built orthe methods that drive existing ones need to be re-thought, ordinarythinking is not enough. What is required is the power of thoughtleadership.Just like 3-phase power, thought leadership has the capacity to carrypower that can change the world around us. It can drive huge mechanicsand metaphysics and in short spaces of time can be the key driver ofany construction or deconstruction.Somewhat like 3-phase power, thought leadership has three distinctchannels to carry your message, idea or process. Consider these threepathways you can concentrate on to supercharge your own environment;Tell - through speaking or authorship, you can disseminate your thoughtleadership to large audiences...sometimes even global audiencesShow - by building awesome training and mentoring programs you caninstruct people towards a better process through your ideas andconceptsAsk - build a phenomenal coaching and facilitation thought leadershippractice by asking people critical questions to help them unlock their ownthought leadershipPower up your business, team or simply your thinking today. Move awayfrom the dependable, reliable and familiar energy of 240V; forget aboutpositive, negative and neutral channels! Work the 3 channels of thoughtleadership.Tell, Show and Ask.Step into the life-changing 3-phase power of thought leadership today. Attribution: The mode model was created by Matt Church to help explain the key delivery modes for Thought Leadership. Darren Hill is the Northern Territory Mentor for Thought Leaders and an expert on human behaviour and leadership. Contact details: Web Email Phone +61 8 8945 3199 [5]
  6. 6. THE VIRTUAL PRESENTER This Book Rapper extract is centred on keynote presenting. And like everyone else, professional speakers will need to heed the seeds of digital media. Their path sounds like the introduction of the telephone: a move from the natural to the virtual. A natural conversation is face-to-face, in real-time and two-way. A virtual conversation may be the opposite: Face to Place: Like a phone call, the speaker and the audience are in different places Time-Reel: Like an audio recording, the listener tunes in when it suits them One-Way: Like TV, the audience is not able to interact with the speaker. Or, it may be a hybrid, some combination of these three styles. Download the full rap online at New communications Digital media is changing the way we communicate. Many of our communication industries and professions are morphing too – or at least they need to be! • Newspapers are no longer viable in theirTrue connection current form.Do you know where the word ‘phoney’ comes from? • Independent Bloggers have become aIf you guessed it had something to do with the compelling new media channel.‘telephone’, then you’re on the right track. • Mass media advertising has been Googled.The first phone conversations were not considered to • Traditional PR has a feather-like impact onbe real conversations. They were ‘phoney’. Today this public opinion.word is synonymous with ‘fake and false’. • The movie industry has been outplayed by theMost of us now accept phone calls as being a valid gaming revolution.way to catch up, chat up and make up with ourfriends, family and colleagues. • Speakers Bureaus and other brokers areOther communication modes have taken a similar losing their voice. Google lets you tap thepath. source directly.Email was considered not a ‘true’ communicationmode. It didn’t let you express your tone of voice. : )Txting wasn’t either – particularly because it did ahatchet job on our traditional ways of spelling. Geoff McDonald is the creator of the Book RapperNow, social media is under the same spell. They’re concept and is a Thought Leaders Mentor based innot ‘real friends’, they’re merely ‘friendlies’. Victoria. Contact details: Web Email Phone +61 3 9374 3498 [6]
  7. 7. POSITIONING PIRANDELLO?Does everyone love your ideas?A new adaptation of master dramatist Positioning in thoughtLuigi Pirandellos Six Characters in leadership is all about howSearch of an Author recently played as we present ourselves andpart of the Sydney Festival. our ideas to the world. Do we seek to divide the roomThe innovative and probing play was first or are we looking only toperformed in 1921 at the Teatro Valle in please?Rome, to a very mixed reception, withshouts from the audience of A thought leader by"Manicomio!" ("Madhouse!"). It changed definition is a person whotheatres perception of itself and is is pursuing a new orregarded as his tour de force. alternative line of thought and who seeks to change‘Who are you?’ the way people think about a particular issue. Such a‘What are you?’ role must naturally attract some dissent and are you‘What is truth?’ disagreement. There is a risk however, that the comfortableThese are some of the questions the commercial imperative to dividing acontroversial work raises in its essential produce rave reviews canexamination of how we present ourselves override presenting ideas and thinking room?to the world and the masks that we wear. that will upset the status quo and perhapsThe work continues to spark controversial even have people leave the room.reactions whenever it is performed, anddivides audiences. Pirandello’s play examines the face we position to the world. In your thoughtScottish actor Ian McDiarmid, feels leadership, what are you positioning andhowever that this is essential. Performing are you comfortable with dividing theone of the lead roles in the Australian room?production of the play, when interviewedon Australian radio this week, McDiarmidwent to lengths to explain why an actorand director does not and should not seekonly critical acclaim.McDiarmid feels that success with thisproduction is not just about glowing Libby helps leaders build cultures that work and is areviews, and that not only did they seek to Thought Leaders mentor in Brisbane.divide the room, they were actuallypleased when some audience members Contact details:walked out in the first act. Web Email Phone +61 7 5543 8115 Summit News Mentoring News Showcase News This year the new summit experience is Group Mentoring is still being offered in all Matt Church is hosting the 2010 Thought running throughout Australia and New major cities throughout Australia and New Leaders Showcase. Eight (8) fabulous Zealand. A totally OPEN space experience Zealand. There are often multiple sessions in Thought Leaders will be presented to the which we believe will lead to great each city each month. Make sure you check Australian Conference Market. There are 4 conversations. out for spots available. Please contact It’s all about choice and is built on the premise locations, dates and times. There is a one-off to that the audience is worth meeting. annual fee to attend these sessions find out more. to find out more Find out more here... [7]
  8. 8. SCARCITY VERSUS ABUNDANCEGiving it all away... In his latest book, editor of Wired Magazine, Chris Anderson is the editor of WIRED magazine andChris Anderson delivers an essay on the the author of the LONG TAIL and now his latest book FREE. Follow Chris on twitter: @chr1sachallenges of giving things away to create areputation economy. It’s a great read for those whowork to charge for the information they deliver. The table on this page lays down the keydistinctions between a business/economy basedon Scarcity or Abundance.ELEMENT SCARCITY ABUNDANCErules Everything is forbidden unless it is permitted Everything is permitted unless it is forbiddensocial model Paternalism “We know best” Egalitarianism “You know what is best”profit plan Business Model We’ll figure it outdecision process Top Down Bottom Upmanagement Command and control Out of controlstyle provocations: what do you currently charge for and is it being offered for FREE by anyone else? what do you currently GIVE away that you could charge for? if you do give it away for free what are you TRADING that access for? (eg reputation, friendship) what BONUSES can you add to what you currently deliver for a fee? what is an experience product you can CHARGE a premium for? [8]
  9. 9. a way to new share, learn and meet It was Charlie Jones who said that thekey factors that make a difference The Summits will be built around thebetween who you are today and who you phenomenally successful OPEN Spaces Dates and Locationswill be in 5 years time are the books you format. This structured approach toread and the people you meet. unstructured meetings has been used in Sydney: We reckon he was right but now the the United Nations assembly discussions Thursday 25 February 2010change can happen quicker and the ways and in small regional communities in the Thursday 6 May 2010you can learn are more diverse. outback. It works! We have been running meetings for Of course you have to take our word Thursday 5 August 2010thought leaders for almost 10 years. A for it the first time. After a few minutes Wednesday 20 October 2010Thought Leaders Conference is so though you will come to see this as one ofunique. the most natural and effective ways for Brisbane: Where else in the world would you people to get together to share, learn andget to attend a program where the meet. Wednesday 2 June 2010audience is as stimulating as the The key principle of the meeting Wednesday 1 September 2010presenters? In the past the only way you format is the Law of Two Feet; if you are Wednesday 1 December 2010could really know this was in the breaks. not contributing to a discussion or gettingThose short sessions where you duck to anything out of a discussion you move on. Melbourne:the ‘loo’, grab a muffin, chat to some new It’s elegant in its simplicity.people briefly and then almost with regret It breaks the old school, one-way Wednesday 30 June 2010have to break up the chat to go back into communication mode that so many Wednesday 11 August 2010the learning session. gatherings perpetuate. You can be a Well, what if the whole program was Butterfly or a Bumblebee as you flit from Wednesday 27 October 2010as good as the break? What if you just session to session or even carry ideashad a whole event dedicated to the mutual from one discussion to the next, cross- Auckland:sharing of ideas between some truly great pollinating the collective conversation at Friday 21 May 2010thinkers and subject matter experts? the Summit. Friday 27 August 2010Would it be chaos? Not only do we not apologise for the likelihood that you might just think Friday 26 November 2010 Three things that could go wrong : differently when you finish the day - we hope that’s exactly what happens. Indeed, 1.The experiences have no structure that’s the role of thought leadership. and therefore achieve nothing with your So what do you do...? Well, go to the valuable investment of time and money. registration site and invest $990 and get 2.The people and issues being our ‘all you can meet’ special deal. That’s discussed don’t interest you. right, you spend $990 and can attend any 3.You could be exposed to some truly and all of the advertised dates and paradigm-changing ideas and have your locations. You can register by completing mind stretched so far that it never the attached faxable/snail mailable form or regains its original dimensions. online at: [9]